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Give me to Bai Chapter 7

The scattered ribbons on the ground tangled in between Xu Pinyu’s ankles, and she staggered forward a few steps.

With a bang, a balloon burst.

Scared to the side are students who are pumping their hands in the air as red balloons swished around the classroom.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the welcome ceremony began.

Xu Pinyu carried a box of mineral water up the stairs.

At the corner of the staircase suddenly a head appeared quietly, with black hair hanging over her face, staring at her.

The girl stepped down one step and froze for three seconds. “Do you dare to ask who is the lucky person?”

Chen Zixuan, wearing a white dress, raised her arms and seemingly floated down slowly. “My name is Sadako. Today, it is your life!”

Xu Pinyu screamed, “Before you die again, can you promise me one thing? “

“Let’s hear it.”

“Help me carry the box up. My arms are going to break. “

Sadako brushed her hair with her hand, “Okay.”

Xu Pinyu smiled and pushed the box up with her knee, handing it to her.

Sadako seemed to hold the box of water bottles easily and said, “Come to class F later.”

The reason why she was dressed up like this is that Wei Yixun’s class, Class F were doing a haunted house this year, and Chen Zixuan joined in on the fun to play the ghosts and scare people.

The duty of doing a haunted house went to a different class every year, the idea was nothing new.

However, Xu Pinyu didn’t see the fun in it.

She had night blindness.

In a dark environment, to her, there was no difference when her eyes are open or closed.

But Xu Pinyu still agreed to Chen Yixuan’s request, “Okay. But I’m going to check out the auditorium first.”

The band was rehearsing in the classroom, and the drums were deafening.

Chen Zixuan put the box of water bottles down and shouted, “Ah? What did you say?!”

Dezhi has two auditoriums. The big one is the place where the freshmen’s entrance and graduation ceremonies are held. The small one was not really small, it still had two floors, like a Broadway Opera House.

To get the right to use the auditorium an application had to be sent to the school. Beforehand, the whimsical little bastards of Class K had proposed to apply for the big auditorium for their concert.

Xu Pinyu immediately poured a basin of cold water on their hopes, “Let’s not continue this conversation.”

First, the application will not pass, because they are Class K.

Second, there is no second, it will not pass. No second point.

When she knew that Class A was easygoing, she borrowed the small hall.

Once again, Xu Pinyu felt the blow from class differences.

Class A is going to play a drama this year. The poster was put up earlier,

About the modern history of Europe.

Xu Pinyu opened the open door, the performance hadn’t started yet. There were many people sitting in the auditorium. The stage was covered with heavy red cloth.

She touched the wall and made her way down the steps to find a seat in the corner.

Shen Youbai was not playing the leading role of the play, nor was he playing a supporting role.

He was in charge of directing the scenes. He showed up only three times in total. He didn’t even have a line to say, except for directing things.

The play was well-organized, with a humorous plot to interpret the originally dull content.

The above evaluations were all made by Xu Pinyu.

Because, from Shen Youbai’s appearance, until he left, and then till the end of the play.

Xu Pinyu has only had his shirt, tie, vest and leather shoes in her head.

Don’t give him a gentleman’s hat, or else she would scream on the spot.

Shen Youbai was not on the stage at the curtain call.

The applause from the audience made Xu Pinyu remember that she had to go visit the ghost house of class F.

When she was about to leave the auditorium, she looked back again and determined that she wouldn’t be able to see him again as she gently clasped the door’s handle.

Xu Pinyu found out on the same day that in class F, in addition to Wei Yixun, there was another person she knew.

It should be said that she was very impressed.

It was the person that was coming out of their class right now——

The girl who confessed to Shen Youbai she did not succeed in using the threat of smoking and even participated in the student union interview.

By the end of Xu Pinyu’s narrative without punctuation, she had already gone.

Wei Yixun said that she was their new classmate called Cai Yao.

She asked, “Is it delicious?”

“Cai, her surname is Cai, not the dish. “

On the other side.

Zhou Qishan was always studying endlessly on how to change the pattern, to make Shen Youbai unhappy.

The prop he found recently is the indomitable Cai Yao.

Therefore, they made a deal that Zhou Qishan will create the opportunities and Cai Yao will be responsible for winning Shen Youbai.

The term is for one month.

The condition is the first night.

Cai Yao is standing in the toilet, making a phone call while arranging her hair.

“Just bring Shen Youbai to our class.”

After a pause, she said to her mobile phone, “No, you must let him in! “

After hanging up on the phone, Cai Yao took out her lipstick but stopped when she heard a noise from outside.

Xu Pinyu turned around in panic outside the toilet and accidentally kicked the fire extinguisher.

It hurt so much that she jumped twice. Then she quickly picked up the fire extinguisher and ran to class F.

On the way, she pulled by Class K. “The Class monitor came high*!”
(Refers to a Chinese song called to let us high, high in English, which basically means pumping themselves up)

Xu Pinyu shook off his hand, “High yourself!”

Two others came out, “Class monitor don’t be so gloomy. Let’s be High.”

The lead singer of the band picked up the microphone and said, “Class monitor, come on.”

As a result, they all coaxed, “Come on! Come on! Come on!”

Come your eldest brother-in-law!

Xu Pinyu managed to get rid of those bastards.

At the end of the corridor, she saw from a distance that Shen Youbai had not even changed his clothes, which were still full of restraint.

Under the shoving of Zhou Qishan, he opened the hanging cloth and walked into the ghost house of class F.

Although she didn’t know what Cai Yao’s plan was, her body moved faster than her brain could think.

Xu Pinyu returned to her senses and stood in the ghost house where she couldn’t even see her own fingers.

It’s over. She’s night blind.



Xu Pinyu wanted to get her mobile phone out of her pocket but felt someone approaching.

She reached out and touched a man.

Then, against the man, her elbow slowly bent until the back of the hand touched her own shoulder.

Close enough to hear the sound of his breathing.

When sight becomes useless, other senses will become very sensitive.

For example, smell. She smelt smoke.

This is a smoker.

Xu Pinyu reached a conclusion and tiptoed, her hands around his neck.

He was obviously stiff for a while, unable to respond, as Xu Pinyu had kissed him on the lips.

The tip of her tongue gently traced the shape of his lips.

Astringent, delicate and soft.

He woke up.

One hand clasped the back of her head.

Xu Pinyu panicked, but couldn’t breakaway. She could only tangle with the predatory tongue in her mouth.

It smelled like smoke. And mint.

Xu Pinyu pushed him away.

Inertia made her step back a couple of steps and she couldn’t see anything in the dark. Her head was blank.

She gasped quickly and it became lust in his ears.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled it back.

Xu Pinyu’s exclamation only made an inhalation sound and was blocked.

The tongue that did not belong to her was stirred in her mouth and took away all her oxygen.

The waist was imprisoned by an arm and she couldn’t go anywhere, so she could only cling to his body.

Feel the liquid, flowing down from the corner of the mouth.

Someone came in, accompanied by the sound of words.

Xu Pinyu struggled and finally broke away from him.

Before she had time to think, she ran towards the voice and inevitably hit people.

The light came from lifting the curtain and she raised her hand to block her eyes.

Chen Zixuan looked at her and was stunned. “Eh, I was looking for you just now. When did you go in? “

Xu Pinyu quickly covered her mouth, “I just strolled around.”

“We haven’t even gone in to prepare, There is nothing for you to visit.”

As she was talking, Xu Pinyu ran away, “Hey, where are you going! “

Xu Pinyu’s figure disappeared at the stairs, and Chen Zixuan turned around with question marks on her face and saw that Shen Youbai who had come out from Class F, was stopped by Cai Yao at the entrance of the class.

Chen Zixuan ’s first thought was how impatient these people were, the ghosts hadn’t entered, but they had already come out.

Xu Pinyu ran to the roof in one breath and sat directly on the ground.

My heart is about to jump out of my chest.

Give Me to Bai

Give Me to Bai

I hand you a rose, 贈我予白
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , , Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Shen Youbai is arrogant. Xu Pinyu belongs to him. Xu Pinyu and Shen Youbai are students in the same grade, but there is a gap between them, the U-shaped school building. Xu Pinyu is in class K, where the grades are barely passible, whereas Shen Youbai is in class A, where there are elite students everywhere. But this doesn’t stop Xu Pinyu’s secret love for Shen Youbai. She secretly gave him roses, secretly cut the buttons of his shirt because of the school rumour, and intentionally violated the school rules and pretended to wear a short skirt in order to have more contact with him. Everything she did was for him, the one in her heart. The first half of this dark unrequited love is like a solo dance, you can feel the sour and bitter feelings in it. But what she didn’t know about the other person, was that he had already fallen deep into the nightmare called ‘Xu Pinyu’.


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