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DRCFW Chapter 10

Translator: OurPrinceNiki

Fu Chengyan had very good hearing and eyesight because of the power of the body. He noticed that there seemed to be something on his daughter’s forehead and waved at her to come near.

 Fu Yao hadn’t particularly adapted to the situation before her, so she hesitated when she came over.

  Fu Chengyan opened her bangs and saw a large scalded scar on her forehead. It was quite scary to look up close. Even a part of the scalp has no hair growth due to the burns, and it is completely covered by the hair on the top of the head.

  Only then did he understood why his daughter had this hairstyle.

  He touched his daughter’s forehead with some distress, and gently helped her lower her bangs and smooth her hair.

  Fu Yao could see the distress in his father’s eyes.

  She was a little touched in her heart, thinking: “After all, he is my father, even if he is stupid, he will care about me. Based on this…I will give him his retirement.” 

The father: “…”

  Although his daughter missed him a little bit like this, but… can you not always emphasize that your father is stupid?

  And he was still aged less than forty, what’s up with him being raise and gave away? Besides, he has the power of immortality, so where can he die so easily?

  Xia Rui interrupted suddenly, “In fact, these scars can be cured. Although they cannot completely recovered, it will be much better if they are treated properly. They can be done to the extent that they cannot be seen unless you look closely.”

  Fu Yao was not surprised, she nodded, “I know, I checked the information. But…it’s expensive, let’s talk about it when I will start working!”

  The scars on her forehead has always been a thorn in her heart. She checked it online and performed this operation at least tens of thousands in her mind. It may cost hundreds of thousands to treat it, but she still cannot fully recover from that burn.

  Besides she is still attending the school, and her usual life is basically supported by m scholarships, so where can she have money to be used to treat her scars?

  Xia Rui’s expression was hesitant, as if she had something to say, but she didn’t know how to say it.

  Fu Chengyan heard her innermost saying: “I can help her, but how could I proposed this in order to not hurt her self-esteem?”

  He was a little surprised. Can this little nurse help her?

  He remembered that the immortal art he learned could help repair the scars of the body, but it was only an auxiliary function so she still had to be treated with medicine.

  At this time Fu Yao said, “I have to go back to class. I will pick you up and leave the hospital in a few days. You…Listen to the doctor and don’t make trouble.” The tone of her voice was as if entirely addressed to a child, or to a mentally ill person.

  Knowing this Fu Chengyan nodded depressed.

  After she left, Fu Chengyan sighed, “If only someone could help my daughter, she is still so young, and she must the most beautiful or her youthful years, what can we do with such a big scar on her forehead!”

  Xia Rui walked to him. She hesitated but still said: “Actually, I can help her. My brother opened a private hospital and can do a scald repair surgery… I can persuade my brother to no pay with money. It’s just one sentence from me, but the problem is I am afraid that she will not accept it and hurt her self-esteem.”

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Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Yao’s father, Fu Chengyan, who has been vegetative for more than ten years suddenly woke up one day. The doctor who witnessed all this sighed: People wake up, but they turn crazy! Fu Chengyan, who had been in the cultivation world for two thousand years, went back to his own world. When he saw his daughter again, he found her with short hair, possessing very old clothes, and having a pitiful look due malnutrition. Feeling guilty, Fu Chengyan wanted to know his daughter’s true thoughts in order to compensate her. He then read her inner world with mind reading. “It’s was not easy to raise myself already, and now I have to raise a dad with a brain problem… My life is too difficult.” “It seems that the scholarship I am receiving is not enough.” “It’s better to sell the first place in the school to that person.” “Isn’t the second-placer a silly girl? Let’s sell the second-place to the third-placed silly girl also…” “How much was the prize for the oral English contest?” “Although Dad has a problem with his brain, he still looks so handsome. Is the rich woman next door still thinking about him? How…” Fu Chengyan: Thank you for being a filial daughter!


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