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TVSC Chapter 3.1

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Su Xi has been thinking a lot about how to get rid of her relationship with the villain, Su Jingcheng, these days.

While she was thinking, Su Xi was hanging her head down as she sit in the sofa, this scenario made Uncle Fu another discovery about the young miss’s habit.

Since she was taken at home, Su Xi has been very well-behaved, sitting quietly and not being noisy at all.’

However, after spending a long time with Su Xi, Uncle Fu finally realized one thing: Su Xi is 14 years old this year, and at this time she should be in the middle school.

Yan Su and the others investigated that Su Xi had a really little information about her past. They only found out that she had lived in an orphanage for a while, and later she begun to drift from places to places like an homeless person.

I don’t even know if this child has ever attended school, what was she had been learning, and to what extent her knowledge is.’

Uncle Fu had to ask Su Xi directly.

“Xiao Xi.”

“What is it, Uncle Fu?” Su Xi looked up.

“Have you been to school before?” Uncle Fu directly asked.

Hearing this, Su Xi shook her head first, but after thinking for a while she nodded slightly: “I have been in a school before, it was a very short period, though.”

When she was in the orphanage, she should have attended the first half of the first grade. ‘Is this attending school, right?

“At to what grades were you taught in?” Uncle Fu asked again.

According to Su Xi’s age, he should be in the second year of middle school, but uncle fu doesn’t know how much the child has learned, and to what extent her knowledge is about in terms of grades.

“I don’t know.” Su Xi said truthfully. She was taught by her master personally. As for to which grade the master was teaching her, Su Xi didn’t know.

Hearing this, Fubo’s expression was faint, and he secretly sighed.

He seemed to have already an answer in his heart: ‘I am afraid that this child, didn’t even attended the school for over a month.‘ This gave Uncle Fu a difficult time.

After thinking about it, Uncle Fu thought about talking with Su Jingcheng regarding to this topic in the evening, he also wanted to ask a tutor for Su Xi.

Uncle Fu: “The young lady’s study must not be delayed. It’s just that she just suddenly arrived home, so she might not get used to school first. Young Master, don’t you think we need to find a suitable tutor for the young lady?”

Su Jingcheng still didn’t know that her sister was found in the broken house of tramp because neither Yan Su and Uncle Fu informed him.

However, Su Jingcheng was so intelligent that he immediately noticed that was something wrong in Uncle Fu’s words.

Su Jingcheng frowned slightly: “Is her level of learning worse than her peers in the past?”

“Yes”, Uncle Fu responded: “Young Miss is weak at learning.”

Uncle Fu did not dare to tell the truth: Where is the weak in studying? I suspect that young miss Su Xi’s knowledge is likely to still at the level of pre-schoolers!

Su Jingcheng seemed to be silent for a moment on the phone.

Su Jingcheng: “Then please find one.”

Uncle Fu: “Okay, I will arrange a suitable teacher.”

Su Jingcheng: “Wait.”

Fu Bo: “Anything else you want to add?”

Su Jingcheng thought for a while: “Before the teacher’s come, investigate his/her past first. Also look for the past feedback about her, If it isn’t good, let it go and wait for me to come back.”

“Okay” Uncle Fu responded.

“Is she asleep now?” Su Jingcheng suddenly asked.

“Ah, yes, Miss already slept earlier.” Uncle Fu could hear the expectation in Su Jingcheng’s words, but couldn’t bear to tell him the “truth”.

After the dinner, Uncle Fu specifically said to Su Xi: The young master’s meeting will be finished by 8 o’clock. Do you want to talk with the young master?

As a result, Su Xi’s head shook like a rattle.

Su Jingcheng: “Then I will call early tomorrow.”

Uncle: “…”

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The next day, Uncle Fu already found a suitable tutor for Su Xi.

I heard that she is a very famous teacher in the area of ​​homeschooling. She can teach almost all subjects and she is good at getting along with children.

Uncle Fu learned that most of the rich family’s would invite this teacher to teach for a while before their children attended school.

In the afternoon, Su Xi saw the tutor.

“You’re Su Xi, right? Hello, my last name is Li, and my given name is Shan. From now on, I will be your tutor. You can call me Teacher Li.” Li Shan introduced herself to Su Xi with a smile on her face. While looking at Su Xi, there was a whisper in her heart.

When she heard from the employer that she was here to teach a 14-year-old child about basic knowledge before elementary school, Li Shan felt weird in her heart. When she saw Su Xi at this time, she felt even more hopeless—This little girl looked stupid and stunned. Isn’t she a fool?

Just when Li Shan thought that Su Xi was a fool, the expression on Su Xi’s face finally changed, and she looked at the other party and said greeted her back: “Hello.”

Su Xi was stunned just now upon hearing the other party’s name.

She remembered that there was also Li Shan in the novel. When the female lead came back from china, her son’s tutor has the same name.

In the novel, the heroine gave birth to a very smart son. It is said that at only two or three years old, his IQ has already reached the level of a 6-year-old child. The heroine was busy with her career and entertaining her five male suitors, so she didn’t have much time to look after the child.

After many inquiries, she found this very reliable tutor to teach her son.


Uncle has found the same teacher for preschool children to teach her… Is her lack of knowledge, that serious?!

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The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Sui Xi stayed up all night to read a novel and the next day she was taken by a group of men in black to a dark villa. The head in black: “Mr. Su and Mrs. Su died unexpectedly many years ago. We were employed by the Su family to find the missing Miss Su. According to DNA comparison, you are the long-lost daughter of the Su family. You also have an older brother, Su Jingcheng.” Su Xi: Su Jingcheng?! This name is a bit familiar, isn’t it the villain in that novel I was reading yesterday?! In the novel: Su Jingcheng is a big villain, this big villain is cold and perverted, and will eventually be done in by the male lead and the two second male leads..


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