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TVSC Chapter 3.2

If the Li Shan in front of her is the “Li Shan” in the novel, then this tutor is also a key supporting role.

The female lead’s little bun is a black-bellied demon. The nanny tutor has been angered one after another, but he still gets along well with this tutor. The little bun is smart, and Li Shan teaches also very well, so the heroine’s baby becomes a three-year-old genius child. The small bun was also very clingy to Li Shan.

Once, the big villain kidnapped the heroine and her son. Whether it was the hero or the five powerful men, no one could find the heroine, mother and son, no matter what. At the critical moment, it was the tutor who left a pencil trace tracker through a the small bun’s bag. Due to the given clues, they finally found the place of the great villain.

Li Shan was a little bit uncomfortable by Su Xi’s stare, and coughed slightly.

“Let’s start the class soon.” Uncle Fu vacated a study room for Su Xi, and Su Xi watched Li Shan take out a stack of teaching cards from her bag.

“This are flashed cards to help us learn.” Seeing Su Xi cast her eyes on the stack of cards, Li Shan explained with a smile.

“Let’s look at this first. What is this?”


“How many?”


“Very good, what about this one?”


“Awesome, look, here. It’s a duck. Here are two ducks. How many ducks do you add?”


“Yes, three!”

“Do you recognize the numbers? 1, 2, 3, 4…”

Su Xi nodded.

“That’s great, or the question just now. Let’s replace it with a number. This is 1, and this is 2. Then what is 12 equal to?”

Su Xi: “…”

How does she feel that she is considered a mentally retarded person?

“Didn’t you understand?”

“Ms. Li”, Su Xi couldn’t help interrupting the other party, and said seriously: “My foundation may be a little worse, but it’s not a problem with intelligence.”

Li Shanyi froze when she heard this: “You mean you know how to do this?”

Su Xi nodded: “I know how to do it.” After understanding, Li Shan smiled awkwardly: “Sorry, I didn’t know your level very well, your family members didn’t make it clear to me. Let’s make it a little bit more difficult. Let’s take a look at your current level.”

Li Shan first gave Su Xi a few multiplication problems, and found that Su Xi did it so quickly that even the draft paper given were not used.

“Have you learned mental arithmetic?”


Her master’s most profitable business is to open up a tutorial center for wealthy children. The apprentice, Su Xi, will always by the side. If there is no real evidence, how can they fool others.

“Then you do this test paper.” Li Shan took another test paper and placed it in front of Su Xi. This test paper is a few fifth-grade math test questions she just copied online. Li Shan thought: I suddenly raised the difficulty to the fifth and sixth grade level, it might be a little difficult for Su Xi to answer it.

~~~You are reading this at

It turned out that after Su Xi took the test paper, she quickly started doing it. It only took 20 minutes to finish writing the 10 big questions above. And they were all right!

“Mathematics is finished for today, and then we will learn Chinese now.”

The ready to read cards she had prepared seems to be useless, Li Shan had to temporarily write a few ancient poems on empty cards and called Su Xi.

Li Shan: “This is called Tang Poem, come and read it to me, goose, goose…”

Su Xi: “…”

At the end of the three-hour tutoring class, Uncle Fu was waiting outside the door nervously. When the teacher came out, her expression was normal and not was particularly ugly, seeing this Uncle Fu secretly let a sigh of relief.

Uncle Fu called Li Shan downstairs to talk alone and asked about the current situation.

Li Shan’s expression was a little weird: “Su Xi has a good foundation.” She didn’t understood why Su Xi’s family thought she was only at a pre-school level?

Although Li Shan said “good foundation” it did not let Uncle Fu know exactly what level Su Xi’s knowledge had reached, Needless to say Uncle Fu was undoubtedly happy when he heard the teacher remarks to the young lady.

Li Shan was happily sent away, and Uncle Fu brought fruits and milk to give it to Su Xi.

“Teacher Li just said that you have a good foundation”, Uncle Fu said to Su Xi with a smile on his face, remembering the young master’s explanation, he then asked: “What about you Xiao Xi? What do you think about this teacher Li? Are you still unused to it?”

” Not very comfortable”, after a pause, Su Xi looked at Uncle Fu again: “Could you find another teacher? Or you can let me to go attend school.”

Although the novel did not mention that the villain has a sister. It shouldn’t have anything to do with Li Shan, but as long as she thought that Li Shan is an important supporting role in the original novel, Su Xi’s whole impression regarding her is not very good.

If possible, she wants to continue to be a transparent person, and does not have any contact or intersection with the original novel’s characters and the plotline itself. Moreover, Su Xi really didn’t want to study the content before the third grade of elementary school such as 1, 2, 3, 4, and memorizing characters.

Uncle Fu: Of course no problem!

He has the same opinion as the young master. If Xiao Xi doesn’t like to invite a tutor, then don’t.

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Sui Xi stayed up all night to read a novel and the next day she was taken by a group of men in black to a dark villa. The head in black: “Mr. Su and Mrs. Su died unexpectedly many years ago. We were employed by the Su family to find the missing Miss Su. According to DNA comparison, you are the long-lost daughter of the Su family. You also have an older brother, Su Jingcheng.” Su Xi: Su Jingcheng?! This name is a bit familiar, isn’t it the villain in that novel I was reading yesterday?! In the novel: Su Jingcheng is a big villain, this big villain is cold and perverted, and will eventually be done in by the male lead and the two second male leads..


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