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Give me to bai Chapter 4

However, the universe did not explode, the Milky Way is still bright, the glaciers are still melting, and the sky is filled with a bright orange glow.

Shen Youbai held her arm and she didn’t know whether it was due to her thin arm or his long fingers.

In short, Xu Pinyu thought that no one should ever unscrew her arm and take it away, otherwise she would feel jealous of her amputated limb.

Unlike the temperature of his hand, his voice was very cold, “You don’t need to go in.”

Shen Youbai explained, “I smashed the chair.”

It wasn’t his tone but his voice, which made people think about thin ice sliding down their throats.

I don’t know whether I would shiver from the cold if I kissed him.

Thinking so far ahead, Xu Pinyu was stunned by her thoughts. While she was lost in her thoughts, Shen Youbai let go of her arm.

When his figure disappeared at the corner of the stairs, besides the noise of the distant playground, she could still hear his footsteps going down the stairs.

Xu Pinyu was stunned. Should she be thankful to him?

But he smashed the chair.

However, Xu Pinyu was not interested in why he wanted to smash the chair.

Because according to the observation she had made for a long time, she found that Shen Youbai’s personality is dominated by pride, with a hint of violence.

If he feels any sort of unhappiness, he will vent straight away.

For example, destroying something.

And he does it silently. He doesn’t swear, he doesn’t complain, he just destroys what makes him unhappy.

To be able to come up with this conclusion, of course, it was due to Xu Pinyu’s personal experience.

There are a lot of small legends in every school, although almost all of them seem to be born out of nothing. They sound untrustworthy and go against scientific theory.

But sometimes, you still need to find something to put your hopes up.

There is a legend about secret crushes in Dezhi college. The only thing you require is the button of your crush’s uniform shirt.

It must be the third button from the top because that position is closest to the heart.

Throw his button and yours into a glass full of mineral water and bathe it in the moonlight for 11 days.

Your love will succeed.

She remembered the time when Chen Zixuan told her about this rumour.

Xu Pinyu sniffed, “That’s ridiculous. Whoever believes in that is stupid.”

Yes, Xu Pinyu is stupid.

In the back of each class’s classroom are cupboards with the name cards of the students on the door.

That day Xu Pinyu took the duty of cleaning the classroom and stayed back late, the evening glow had already been washed away by the deep blue night.

She was outside Class A, clutching her broom in one hand and her other hand over her waist.

She suddenly sobered up, why did you come with a broom?

She shook her head, left the broom leaning on the wall and slipped into the empty classroom.

It was easy to find the cupboard door with the three characters of Shen Youbai.

Because it was summertime and the boys liked playing basketball, they usually put some extra clothes in the cupboard to change into after sweating.

She took a deep breath and opened the cupboard.

Sure enough, there was a white shirt.

Xu Pinyu, with a very devout attitude, took out the shirt hanging inside.

She carefully took out the nail clipper from her pocket, counted to the third button, and carefully twisted it without damaging the cloth.

The light passed through the translucent circular button, making it look beautiful.

Just as she was holding the button and appreciating it, she heard the sounds of two people conversing outside in the corridor.

Xu Pinyu was shocked. She grasped the button tightly, looked left and right, and quickly ran to the teacher’s desk and crouched down.

The person who entered the classroom was Zhou Qishan and after him, Shen Youbai entered.

Xu Pinyu’s heartbeat resonated with the basketball Zhou Qishan was dribbling on the floor.

He pointed at Shen Youbai’s cabinet and asked, puzzled, “You didn’t close it?”

Shen Youbai frowned at once and went up to open the cupboard door. Of course, the first thing he saw was the white shirt that was placed there.

He took out his shirt, the white sewing thread was still there, but one of the buttons was missing.

Zhou Qishan came over and when he saw it he spoke cheerfully, “Let me explain, it seems that there is a rumour going around in school. There is a wish for shirt buttons…”

Before he could finish speaking, Shen Youbai slammed the door of the cupboard causing the whole row of cupboards shakes a few times.

Shen Youbai grabbed the brand-new looking shirt and threw it into the trash can.

Zhou Qishan came back to his senses, took out his own clothes from his cupboard and mumbled deliberately, “why didn’t anyone cut my buttons?”

Sure enough, Shen Youbai became angrier, “Can you hurry up?”

Zhou Qishan changed his clothes quickly and they left the classroom.

The person behind the desk slowly stood up, and she went to the trash can.

Looking at all the messy things in it, the shirt made her uncomfortable.

I feel very sorry for it.

After that, Xu Pinyu didn’t even put both their buttons in the moonlight, so it was a really stupid thing to do, okay?

If you know it’s stupid then why did you cut it?

Because Xu Pinyu thought that the chances of getting together with Shen Youbai…

Was less than than the chances of a legend coming true.

Since Xu Pinyu didn’t have to take the blame for destroying property in school, she was relaxed on her way home.

She knew that the teachers couldn’t do anything to Shen Youbai, since his family was one of the shareholders of the school.

To describe it bluntly, she was very happy that she could keep her allowance money.

She said goodbye to Wei Yixun at the crossroad and turned towards the flower shop.

Right at that moment, Chen Qiuya came out with a barrel, in which there was a lone flower, a rose.

She smiled at Xu Pinyu.

Xu Pinyu drew out a dark green stem, “So there’s only one that hasn’t been sold?”

Chen Qiuya put down the basket, and signed, yes, it’s very pitiful, you take it away.

Xu Pinyu’s fingertips slowly turned the budding rose in front of her.

The next morning, the sky wasn’t clear, and the fog was thick in the air.

Xu Pinyu gently wrapped the rose with a newspaper and put it in her bag.

She didn’t wait for Wei Yixun to go to school. It could easily be seen how early it was from the frighteningly less amount of people at the subway station.

She had come so early, just to sneak into Class A, where no one had come yet, she went to Shen Youbai’s table.

To give him a rose.

It was to thank him for coming forward about the chair, and also to apologize for cutting off his shirt’s button.

But an even greater reason was that she just wanted to send him roses.

Xu Pinyu rushed back to Class K and opened the door. Class K’s lazy people can’t come earlier than her.

She left her bag on the table, pulled out her chair, turned around, and sat firmly against the window.

Waiting for Shen Youbai to appear in the distant picture.

She didn’t know how long she had waited, Xu Pinyu started feeling a little sleepy lying on the edge of the window.

After that, one by one her classmates came in and was shocked by the monitor who came so early. Xu Pinyu didn’t make a single sound.

Until she saw that Shen Youbai had come.

He wore a coat in addition to the navy blue school uniform, which made her forget all her sleepiness.

He went to the seat, pulled out the chair and paused as he was putting his bag down.

Shen Youbai removed a rose from his desk’s drawer, still carrying the dew of the morning mist.

He held the rose, turned around and without hesitation, walked to the trash can behind the door.

He raised his hand gently, in the same manner as before, when he threw the white shirt away.

The bright red flower fell into the dark abyss.

Xu Pinyu froze for a while, then buried her head into her arm.

Chen Zixuan came to the class, biting the straw in his milk box, and went to the girl lying next to the window. “I just met Wei Yixun, he asked why you didn’t wait for him.”

Xu Pinyu answered her stiffly, “Don’t talk to me.”

“What’s the matter with you?”

“I’m sad.”

” Hah?”

She had to hypnotise herself. The sadness that was spreading through her was a pity for that rose.

Such a delicate and beautiful thing should not go to trash and fall with the filth.

Give Me to Bai

Give Me to Bai

I hand you a rose, 贈我予白
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , , Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Shen Youbai is arrogant. Xu Pinyu belongs to him. Xu Pinyu and Shen Youbai are students in the same grade, but there is a gap between them, the U-shaped school building. Xu Pinyu is in class K, where the grades are barely passible, whereas Shen Youbai is in class A, where there are elite students everywhere. But this doesn’t stop Xu Pinyu’s secret love for Shen Youbai. She secretly gave him roses, secretly cut the buttons of his shirt because of the school rumour, and intentionally violated the school rules and pretended to wear a short skirt in order to have more contact with him. Everything she did was for him, the one in her heart. The first half of this dark unrequited love is like a solo dance, you can feel the sour and bitter feelings in it. But what she didn’t know about the other person, was that he had already fallen deep into the nightmare called ‘Xu Pinyu’.


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