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DRCFW Chapter 11


Translator: OurPrinceNiki

“I have a way.” Fu Chengyan said.

  Xia Rui was skeptical of the man’s IQ, but since he said that, she still had a glimmer of hope, “How?”

  Fu Chengyan said, “I can tell her that I have a deposit, anyway she doesn’t really know anything about me…just say that this will be used for her operation.”

  Xia Rui thought to herself, “That’s seems a good plan, you are her father, so you should pay for it.”

 Fu Chengyan felt a little depressed, indeed, it is right for him to pay for his daughter’s injuries. It’s just that he has just returned in this world, and his powers has not yet stabilized so he can’t get any money for a while.

  He thought to himself that one day, he would throw a card to his daughter, while camly saying: “Spend whatever you want!”

  But this seems to be impossible.

  ”I’m not asking you to help in vain,” Fu Chengyan is not a person who likes to take advantage of others, so he tries to offer a deal: “So, I will help you too. Do you have a boyfriend?”

  ”Yes…” Xia Rui was confused, “What’s the matter? “

  ”Let me see him,” Fu Chengyan said, “I am the best at knowing people’s true heart. I can tell you whether he is worth it for your life.”

  Xia Rui’s smile was a bit embarrassing, and she responded perfunctorily, “Okay…I will bring him when I have time…”

  She may have said this but deep inside she was thinking: “Why would I believe to this madman… But he is kind, so he is not easy to refuse. Sigh, how can such a good girl like Fu Yao be so unlucky?!”

  Fu Chengyan: “…”

  When Fu Yao returned to school, the morning classes was almost over. She didn’t enter the classroom, but she went to the cafeteria for lunch. 

The school would give her 500 yuan worth of meal card every month, this was what the Principal Lin promised her when she transferred over the school.

  She finished lining up for lunch and found a seat to sit down and eat.

  There are already some students in the canteen at the moment. The last class should be the physical education class. The teacher in charge would let them out of class in advance.

  When several boys saw Fu Yao, some people started talking in a low voice.

  ”The new student is a money grubber!”

  ”I heard that this girl is willing to do anything as long as someone pays her some money. If someone wants to copy her homework, she will let you copy her work but with a pay. If they want to change seats with her, she will agree after she received the money…”

  ”Really? After looking at her, she may be thin, but she looks pretty beautiful…”

  A boy with yellow hair with a very proud look, walked towards Fu Yao all and said with a smile: “Are you Fu Yao? I heard that as long as someone pays, you will do anything? Then… I’ll give you 10,000 yuan, so how about going out with me to the small forest behind the playground?”

  Fu Yao raised her eyes and said coldly, 

“Go away!”

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Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Yao’s father, Fu Chengyan, who has been vegetative for more than ten years suddenly woke up one day. The doctor who witnessed all this sighed: People wake up, but they turn crazy! Fu Chengyan, who had been in the cultivation world for two thousand years, went back to his own world. When he saw his daughter again, he found her with short hair, possessing very old clothes, and having a pitiful look due malnutrition. Feeling guilty, Fu Chengyan wanted to know his daughter’s true thoughts in order to compensate her. He then read her inner world with mind reading. “It’s was not easy to raise myself already, and now I have to raise a dad with a brain problem… My life is too difficult.” “It seems that the scholarship I am receiving is not enough.” “It’s better to sell the first place in the school to that person.” “Isn’t the second-placer a silly girl? Let’s sell the second-place to the third-placed silly girl also…” “How much was the prize for the oral English contest?” “Although Dad has a problem with his brain, he still looks so handsome. Is the rich woman next door still thinking about him? How…” Fu Chengyan: Thank you for being a filial daughter!


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