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Give me to Bai Chapter 8

Zhou Qitang, with his back facing the sunlight, watched the door to the roof be pushed open.

The girl ran forward a few steps, her skirt swaying in the wind, and she fell on the ground.

He scratched his neck and walked over, “What are you doing here”

Xu Pinyu hurriedly raised her head and was taken aback when she saw him, “Then, what are you doing here.”

He replied, “Someone asked me to go to the rooftop.”

Xu Pinyu asked, “For a duel?”

Zhou Qitang put his hands in his trouser pockets and shrugged his shoulders, “Who knows.”

She put her hand on the ground and tried to get up. She gave up, reaching out to him, “Help me, my feet are numb and I can’t stand up.”

Zhou Qitang smiled and grabbed her arm, “Have you done something wrong?”

“Yeah, I told Lu Yin all your little secrets.”

A force pulled her up, because her feet were numb she couldn’t stand firm, and ended up throwing herself on to Zhou Qitang, touching his chest.

Xu Pinyu is embarrassed. Just as she was about to apologize, the door of the rooftop was pushed open again.

She and Zhou Qitang looked at the door at the same time.

It’s Lu Yin.

She stood there with panic on her face, then turned and ran downstairs.

Zhou Qitang looked at Xu Pinyu and asked, “You… Did you really say something?”

When she claimed to have told Lu Yin his secret, she meant it as a joke.

Xu Pinyu quickly said, “I swear, absolutely not.”

He looked calm and nodded.

Xu Pinyu was taken aback for a moment, “You still won’t chase after her!”

Zhou Qitang was even more confused, “Why do I need to chase her?”

Lu Yin might have misunderstood their posture just now.

Xu Pinyu said anxiously, “She’s here for you!”

“Not necessarily. Maybe she was also asked to fight on the rooftop.”

Xu Pinyu pondered over it for a while coming to the conclusion that being single together was better, so as to not get heartache from them showing off their love.

For now, she would postpone helping him in this task of love.

Xu Pinyu sat down with him and tilted her head slightly, “Can I ask you a question?”

Zhou Qitang found the most comfortable position to sit in, “Oh, What advice do you want from this sir?”

She hesitated for a few seconds and asked hesitantly, “If someone kissed you, would you refuse?”

Zhou Qitang was frightened and moved aside, “Are you going to kiss me?”

Xu Pinyu responded with a blank face.

Zhou Qitang smiled and answered, “Yes.”


She couldn’t believe it, “Won’t you not like it, or refuse it?”

Zhou Qitang nodded, “Boys are lustful animals and if girls take the initiative to throw themselves into our arms, of course it’s good.”

Xu Pinyu asked excitedly, “What about afterwards! “

Zhou Qitang tilted her head, “I would act as if it had never happened.”

As soon as he said this, her three world views did not just collapse, they were simply shattered.
(Three world views means the persons outlooks on world, life and values)

Xu Pinyu stood up and squatted down again, screaming.

Seeing this, Zhou Qitang was shocked, “Are you sick?”

As soon as she stopped screaming, she stood up and kicked Zhou Qitang’s calf with lightning speed.

He hugged his leg in pain and said, “Shit, take medicine when you are sick!”

After kicking Zhou Qitang, Xu Pinyu went straight out of the roof, and escaped.

Zhou Qitang looked at the opened door that was closing due to the wind with a smile.

She ran down the stairs quickly,step after step, she happened to run into Wei Yixun.

Soon after the school bell had rung, he came to find Xu Pinyu.

But Wei Yixun had just opened his mouth and was immediately scolded by her, “Don’t talk to me for ten minutes. You boys are so disgusting.”

So what he was going to say turned into, “Hey, did I say something to provoke you?”

Xu Pinyu screamed and ran away, “I said, Don’t talk to me!”

Wei Yixun grabbed her wrist and pulled her, “You have to explain yourself. What’s so disgusting?”

Xu Pinyu threw away his hand and covered his ears. She haphazardly started to recite their school textbook, “The early emperor initiated his conquering in the sixth solar month but halfway through he died. His rule at that time was almost the entirety of modern day China…”

(The part about the emperor is basically guess work has been completely butchered by me. Sixth solar moon-7th July-6th August.)

Wei Yixun smiled, ”It’s no use reciting the textbook. You must give me an explanation.”

Recently Zhou Qishan had been at his wit’s end with these young couples. It’s as if the school rules prohibiting love are just decorations for them, it really makes one want to casually report them.

Zhou Qishan sneered slightly, “Students, please don’t stand in the way even if you are having a lovers quarrel.”

Suddenly hearing a voice from behind made Xu Pinyu turn around quickly.

The moment she saw Shen Youbai, she opened her eyes wide and did not dare to blink, forgetting how to talk.

As if he didn’t see her, he walked around them and went up the stairs.

Zhou Qitang’s words popped into her head, ‘act as if it had never happened’.

Wei Yixun walked down the stairs and stopped. He looked back and asked, “You aren’t coming?”

Xu Pinyu opened her mouth and lost her strength to scream.

To him, it may feel like it was just a small love affair and treated it like going to a prostitute, something that held no meaning for him, and that he didn’t care about it. But to Xu Pinyu, how could she not feel anything?

Although the sentence is not appropriate, it perfectly expresses her mood at the moment.

I don’t want to love you anymore.

With this impulse, Xu Pinyu went home, threw off her school bag and opened her desk drawer, opening a locked storage box.

She took out a button from the box and prepared to bury it in the trash can.

Holding the button, it almost fits perfectly in her palm.

Finally, she released her hold on the button.

Forget it, just reduce the feelings by a third.

The remaining feelings are still good enough.

Xu Pinyu grumbled and threw the buttons back into the box angrily.

The translucent button quivered on a record.

That record is also her treasure. The cover shooting technique is outdated, with a style from more than ten years ago.

But Xu Pinyu is very familiar with the person on the record. It is her mother, Chen Qiuya.

Coincidentally, at the same moment, her mobile phone shook and she received a message from her mother: Child, come soon.

It was to late for Xu PInyu to change her clothes. She removed the school blazer and replaced it with a cardigan and left with the key.

Night had fallen and Chen Qiuya was alone in the lighted flower shop.

Xu Pinyu pushed the door and the wind chimes jingled.

Chen Qiuya put down a large bunch of packed flowers, and gestured that the person who ordered the flowers forgot to take one flower bunch. It was very important to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Xu Pinyu picked up the flowers and said, “Okay, give me the address.”

She stopped a taxi to send the flowers more quickly, and paid the fare in a hurry even though she hadn’t brought much money. Now, she can only take the subway back.

But unexpectedly, the evening breeze blew the treetops, and suddenly it started to rain.

She stepped in a puddle, covered her head with her hand, and ran to the nearby convenience store.

The cashier at the convenience store picked up a pack of cigarettes, scanned it under the barcode reader, and it made a beep.

Shen Youbai put the wallet away, turned around and saw a person, and paused for a moment.

Standing under the store’s eaves, Xu Pinyu raised her hand to wipe the water off her face and shook her sleeve.

Hearing the sound of the opening of the automatic door of the convenience store, she unconsciously looked at the door.

One side is dark slope road, the other side is white light.

His eyes are exceptionally clear.

Xu Pinyu was startled, then turned back stiffly.

Shen Youbai didn’t leave. He stood beside her and lit a cigarette. A faint mist rose and was knocked down by the damp rain.

The white smoke enveloped his eyebrows, making it impossible to distinguish his expression.

She pursed her lips, not knowing what to say, looking down at the wet toe of her shoe.

Then, there was only the sound of rain.

The stagnant water continuously flows into the sewer.

The wet part of her skirt is dark and clings to her thighs.

A trail of water sliding down her leg.

Shen Youbai withdrew his eyes and finished smoking.

He put the cigarette case back in his coat pocket and thrust the umbrella into her hand.

“My house is nearby. Take this umbrella and go back home.”

With that, he pulled the hoodie from his jacket onto his head and walked off on the wet ground.

From beginning to the end, he didn’t look at her.

Is it gentleness or alienation.

Xu Pinyu had lost her mind, because it didn’t matter if her three world views had collapsed, to her, it didn’t make any difference.

Her sight fell on the umbrella in her hand.

Because to like him is like weaving a net.

With her feelings as the foundation, he moves at will and around her heart and a cocoon is made.

Give Me to Bai

Give Me to Bai

I hand you a rose, 贈我予白
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , , Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
Shen Youbai is arrogant. Xu Pinyu belongs to him. Xu Pinyu and Shen Youbai are students in the same grade, but there is a gap between them, the U-shaped school building. Xu Pinyu is in class K, where the grades are barely passible, whereas Shen Youbai is in class A, where there are elite students everywhere. But this doesn’t stop Xu Pinyu’s secret love for Shen Youbai. She secretly gave him roses, secretly cut the buttons of his shirt because of the school rumour, and intentionally violated the school rules and pretended to wear a short skirt in order to have more contact with him. Everything she did was for him, the one in her heart. The first half of this dark unrequited love is like a solo dance, you can feel the sour and bitter feelings in it. But what she didn’t know about the other person, was that he had already fallen deep into the nightmare called ‘Xu Pinyu’.


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