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DRCFW Chapter 4

Translator: OurPrinceNiki

Under the pressure of these two old professors, her mathematics is now at the level of a person in bachelor’s degree major in mathematics. Physics and chemistry are relatively average, and she will barely get a perfect score in the college entrance examination. 

Occasionally, Chinese scores may be have a lower score in composition. Meanwhile, English is probably equivalent to the eighth grade level. 

The worst subject is maybe biology. The two old professors are not very good at biology. On her own, she can only take probably about ninety points…

  Relying on her father’s compensation and the school scholarships, she rented a small house after being driven out of the house by her aunt. 

In some places, it is not easy for a child like her to rent a house, but there were a lot of students renting a house near the school in this times. Although she was still young, the landlord rented the house to her without much thought.

  The house where she lives now is rented for the whole semester. Because the given scholarshipfrom No. 7 Middle School is relatively high, she transferred to No. 7 Middle School. The house near the school is very expensive. She can only rent one that is far away from the school.

  There was a torrential rain outside, and the sound of the rain crashed on the ground.

  Suddenly, a flash of lightning flashed across the sky and fell towards the southeast. Immediately, the “rumbling” thunder resounded across the night sky.

  After the thunder and lightning, the rain gradually reduced, and eventually turned into a patter of light rain, which rhythmically fell on the canopy above the window.

  Being inside the room, Fu Yao was bored so she opened the window.

  A gust of wind blew by, lifting the girl’s bangs covering her forehead.

  There was a large scalded scar on her forehead, which was burned by hot oil when she accidentally overturned it when she was living at her aunt’s house as a child. At that time, her aunt simply applied medicine to her, and after the wound healed, it left such a large scar.

  Fortunately, it can be covered with bangs, which is not so scary.


  After a night of rain, the morning air was exceptionally fresh.

  The leaves were washed clean, and occasionally there were raindrops left on the tip of the leaves dripping from the trees, and they fell on the back of the neck and were cold.

  When Fu Yao arrived at school, she was called away by the class teacher who had been waiting there.

  The teacher’s surname is Jiang, a middle-aged female teacher. She said to Fu Yao: “The hospital called and said that your dad woke up last night. Go and have a look. They all said it was a medical miracle.”

  Fu Yao went still for a while.

  Because her father Fu Chengyan was injured at work, all the treatment expenses in the past ten years have been paid by his previous company, which didn’t make her embarrassed.

  He has been lying in bed all these years, and Fu Yao visits him once a year, but also leaves after seeing him. After all, he is a vegetable, and she can’t do anything but look.

  But when he woke up suddenly, she received a big surprised. 

  Teacher Jiang hesitated for a moment, and then said to her: “There is one thing you have to prepare mentally, that is… the hospital said that he woke up, but the spirit may be…not very normal.”

  She looked at the female student in front of her with some sympathy, “The doctor said that the first thing he said after waking up was’Lao Tzu finally soared.’ He also said that he had cultivated for two thousand years…”

  Fu Yao’s head was now having a headache.

  He finally woke up, but why, inside his mind, there is something wrong?

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Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

Dad Has Returned From the Cultivation World

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Yao’s father, Fu Chengyan, who has been vegetative for more than ten years suddenly woke up one day. The doctor who witnessed all this sighed: People wake up, but they turn crazy! Fu Chengyan, who had been in the cultivation world for two thousand years, went back to his own world. When he saw his daughter again, he found her with short hair, possessing very old clothes, and having a pitiful look due malnutrition. Feeling guilty, Fu Chengyan wanted to know his daughter’s true thoughts in order to compensate her. He then read her inner world with mind reading. “It’s was not easy to raise myself already, and now I have to raise a dad with a brain problem… My life is too difficult.” “It seems that the scholarship I am receiving is not enough.” “It’s better to sell the first place in the school to that person.” “Isn’t the second-placer a silly girl? Let’s sell the second-place to the third-placed silly girl also…” “How much was the prize for the oral English contest?” “Although Dad has a problem with his brain, he still looks so handsome. Is the rich woman next door still thinking about him? How…” Fu Chengyan: Thank you for being a filial daughter!


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