DRCFW Chapter 16

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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At this moment, Liu Sisi came in through the back door, when Fu Yao saw her she simply waved at her.

  Liu Sisi’s face changed drastically, he lowered her head and walked to Fu Yao’s side while bowing sharply.

  ”I’m sorry!” Her tone was full of sincerity and regret, “I shouldn’t have said something like that in the morning, how can I use money to insult you? It’s my fault, I was so wrong!”

  Fu Yao thought: Taking money to insult me? I can bear this kind of insult.

  She said directly, “I want cash.”

  Liu Sisi’s expression was dull for a while, and suddenly turned into a surprise, “You agree?”

  Fu Yao nodded, “Agree.”

  Liu Sisi quickly said: “I will…add more money!”

 “No need,” Fu Yao said, “The price you proposed earlier this morning is okay.”

  Liu Sisi thanked her again and again, and then ran to find Zhao Xiaowan.

  Zhao Xiaowan turned her head and glanced at Fu Yao, her expression a little excited.

  Fu Yao felt that although there were some twists and turns today, she was still able to make deals and gain a lot of money.

  She was not alone now, she has a mentally retarded dad to support, so she must be able to make more money.

  In addition, her current house is just too small. They can’t live there together with her Dad. She has to change the house to a slightly larger one. The money she got today is just enough to allow her finding a new house.

  Before school was over, Liu Sisi quietly walked to Fu Yao’s seat and stuffed an envelope to her. She did not speak, she just pretended that nothing had happened and turned away.

  Fu Yao didn’t open the envelope, but squeezed it tightly. She felt that the thickness was just right and so, she put the envelope in her schoolbag and continued reading.

  For these two wealthy classmates, maybe the amount is less than a month of their living expenses, but this amount of money is very important to her.

  She plans to visit the real estate agency tomorrow and choose a bigger house to rent. In any case, she can’t let her Dad to have no place to live in when he comes back home.

 As for Shen Kaibo, he may looked miserable, but he would still cured and will be discharged soon.

  She can only hope that he will accept the lesson and stop asking for trouble.

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