S3YOC chapter 20

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Fu’s house is a three-story villa.

On the first floor there are: the living room, kitchen, storage room and two other lower rooms.

On the second floor there are: the rooms of the two brothers of the Fu family, as well as their own study and several other guest rooms.

The entire space on the third floor belongs to Fu Heng and Qingqing, equipped with a family video room, entertainment room, study room, top-floor garden, etc.

So, Fu Sishen, can go to his room without going through his parents’ domain.

Thanks to the sound insulation of the Fu family, he did not hear what his father was doing on the third floor.

He opened his room with ease, but as soon as Fu Sishen stepped forward he suddenly froze.

His sharp gazed at his bed. Although the small bump was not obvious, Fu Sishen was still aware of a certain person sleeping there.

Someone has moved in his room, and the culprit is now occupying his bed grimly!

Three steps and two steps, Fu Sishen rushed forward, and rudely opened the quilt, he shouted: “Hey! Who are you…? My Brother’s bastard girl? Pooh! Boy, why are you?”

Originally angry, Fu Sishen’s questioning turned into a surprised question, and Fu Sishen never expected that this illegitimate daughter, who he thought as his older brother’s hidden child, would actually sleep in his bed.

Did he perhaps run into a wrong room?

After all, the doors outside are all the same, and it was really easy for people, who are not familiar with the family’s house, to go wrong.

When he was young, he often ran into his brother’s room because of this.


After being suddenly awakened, Qingqing sat up in a daze, rubbed her sleepy eyes with her little hands and looked a little confused.

But she didn’t cry, she is a child with a good temper, and her mind was still in a state of chaos, and a little bit confused.

She stupidly eyed the thigh of the person in front of her all the way up to his face. When she saw Fu Sishen’s handsome face that was very similar to her, her eyes lit up and she shouted: “Son!”

It seems that she still remembers Fu Sishen as his son.

Fu Sishen: “???” Little friend, I have a lot of questions.

What’s the matter, this kid, he wants to be his mother when he is so bigger than her.

His eyebrows wrinkled and now Fu Sishen looked serious, he opened his mouth to correct Qingqing’s mistake.

But, as the words had not yet been spoken, he was overshadowed by another familiar low voice: “Is Qingqing awake?”

Fu Sishen’s back stiffened.

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