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Give me to bai chapter 3

The shadow from the window fell on the paper and shook.

Shen Youbai frowned slightly and looked up to the window not far away. The dazzling white light made him squint his eyes uneasily, but he could still see the man’s face.

He was stunned for a moment and then stood up.

At the moment, Xu Pinyu hadn’t noticed his movements, and her eyes were focused on the girls in the back row.

As soon as Cao Yunwen’s ass sat down in the interviewer’s seat, Shen Youbai stood up and walked away from the interviewer’s long table.

Zhou Qishan shouted, “Where are you going? “

Shen Youbai said without turning back, “I’ll go out for a while, you guys continue. “

The voice cut off as the door closed.

When Xu Pinyu noticed that Shen Youbai had disappeared from the hall, she couldn’t help but stand on tiptoe and look into the hall trying to catch a glimpse of him.

“What are you doing here?”

The sudden sound beside her startled her and she lost her balance. The legs of the chair swung. Her arms were drawing in circles like rowing a boat in the air. In the end, she held on to the windowsill and steadied herself.

As soon as Xu Pinyu’s heartbeat calmed down, she called out and turned to see the source of the voice.

The boy standing a few steps away from her did not look pretentious with his grey hair. On the contrary, it looked pretty good. According to Xu Pinyu, the main factor to thank for this was Zhou Qitang’s handsome face.

Xu Pinyu smiled at him and said, “Oh, little ancestor, you came to class. “

This ancestor’s surname is Zhou, and his name is Qitang. Class K’s most famous student. If he didn’t do evil stuff regularly, it would become a big deal.

He made absenteeism a routine. For him, it was possible to be absent from school for a semester and a half. That’s why it’s so rare to see him in the first week of school.

Calling him a little ancestor comes from the day the teacher in charge of the class said to Zhou Qitang, “I beg you, ancestor!” This famous saying.

Xu Pinyu jumped off the chair and pulled Zhou Qitang’s arm. “Let’s walk to class and I’ll tell you about the welcome ceremony.”

Since Shen Youbai had left, it was meaningless for her to keep peeping.

Zhou Qitang was a person who didn’t like putting effort into anything. When he heard Xu Pinyu say the words ‘entrance ceremony’ he scratched his head and smacked his lips, “It’s too troublesome.”

Hearing this Xu Pinyu casually said a heavy sentence, “Ah, you should really think about this more. The chaos of the entrance ceremony is the perfect opportunity for you to tease Lu Yin.”

Lu Yin was a girl who was beautiful and clean, she even played the piano well. All this had hooked the heart of the little devil known as Zhou Qitang.

Of course, it was meant to be a secret, but Xu Pinyu found out by accident.

Xu Pinyu told him that as long as he didn’t tell anyone she wouldn’t mind assisting him in his pursuit for Lu Yin.

Because Lu Yin is in class A, she is beautiful, close to Shen Youbai, and she is also a potential rival.

Shen Youbai had walked around the teacher’s building and reached the other side of the lecture hall. Underneath a window, a lone chair was kept.

His gaze slowly left the chair and fell on the two people walking in the distance, laughing and talking to each other as they turned into the corridor.

The interview process was suddenly interrupted by the sound of something being smashed against the wall.

Chen Mo pushed down his glasses, “What happened? “

Qin Ran seriously analysed, “Maybe a meteor fell.”

Zhou Qishan followed his joke and said, “Then there’s no need to worry, the Meteorological Bureau will handle it.”

But all three of them knew the truth, who was the person that destroyed things when he was in a bad mood.

  In the afternoon, after the interview, a male teacher was walking past the teaching building when he saw something familiar lying in the grass near the wall when he went to take a closer look…

There was …

a smashed chair.

He opened his mouth slightly and was frozen for a moment.

  Then he raised his head and shouted with his hands on his hips, “Who did this!?”

“Who destroyed the public property of the school? Come out, or I’ll find out myself!”

The voice of the male teacher echoed in the air.

There were less than ten CCTV cameras in the whole Dezhi School and one of them was placed outside the corridor of the classroom from which Xu Pinyu took the chair.

  Her luck was really ‘excellent’.

  Xu Pinyu stood in the staff office, tearfully pulling Lin Hong’s arm, “Teacher, please believe me, I only moved the chair out and forgot to put it back, I really didn’t smash it.”

Lin Hong wanted to remove his arm from her grip. They looked like they were fighting with each other. Neither of them was willing to let go.

  He was at his wit’s end, so he said, “Xiao Yu, it’s not that I don’t believe you. All the evidence points to you, even the camera records are like this. You tell me, what can I do?”

Xu Pinyu let go of him in frustration. It seems that in any case, it was determined that she would carry all the blame.

Lin Hong attempted to comfort her and said, “Don’t be too sad. Just write a reflection paper and pay for the chair. It will be 100 yuan and should be handed over to me before the weekend.”

He scratched his head awkwardly, “I need to go talk to the school leader about what to review at the morning meeting. That’s all.”

  Xu Pinyu walked out of the office like a dehydrated vegetable, writing a review to lose money was not a big problem, the problem was that she was wronged.

At the crossroad of going home, she said goodbye to Wei Yixun weakly and turned to her mother’s flower shop.

She stood outside the glass window, looked around, took a deep breath at the door, straightened out her expression and pushed in.

  Chen Qiuya was wearing a pink-white apron and was packing a bunch of flowers, red roses and white gypsophila.

  Hearing the wind chimes on the door, Chen Qiuya looked up and saw Xu Pinyu.

Xu Pinyu cried sweetly, “Mom.”

  Every day, at four or five in the afternoon, it would start to get dark.

The twilight would spread weakly, like ink that seeps into a tissue.

Zhou Qishan, holding a basketball, came in and saw Shen Youbai, who was lying on the sofa playing with his mobile phone again.


  Shen Youbai ignored him.

  Zhou Qishan didn’t mind and grinning he asked, “Did you break the chair outside the classroom?”

  While putting down his phone, Shen Youbai looked at him but didn’t say anything.

He turned the basketball in his hand and explained, “It seems that a girl has been caught by the surveillance, she’s carrying the blame for you.”

Shen Youbai frowned and sat up, “Class K?”

Zhou Qishan was totally shocked. This guy, for the first time, was actually caring about such a thing.

He shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Shen Youbai quickly walked out of the lounge and almost bumped into Qin Ran, who had just walked up to the door.

Qin Ran was quiet as he looked in the direction Shen Youbai had left, turning his gaze back he asked, “What’s he doing?”

  Zhou Qishan tilted his head, also puzzled, “Pissing?”

Xu Pinyu walked to the office holding the self-reflection paper she had spent the whole day writing and the bills she had painfully drawn from her own private allowance.

In the office not far away, someone came out and she stopped.

Shen Youbai slowly closed the door of the office and turned around, making eye contact with her.

He was wearing a white shirt, sleeves rolled up to the forearms, while his cold eyes looked at her.

Xu Pinyu slightly pursed her lips, but suddenly she did not dare to look at him greedily for a while, because the timing was really bad.

In a campus where even the smallest gossip would spread like wildfire, such a thing wouldn’t go unnoticed. In fact, he must’ve known that she was the one who smashed the chair, he just didn’t want to ask about it.

  Or would he appreciate the violent type, after all, this type of girl is rare.

The above thoughts went through her brain in the few seconds it took for her to look up from the ground.

Then, just as she was about to walk past Shen Youbai, he pulled her.

Unexpectedly… She… Was held…

The way he held her arm with his bony fingers…

It gave her the illusion that the hot temperature of his palm was about to burn her skin through the thin cloth.

Xu Pinyu blinked, her mind blanked.

At that moment, the universe exploded.

Give Me to Bai

Give Me to Bai

I hand you a rose, 贈我予白
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , , Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Shen Youbai is arrogant. Xu Pinyu belongs to him. Xu Pinyu and Shen Youbai are students in the same grade, but there is a gap between them, the U-shaped school building. Xu Pinyu is in class K, where the grades are barely passible, whereas Shen Youbai is in class A, where there are elite students everywhere. But this doesn’t stop Xu Pinyu’s secret love for Shen Youbai. She secretly gave him roses, secretly cut the buttons of his shirt because of the school rumour, and intentionally violated the school rules and pretended to wear a short skirt in order to have more contact with him. Everything she did was for him, the one in her heart. The first half of this dark unrequited love is like a solo dance, you can feel the sour and bitter feelings in it. But what she didn’t know about the other person, was that he had already fallen deep into the nightmare called ‘Xu Pinyu’.


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