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TVSC Chapter 5.2

Uncle Fu can’t wait to tell Su Jingcheng about Su Xi’s exam results. But after thinking about it for a while, he decided to hide this matter from him.

He must be handling the busiest time for his business, so I shouldn’t bothered him at the Country Y this time.

Uncle Fu didn’t call, but Su Jingcheng called first.
On the table, when Uncle Fu’s phone rang, Su Xi glanced at it subconsciously, and when she read the word “Young Master”, Su Xi was taken aback.

Seeing Su Xi’s small movements, Uncle Fu smiled: “The young master is calling, is Xiao Xi willing to answer it?”

Su Xi: …

“I will go back upstairs to fix some of my things.” After saying that, Su Xi ran upstairs and left Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu thought that Su Xi still didn’t know his brother, so she might be feeling nervous talking to him immediately.
When the phone call connected, Su Jingcheng asked: “What did you say just now?”
He seemed to have heard a girl’s voice on the phone just now. It was crisp and very nice.
“Yes, Miss went upstairs to fix her things for school.”
“Did she passed the exam score?”

“Yes.” Uncle Fu told Su Jingcheng the scores of the Su Xi’s entrance test.

On the other end of the phone, Su Jingcheng smiled at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes showed joy and pride, except that he was not as surprised as others-in Su Jingcheng’s eyes, his sister was the best.

“Master, how are you doing in country Y?”

“Everything is doing well.” He should be able to go home soon.

“That’s good.” Uncle Fu thought of something, and said to Su Jingcheng with a smile on his face: “The young lady took the initiative to ask about your birthday last night.”

Upon hearing this, Su Jingcheng stilled for a while: “There are still many months away from my birthday.”

“Yeah, there is still half a year left. That’s how I told the young lady.” Uncle Fu said with a smile.

Although he couldn’t see Su Jingcheng’s expression on the phone, Uncle Fu could hear from Su Jingcheng’s tone that he must be glad about this: The young master was obviously very happy when Xioa Xi showed “concern” for him.

“Since she is going to school, the arrangements must be adjusted.”

“Master, don’t worry, the preparations are ready.”

“Are the bodyguards and the driver arranged?”

“All of the are already informed of their responsibility.”

“School uniforms, stationery…”

“Thet are all ready.”

“En”, Su Jingcheng responded, and couldn’t help but wanting the best for his sister.

It wasn’t until seven or eight employees were standing at the door of the office, waiting for him to sign with documents in their hands, that Su Jingcheng finally hung up the phone.

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

The Villain Is a Sis-Con?!

Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Sui Xi stayed up all night to read a novel and the next day she was taken by a group of men in black to a dark villa. The head in black: “Mr. Su and Mrs. Su died unexpectedly many years ago. We were employed by the Su family to find the missing Miss Su. According to DNA comparison, you are the long-lost daughter of the Su family. You also have an older brother, Su Jingcheng.” Su Xi: Su Jingcheng?! This name is a bit familiar, isn’t it the villain in that novel I was reading yesterday?! In the novel: Su Jingcheng is a big villain, this big villain is cold and perverted, and will eventually be done in by the male lead and the two second male leads..


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