DRCFW Chapter 9

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Translator: OurPrinceNiki

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Did they really look down on him so much?    

Fu Yao looked back and asked Xia Rui, “How long will it take, for him, to be discharged from the hospital with his current situation?”    

Xia Rui smiled and said, “One to two weeks will do. Before, I used a machine to massage him every day so, he would soon recover.”
  She whispered: “Your father is so handsome! Although… But don’t worry, that’s just has a brain problem, and he is not violent! When his body has recovered, he can still be discharged normally. The brain problem can be just cured at home and it is not serious enough to let him stay hopitalized.”    

Fu Chengyan’s hearing is very good, so hearing this, he became more depressed.
  If I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have shouted. From now onwards, everytime that I will wake up, I will no longer shout out everything that’s comes to my mind.  

How can he know that there would be someone looking at him?

 His practice of the comprehension on the spiritual body in the past two thousand years, he finally have an enlightenment, under the excitement he shouted: “I am finally soaring after two thousand years friends, finally this day has arrived!!”

When he opened his eyes he saw a doctor standing in front of him with his eyes full of helplessness.    

To be honest, he didn’t want to be treated as a mentally ill patient at all.

However, he was originally a vegetative man with a severe head injury. After waking up, he said something inexplicable. It was hard for the doctor not to think that his brain was does not have any problem.    

After waking up, he was taken to an examination room. The result of the examination was that there were no problems in his brain, making the doctor even more distressed.

He read the heart of the doctor with mind reading.

 ”It’s okay to prescribe the right medicine after finding the problem. How can I treat the problem if I can’t find it! This is so annoying! What kind of disease is this?”    

Fu Chengyan couldn’t help but said to the doctor, “You don’t think I have a mental illness, do you?” 

The doctor laughed sincerely, “Of course not.”

Inwardly, he said within his heart: “Of course, mental patients will not admit that they have a mental illness.”

 Fu Chengyan: “…”

How can I prove that I am not mentally ill? Waiting online, very anxious.    

The nurse in charge of the massage left after finishing his work.

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