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DRCFW Chapter 19


Translator: OurPrinceNiki

In order to continue for the exam in the afternoon, Fu Yao hurried to go back to school early.

  As soon as she entered the school gate, she saw at a glance the punkster she met yesterday. He was dragging a boy, half a head head lower than him in a corner, and said something fiercely.

  She grinned at the punkster as she passed by.

  The face of the punkster changed suddenly, he slowly let go of the boy he was holding, turned around and ran away, with that speed, he disappeared immediately from her sight.

  Fu Yao touched her face. Is her laugh that terribly? How can a person run away so fast as soon as he saw her face?

  When she entered the class, she saw Liu Sisi frowning and saying something to her seatmate. Zhao Xiaowan looked up and when she saw Fu Yao coming in, she showed a somewhat reluctant smile.

  Fu Yao nodded slightly and returned to her seat in order to continue reading.

 In the afternoon, the exams were math and physics. The questions present were very simple for Fu Yao. She handed in the papers early and went home to pack her things.

  Liu Sisi, who was assigned to the same examination room as her, raised her head and glanced at her with a complicated gaze after Fu Yai finished handing in the paper, then looked down at her own examination paper, and let out a long sigh.

  After taking the last two courses, the next morning, Fu Yao wrote quickly in a hurry for the last exam, so she handed in the papers and left in less than half an hour.

She needs to hurry in order to see the new house earlier. If the deal goes well, she can move to the new house today.

  She called the hospital in order to ask about her father. The hospital replied that her father was in good condition, he could already get out of bed and return home as early as the day after tomorrow. 

Knowing about this matter, she would need to prepare about picking him up from the hospital soon.

  She thought about seeing if there are really any ghost like the rumors and clean them up in these two days. She has other four old ghosts, so she can clean up these things easier before letting her dad live in the new house.

  Dad is already stupid enough, but if he get scared and received another shock, wouldn’t he become even more stupid?

  Fu Yao came to the real estate agency, and the landlord was already there waiting.

  The landlord was a middle-aged man with a haggard face. His hair was half white and some still black. Fu Yao thought: Is the murdered Mather and son, perhaps, be his own family? 

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Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Yao’s father, Fu Chengyan, who has been vegetative for more than ten years suddenly woke up one day. The doctor who witnessed all this sighed: People wake up, but they turn crazy! Fu Chengyan, who had been in the cultivation world for two thousand years, went back to his own world. When he saw his daughter again, he found her with short hair, possessing very old clothes, and having a pitiful look due malnutrition. Feeling guilty, Fu Chengyan wanted to know his daughter’s true thoughts in order to compensate her. He then read her inner world with mind reading. “It’s was not easy to raise myself already, and now I have to raise a dad with a brain problem… My life is too difficult.” “It seems that the scholarship I am receiving is not enough.” “It’s better to sell the first place in the school to that person.” “Isn’t the second-placer a silly girl? Let’s sell the second-place to the third-placed silly girl also…” “How much was the prize for the oral English contest?” “Although Dad has a problem with his brain, he still looks so handsome. Is the rich woman next door still thinking about him? How…” Fu Chengyan: Thank you for being a filial daughter!


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