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TVSC Chapter 1.2

Under the joint suppression of several people, Su Jingcheng’s career became a complete failure.

He was then sent to country Y to live a life worse than death.

In the end, he was shot three times by the scientific genius, it was some kind of terrible addiction inducing drug…

In short he was very miserable.

Most of the novels are about how the villain did a lot of evil, and therefore there is not much attention to Su Jingcheng himself and his family. After reading the novel, Su Xi didn’t even know whether the villain has a sister.

If that person is really her brother, doesn’t it mean that she is about to face a terrible and perverted villain? And maybe in the future, she will be condemned together with this villain?

It can’t be a coincidence…right?

Su Xi shuddered, thinking to herself. Su Xi: “I would like to ask, Suyuan Group…”

The man in black: “That is your family’s company.”

Su Xi: “The current chairman of Suyuan Group…”

The man in black: “It’s your brother.”

Su Xi: “…”

Seeing the man in black was to get up and leave, Su Xi suddenly panicked: “Are you going to leave me here?” No!!! Don’t leave me here please!!!

Compared to the frightening villain in the novel, Su Xi would rather be abducted and carried away by these fierce men in black back to the orphanage!

The black-clothed man’s look at her and his face showed a fierce smirk again: “This is your home. Our mission is to find you and send you home. Now that the mission is complete, we won’t be bothering you anymore.”

After the black-clothed people left, an old man with a kind face came in.

Su Xi and the old man stared at each other.

“Miss, don’t be nervous. I’m the housekeeper. You know us before you were three years old, but… you may not remember…” At this point, the old man’s voice was full of excitement, and he choked a little.

“Look, I can’t take it anymore. Miss must be very hungry. Dinner is already ready at the dinning table. Come!”

Facing the enthusiasm of the strange old man, Su Xi wanted to say no, but at this time, her stomach growled twice…

The old man smiled indifferently: “Miss, come with me. This way.”

Su Xi: “…”

When leaving the room, Su Xi subconsciously glanced inside.

The old man noticed Su Xi’s small movements and explained: “This is the study room.”

Su Xi: The study room? In other words, Su Jingcheng uses it? No wonder it is so gloomy and cold, it really matches the temperament of the big villain describe in the book!

Su Xi silently complained, and at the same time she noticed that she was sitting at the center of the study just now, but the people in black were sitting on the guests chairs in front of the desk.

At the dinning table, Su Xi ate the most extravagant dinner she never thought she would get for her whole life.

The old man stood beside Su Xi, very enthusiastic.

Su Xi: “You are…”

“My name is Zhou Fu. The young lady has the same status as the young master. Just call me Uncle Fu.” Uncle Fu smiled gently at Su Xi. Su Xi couldn’t see his expression, but his eyes were full of distressed.

The facial features of the young lady are more like that of Mrs. Su, especially now that they are a bit mature, exquisite and small, with a bit of aura. It’s just… too skinny.

When the young lady went missing, she was only three and a half years old. She looked like a a small bun. Over the years, they didn’t know how much she suffered and how many misgivings she received. She looked thin and small. Seeing her like that, people will feel distressed.

Hearing from Yan Su, that they found the young lady in a house build under the bridge they were upset for being unable to find her sooner. But now she is found and the young master should feel relieved. Uncle Fu sighed.

When the word “Young Master” came out, Su Xi suddenly looked weird. “Young Master? You mean Su Jingcheng?” That villain?

“Yes, but you should call him brother, Miss.” Uncle Fu said with a smile, and then said again: “Young Master went to Country Y on a business trip, and he just left yesterday.”

After that, Su Xi looked down and bit her chopsticks looking “lost”.

Seeing her appearance, Uncle Fu thought she was disappointed because she hadn’t seen the young master, so he said again: “Miss, don’t worry, knowing that you are back, the young master will definitely come back as soon as possible.”

Su Xi’s expression stiffened after hearing this: No! The villain will better not come back! Aren’t novels popular recently with plane crashes and missing persons plot’s? Please be one of them!

Su Xi ate the rice mindlessly, but wondered if there was any way to draw a line between her and the villain.

At the same time, in Y country’s Suyuan Group’s subsidiaries.

After receiving a call from Yan Su, Chairman Su was very excited in his office.Su Jingcheng has resumed his normally seriously solemn look, with a hint of coldness, when Weidong Zhou entered inside the office together with a small assistant.

Weidong Zhou looking upset: “I heard your assistant say that you are going back to China? Are you kidding me? You’ve only been here for a few days. We haven’t even started the signing ceremony for this project with the Y country agency. We’ve been doing this for months and we are in a critical period, but you… actually want to run? You are the one in charge! If you are not here, who will sign the project contract?”

This country Y project is a very important project between Wei Corporation and Suyuan Group. Originally, he and Su Jingcheng were arranged to stayed in Country Y for at least half a month before returning home. Suddenly, the assistant of Su Jingcheng just came over and told him: Su Jingcheng is planning to leave!

Su Jingcheng look Weidong Zhou with a calm look but with a bit of smile in his face: “Find a way to communicate about it over there and, if necessary, try to postpone the contract signing, I will return to China and stay there for a week.”

“I say you -”

This time Wei Dongzhou finally noticed Su Jingcheng’s and there was “something wrong”: This guy is actually smiling?

Having known Su Jingcheng for so many years, when did he ever see his friend smile like this?

“This is not normal. You said that as if anxious to return, did something good happen back home?” Wei Dongzhou glanced at Su Jingcheng.

Has the land in Dongcheng taken down? Or did they get Jingfu project? This is not right, it’s absolutely impossible for this person to be so happy with all those things.

At this time, Su Jingcheng’s smile widened again: “My sister is back.”

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Sui Xi stayed up all night to read a novel and the next day she was taken by a group of men in black to a dark villa. The head in black: “Mr. Su and Mrs. Su died unexpectedly many years ago. We were employed by the Su family to find the missing Miss Su. According to DNA comparison, you are the long-lost daughter of the Su family. You also have an older brother, Su Jingcheng.” Su Xi: Su Jingcheng?! This name is a bit familiar, isn’t it the villain in that novel I was reading yesterday?! In the novel: Su Jingcheng is a big villain, this big villain is cold and perverted, and will eventually be done in by the male lead and the two second male leads..


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1 year ago

The start ist already this good O.O
must read on 🙂

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