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TVSC Chapter 4.2

“The test papers have been arranged in the classroom, so she can partake the test at any time.” Principal Chen said to Uncle Fu, then looked at Su Xi again and an unknown look flashed in his eyes.

    Su Xi has just been found, and her identity has not yet been disclosed to the public, but the Su family housekeeper already told the principal about the identity of the Young miss in advance before coming, saying she was going to study at their school.

    It’s just that the little girl in front of him look’s is too skinny, like she is malnutritioned. 

    Principal Chen put his mind away, and briefly discussed about the content and approximate scope of the exam with Su Xi: “This test is all about basic questions. In addition, the content of the exam is from elementary school tachnically starting from the first grade. There are also some questions for the second year of middle school. You don’t need to answer them all. Just answer normally. No matter what the question is, write it as you want, just don’t leave anything blank.”

    The Su Famiy’s request was to make the test paper have the ability to estimate the current general level and educational background of their young lady, but it should not be too difficult in order to avoid hurting Su Xi’s self-esteem.

      As the principal, Chen Jialiang just wanted to say: He had to handle many troublesome request.  

       Listening to the Su family’s request, the level of their baby seems to be very poor.    

    Anyway, Principal Chen has already talked to several teachers. If Su Xi’s test paper was so bad, they shouldn’t treat her as any other student. As long as Su Xi writes a few words on the question, whether it is right or wrong, they should guarantee a minimum score so she can atleast have 60 -70 in order to not disappoint her.

    Although she didn’tt know what the principal is so solemn about, Su Xi nodded.

    The school specially arranged a classroom for Su Xi to conduct the test. The test papers issued with having only two subjects: Chinese and mathematics, there were not many questions. Each test paper had only 10 multiple choices, 10 true or false and 10 major questions that should be answered with essays.

    Su Xi looked at the topic roughly, and it didn’t seem difficult.

    The only thing that Su Xi can’t understand is that when she finished the Chinese Subject, and checked the math test paper why does she encounter pinyin marks in it? Is the school worried about her being illiterate?

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly, and immersed herself in the questions as she neatly wrote on the test paper.

After 30 minutes, Su Xi completed all the questions.

Seeing Su Xi coming over to hand in the papers, the dean’s face showed a trace of surprise. The principal said to make Miss Su’s exam time as long as possible. 

She can hand in the papers whenever she wants to, and she doesn’t need to rush her.

She originally thought that Su Xi would have to take the exam for a long time, but she didn’t expect to hand in the paper so quickly.

And she seems to answer things very well.

 Seeing the words on Su Xi’s test paper, the dean looked at Su Xi in surprise, and couldn’t help sighing: “Your writing is very beautiful.”

 Su Xi smiled.

She had always helped her Master to copy “spiritual talisman” for others before.

 Inside the principal’s office. Principal Chen saw Su Xi’s test paper and he was quite surprised.

Su Xi’s test paper is not as horrible as he thought of before, on the contrary, Su Xi has written all the topics, and her writing was neat and clear.

 He just don’t know whether it’s right or wrong… 

“Haha, she did a good job in the exam.” Principal Chen smiled and said to Uncle Fu: “There should be nothing wrong with it. I will immediately arrange for the scorer teacher to mark the corrections. I’ll notify you two by the time they finished, and then we can arrange for Su Xi to enter a corresponding class for her.”

 Hearing from Principal Chen that Su Xi did a good job in the exam, and his surprise on his face did not seem to be fake. Uncle Fu was also very happy and moved towards Principal Chen: “Then she will be under Principal Chen’s care in the future.”

“Wherever it is, this should be the case.” 

The Su family’s student aid fund has greatly benefited their school.

What’s more, the Su family also donated a lot of teaching and laboratory equipment to the school. Although the reason is for their own children, there is no doubt that the Su family is their school’s “big customer”, and they should be treated specially.

Principal Chen enthusiastically sent Uncle Fu and Su Xi all the way to the entrance of the school, not forgetting boasting about the school.

“Look, our school is the best and most advanced in science and technology halls, stadiums, and music halls. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the quality of teaching in our school. Although we are a private school, the allocation of teachers and teaching requirements are in accordance with The best public middle school level in City B.

You can also rest assured in terms of campus atmosphere. The school has strict management of students and our students are also very well-behaved. There is absolutely nothing to say about school spirit and discipline…”

President Chen did not even finish his words due to being interrupted by several ear-piercing roars.

Not far away, a modified and very sassy electric motorcycle was parked at the school gate. A boy with yellow hair on his head jumped off the motorcycle and dragged it inside the school. The other party was also hanging his polo with a logo of Shang Ming Middle school.

Su Xi: …

Uncle Fu: …

 Principal: … 

“Well…what… there are always surprises, but our school is still good overall. For some comparisons…..this…this…. To cultivate the individuality of… Each students, the school has also adopted humanity education…” Principal Chen became more embarrassed as he talked, almost unable to return to his usual composed self.

“I understand.” Uncle Fu said to Principal Chen.

Su Xi noticed that when Uncle Fu replied, there was a vivid look of contempt on his face, not at the school principal, but at the yellow haired guy over there.

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Sui Xi stayed up all night to read a novel and the next day she was taken by a group of men in black to a dark villa. The head in black: “Mr. Su and Mrs. Su died unexpectedly many years ago. We were employed by the Su family to find the missing Miss Su. According to DNA comparison, you are the long-lost daughter of the Su family. You also have an older brother, Su Jingcheng.” Su Xi: Su Jingcheng?! This name is a bit familiar, isn’t it the villain in that novel I was reading yesterday?! In the novel: Su Jingcheng is a big villain, this big villain is cold and perverted, and will eventually be done in by the male lead and the two second male leads..


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