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Give me to bai chapter 5

When he woke up, it was already 1 pm.

His palms were clammy, he had a splitting headache and he was coughing violently.

But Shen Youbai just sat by the bed and lit a cigarette.

The shaken off ash gently fell on the ground.

After smoking a cigarette, he lay back on his back, gasping and coughing again.

Some trembling coughs reverberated in the empty room.

His phone was buzzing near his head, he held up his body with some difficulty and picked up the call.

“Why didn’t you come to school today?”

Zhou Qishan’s voice at the moment was very loud and irritating, like countless flies buzzing in his head.

Shen Youbai pressed his temple but didn’t answer for a moment.

“Then, you won’t come to the student council election in the afternoon? “

Shen Youbai inhaled deeply, and before hanging up, he said, “I’ll go.”

He changed into his school uniform and took his coat.

As he walked out of his house, he felt a little dizzy.

He closed the door on the spacious and empty room.

He stopped a random taxi and said the name of his school, Dezhi School, in a hoarse voice.

Anyone who’s ever heard any gossip knows that Shen Youbai, one of the freshmen of this year, was the focus of the school. It was due to the fact that his family was one of the shareholders of Dezhi School, he was also very good looking.

Since most of the student council members were third years and were going to be graduating, there was going to be a big change of positions in the student council election.

The title of Student President would, without a doubt, fall on Shen Youubai.

This was the rule of Dezhi School.

The only condition to get any title though was that the students must attend the election.

After all, it’s such a big black curtain. To put a crown in the air, it’s impossible.

Standing behind the podium, he calmly finished the manuscript he had memorized in advance. His headache had subsided by the time he was walking down.

Zhou Qishan, who was going to give a speech next, noticed that something was wrong with him, “Are you ok?”

Shen Youbai raised his hand, signalling him to take the stage, he patted his shoulder and left.

He pushed open the door of the auditorium, the light at the time of dusk was not dazzling, but it still burned.

He felt bored and wanted to take a moment to breathe.

But his feet were not strong enough to support his body. He held on to the wall, his vision foggy, the sky, spinning.

Suddenly, someone picked him up.

It’s floral.

He smelt it.

It wasn’t perfume, and it wasn’t clear what flowers she smelt like, more like, a lot of flowers mixed together.

“You’re sick.”

She talked like it was a statement rather than a question because Shen Youbai’s face was white, his lips were blue, and his forehead was sweating.

“I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

Shen Youbai thought that her voice was very nice. Even when his head sounded like a distorted radio, it still sounded nice.

When the door of the infirmary was opened there was only one man there, wearing the school doctor’s uniform while standing near the window, he was smoking.

He froze for a moment, looked at Shen Youbai, and asked her, “What’s wrong with him?”

She didn’t know what to say, “I think he’s sick, right? “

The male school doctor said rudely, “What nonsense. I’m asking, what’s wrong with him?”

She opened her eyes wide and shook her head, “I don’t know.”

The school doctor snuffed out the cigarette, “Help him to lie down first.”

She helped Shen Youbai to lie down on the white bed.

The school doctor walked over wearing glasses, “Is he allergic to anything?”

She shook her head like a rattle, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know anything!”

She wanted to cry without tears, “I don’t know him, I just transferred today.”

The school doctor pushed his glasses up and smiled, “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were his girlfriend.”

That was all Shen Youbai could hear, after that, he passed out.

When he woke up again, he had a cold towel on his forehead.

He hadn’t opened his eyes so she thought the guy hadn’t woken up yet, she leaned over to his ear.

“I’m going to report to the class teacher, have a good rest.”


A feather lightly swept his ears.

He opened his eyes immediately, her face clearly reflected in his pupils.

She was stunned, then laughed, “You woke up? You have a fever, you know. “

“Ah, I’m really late. I’ll go first.”

She turned around before she finished speaking.

After that, she vanished.

They didn’t meet in school for the next couple of days.

The best way to know if she was in school, was to wait.

The morning duty at the school gate allowed the person on duty to see all the students in the school.

The female teacher on duty was surprised that the new Student President was actually quite responsible. Usually, no matter if it was students or teachers when it’s their turn to stand at the school gate in the morning, their mood wouldn’t be good.

Shen Youbai, white-faced and expressionless, was under the stare of all the girls who passed by him.

He was so tired that he wanted to leave his notebook and go light a cigarette.

Finally, she appeared.

Wearing a white sweater in the school uniform, her sleeves covering her palms, standing outside the school gate.

Shen Youbai could observe her like this because she didn’t come inside, instead, she kept looking behind her, like she was waiting for someone.

The female teacher also noticed her and shouted, “That student, you are late. Come in and register your name.”

She trotted forward a few steps, but she still didn’t step inside the school gate. “Teacher, please wait a moment, then I will enter!”

The female teacher refused decisively, “Why should I wait? I can’t wait!”

Shen Youbai raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was three minutes before the bell rang.

He said, “Teacher, the bell hasn’t rung.”

“Ah? You are still remembering the bell!”

“If you won’t come in it must mean you want to skip class!”

Shen Youbai opened his lips slightly. He was just about to speak when he saw a boy running hurriedly towards them in the distance.

He slowly closed his mouth and pursed his lips.

Wei Yixun was late and asked her to wait, saying stupid words such as friends should be late together.

As she took Shen Youbai’s pen, she was complaining about the boy beside her.

Shen Youbai gradually raised his eyebrows. After she finished writing, she naturally said thank you.

Her eyes stayed on him for less than a second.

Sure enough, she doesn’t remember him.

Shen Youbai said nothing, watching her back walking away. Of course, there was an unsightly boy next to her.

He looked down on the line she wrote, Xu Pinyu.

Followed by a capital English K, and the number 1.

Class K, no wonder he never saw her again.

She is from the other half of the world.

Shen Youbai began to pay attention to her.

Almost every day, she entered the gate right as the bell rang. When she was unlucky, she was late.

Her smiling eyes were very bright and her frame was thin and small, when she crouched she resembled a cat.

The boy next to her is called Wei Yixun.

They weren’t in the same class, but every day they would walk to classes together.

Their relationship, even without explaining, as long as the person was not a fool or blind, you can clearly guess.

In midsummer the next year, cicadas were chirping.

She changed seats to the window, and that night Shen Youbai dreamed of her for the first time.

When he woke up, his hair was wet with sweat.

He furiously grabbed the remote control and turned the air conditioner a few degrees lower.

The next day, it was PE in the morning. He sat next to a wall and hid in the shade.

As soon as the lighter sparked, a school bag came from the sky and dropped in front of him. He was stunned.

The several leaves fell slowly in an arc.

Subconsciously he looked up and the sky was bright, forcing him to squint his eyes. The person who was climbing the wall stepped over the wall, revealing a long and thin leg.

She froze as the wind blew.

Then she recovered and hurriedly jumped off the wall.

She picked up her school bag and patted it, looked at Shen Youbai and said after a long time, “Well, please pretend you didn’t see this.”

After she finished talking, she sorted herself out awkwardly, her skirt turned up in a corner, she fled in panic.

Shen Youbai was still holding the lighter, his palms, sweating.

Just now, I saw her underwear.


He restarted the lighter and lit the cigarette.

Qin ran, a bookworm, found that Shen Youbai’s addiction to cigarettes was growing.

A person as proud as Shen Youbai, how could he possibly pursue other people’s things.

He dreamt of her again.

She straddled him, rising and falling, her cheeks red like a rose, her beautiful voice like a blade, cutting his built-up nerves.

As he opened his eyes, he looked at the silent darkness and gasped.

He held the pen and Xu Pinyu, which was written in ink, these three words were his nightmare.

It was better to sleep than to stay awake.

Give Me to Bai

Give Me to Bai

I hand you a rose, 贈我予白
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , , Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Shen Youbai is arrogant. Xu Pinyu belongs to him. Xu Pinyu and Shen Youbai are students in the same grade, but there is a gap between them, the U-shaped school building. Xu Pinyu is in class K, where the grades are barely passible, whereas Shen Youbai is in class A, where there are elite students everywhere. But this doesn’t stop Xu Pinyu’s secret love for Shen Youbai. She secretly gave him roses, secretly cut the buttons of his shirt because of the school rumour, and intentionally violated the school rules and pretended to wear a short skirt in order to have more contact with him. Everything she did was for him, the one in her heart. The first half of this dark unrequited love is like a solo dance, you can feel the sour and bitter feelings in it. But what she didn’t know about the other person, was that he had already fallen deep into the nightmare called ‘Xu Pinyu’.


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