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I have been translating this before and just stacking up chapters. Because there is another translator, I will just post what I have finished. I am not intending to snitch the translator who already posted the first chapter.

After this, I will not be updating it anymore.


“What kind of person is Lu Wenxing?”

“He is good-looking, and we have no advantage to stand against him.”

Cheng Yuan gave a ‘tsk.’

“What is there to worry about for such a beautiful trash? Today is a variety show guesting, not a scene.”

“But in case…”

Cheng Yuan interrupted him.

“Last week, Sister Man asked Lu Wenxing to accompany Director Jiang. Lu Wenxing was unwilling to smash Director Jiang’s head. You think Sister Man could easily forgive him?”

The Little star’s eyes lit up suddenly, “That’s right, then Sister Man will punish him?”

“Lu Wenxing’s magazine endorsements have been taken away; maybe even today’s variety show he will not participate.”


If this is the case, it wouldn’t be a surprise. The smile on the corner of the little star’s mouth rose slightly, followed by a mockery.

“They are all small 18th line stars. Lu Wenxing can’t even find a role as an extra. Is it possible that he will climb a Director’s bed to have a role?”

“The role as an extra has limited rights, so he might be chosing a small supporting role. Lu Wenxing considers himself innocent but maybe he has…”


The door was pushed open vigorously, making a loud noise.

When he saw Lu Wenxing standing at the door, the little star turned pale and bowed his head quickly, afraid to look at Lu Wenxing’s current expression.

Unlike the Little star’s panic, Cheng Yuan has always been at odds with Lu Wenxing, he was not afraid that Lu Wenxing will hear him, about what he just said now.

“…Have found the golden sugar daddy”

Cheng Yuan’s gaze fell on Lu Wenxing’s sneakers, his voice contemptuous, “This shoe is 10,000 yuan.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t even give him a look and went straight to the empty space. Pull the chair away and sat on the opposite side of the two.

He leaned back in the chair leisurely, stretched his long legs forward, slouching.

Just when Cheng Yuan thought Lu Wenxing would not be willing to talk to him, Lu Wenxing spoke.

“Very disappointed?”

Cheng Yuan felt confused and almost blurted out, “What?”

“You are not allowed to accompany Jiang Zhengqin, I am sorry.” Lu Wenxing raised his eyes and looked at Cheng Yuan.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Cheng Yuan retorted too anxiously, saying, “Who, who would regret that kind of thing.”

“Oh?” Lu Wenxing replied casually, “I thought you wanted to go.”

“I never wanted that.” Cheng Yuan insisted and suddenly stood up.

“What makes me want to go, what do I want to…”

“What’s up with the noise?” Agent Wang Man walked in with high heels.

“I heard you yelling in the hallway. Is the company a place where you could quarrel?”

“Sister Man.” Cheng Yuan change his mood instantly and stood quietly aside.

The little star also stood up hurriedly and cautiously saying, ‘Sister Man’.

Wang Man ignored Cheng Yuan and said to the two artists behind him: “You two find a place to sit by yourself.”

“Okay.” The two artists are more cautious and agreed quickly, but Wang Man didn’t sit down. She didn’t dare to sit down.

Cheng Yuan and Little Star stood there silently, and only Lu Wenxing leaned back on the chair without any burden.

Wang Man’s gaze fell, and she glanced at Lu Wenxing, who had the word rebellious written all over his body, and when she thought of the beatings last week, her brows furrowed fiercely.

“Lu Wenxing, what do you look like now?”

Lu Wenxing followed Wang Man’s words and looked at himself up and down, “I think I am good.”

Today he is wearing a white hooded sweater, a jacket, a pair of ripped jeans, and new sneakers on his feet. This was a birthday gift from his adoptive mother.

Wang Man’s face turned dark, and he patted the documents in his hand on the table.

“Beat off Director Jiang’s head, what good brought that? Why don’t you beat me together with him?”

“If Sister Man also intends to have unspoken rules for me,” Lu Wenxing replied calmly.

Wang Man stared at Lu Wenxing with her big eyes wearing cosmetic contact lenses and scolded him angrily.

“Lu Wenxing, because of your impulse, the artists of Mang Orange Entertainment missed the opportunity to be casted in the TV series. Can you afford the loss?”

The leader of Mang Orange Entertainment invited Jiang Zhengqin to a dinner last week. A consensus has been reached privately. Jiang Zhengqin will give priority to selecting suitable small supporting roles or special actors from Mang Orange Entertainment.

But Lu Wenxing didn’t know anything about it, so he discarded Jiang Zhengqin’s face in public and beat him up. This caused Jiang Zhengqin to make a move against Mang Orange Entertainment, and now all their artists were removed from the casting list.

Wang Man has been scolded by the leader for two days for this matter, and now she gets angry when she sees Lu Wenxing.

Among the few people present, except Cheng Yuan’s watching the show, everyone else wanted to hide for fear of being affected by Wang Man’s anger.

Lu Wenxing, who was in the center of her anger, was doing nothing but giving Wang Man a heart attack.

“If you are smar, go and apologize to Director Jiang and invite him to dinner. I will not give you any resources until he forgives you.”

Wang Man would not give up without irritating Lu Wenxing. She stared at Lu Wenxing and slowed down her voice with a mocking tone.

“Wen Yu joined the company about the same time as you. Now he has participated in two web dramas and has received many endorsements. There will be a variety of shows, movies, and more resources to find him. And you? I haven’t found anything yet, even the mud can’t support the wall.”

Worried that other people will follow suit, Wang Man slapped Lu Wenxing hard and warned other artists at the same time.

“You must be obedient, and I will give you another chance. Otherwise, you will get out of the entertainment circle as soon as possible. I have no time to spend with you.”

“Yes, Sister Man’s time is precious.” Lu Wenxing echoed, and Wang Man’s mouth gave a smile. With a victorious smile, she raised her chin arrogantly, waiting for Lu Wenxing to admit his mistake.


Lu Wenxing’s voice changed, and Wang Man’s smile froze on her face.

“That’s right, let’s cancel the contract.”

The conference room suddenly fell into silence. Several artists looked at each other. Lu Wenxing was crazy, dare to challenge Wang Man like that.

Wang Man smiled directly.

“Do you want to cancel the contract? Okay. You can leave after paying a penalty of 10 million.”

Wang Man’s gaze fell on Lu Wenxing’s sneakers, and he sneered.

“Your gold owner is willing to spend 10,000 yuan to buy you sneakers, but that doesn’t mean he is willing to spend 10 million yuan in liquidated damages.”

Lu Wenxing did not explain. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and under Wang Man’s gaze, Click to start recording and play.

A clear female voice followed, and the flattery could be heard through the phone.

“Director Jiang, if you can see Lu Wenxing, it’s his luck. If you don’t see it, Mangcheng Entertainment and other artists.”

The master of the voice is Wang Man, followed by Jiang Zhengqin’s strong voice.

“Lu Wenxing is a good seed in the entertainment industry. I like people who are diligent and motivated. Let’s do it. You let him go at night…” The

Ambiguous words that followed were interrupted by Lu Wenxing’s pause button, and Wang Man changed it. Just now, his arrogance changed his face again and again.

“Lu Wenxing, you can discuss anything if you don’t want to. It’s the same if you don’t want to. I will find another artist on Director Jiang.”

Lu Wenxing is too calm, and Wang Man is worried that he has other recordings in his hands. Suppress the anger in my heart, and in turn, appease Lu Wenxing.

“KM’s endorsement can be returned to you.”


Lu Wenxing sneered in his heart.

Wang Man took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

“You should know that Actor Gu will come to choose variety show guests this afternoon. You have an advantage, and you have a high chance of being selected.”

Lu Wenxing was silent, and Wang Man gritted his teeth and continued. It’s not a wise choice.”

“No need.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t want to give Wang Man a face, stood up, and left the meeting room directly.

Wang Man has a deep heart. It is not the first time that he speaks the vernacular without words. He wants to trick Lu Wenxing into deleting the recording.

Lu Wenxing is not fooled. Whether it is the endorsement of KM or the guest of the show selected by the film emperor Gu, it will only be Wen Yu.


the world he lives in is a world of novels called “Popular Top Stream.”

Wen Yu is the protagonist of this novel, and the actor Gu Yanshen is the protagonist.

As for Lu Wenxing, he is cannon fodder supporting the protagonist.

In the original book, the protagonist is concealed from the wealthy identity, relying on his efforts to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry.

From the beginning of entering the entertainment industry, Wang Man followed the protagonist and was more thoughtful than a life assistant. To please the protagonist, because she had known that the protagonist was from a wealthy family.

The protagonist Shou entered into the public eye through the endorsement of KM magazine, and because he participated in the same variety show as the protagonist, his popularity doubled more than ten times, and he became a famous idol from the 18th line star.

Lu Wen Xing Ji hated the protagonist for taking his resources to become famous. He was jealous and framed the protagonist several times and angered the protagonist’s fan group.

Fans teamed up to expose Lu Wenxing’s crimes, and sending Lu Wenxing to hot search was accused and abused by many netizens.

Lu Wenxing’s adoptive father lost his job, and her adoptive mother was threatened by extreme fans sending animal carcasses, causing a heart attack and dying.

Even Xie Chengfei, his younger brother in high school, committed suicide by jumping off the building due to campus violence and unbearable pressure from rumors.

Cannon fodder Lu Wenxing met a mentally ill who had fled, was hit by the opponent’s car and was disabled, and was accompanied by a wheelchair for life.

If Lu Wenxing himself were the only one in the miserable situation in the dream, he would not care at all.

But the scene in the dream was confirmed several times, and Lu Wenxing couldn’t help being cautious.

Although he didn’t know who his biological parents were, his adoptive parents were kind to him. Lu Wenxing, who has lost his family once, cherishes the hard-won affection, and he does not want his family to get into trouble.

Lu Wenxing himself does not do the stupid things in the book, but in case the world of this book induces a compulsory plot, he may not be able to control his behavior.

After careful consideration, Lu Wenxing decided to terminate the contract.

Regardless of whether the plot will be forced to happen, what can be done right now is to stay away from the entertainment industry and away from the protagonist.

Of course, it is impossible to terminate the contract by recording. It is not only the private pimping business of Mang Orange Entertainment but also other film and television companies.

Even if Lu Wenxing passes the recording to the entertainment media, it may involve too much, and the entertainment media may not dare to explode.

He needs a more favorable bargaining chip.

——Ding Dong.

The WeChat prompt interrupted Lu Wenxing’s thinking, and the voice message was Lu Wenxing’s university roommate.

“Star Cub, you Mang Orange Entertainment is so awesome now. I heard that a director went to your cast for a few days ago, and today there is also the film emperor Gu to choose variety show guests.” Before

Wenxing Lu had time to reply, and his roommate posted again. The voice is slightly agitated.

“That’s recording a variety show with the actor. You said you look so good-looking. If Gu Yanshen is a face-controller? Is it possible that you will be selected by chance?”

No way.

Lu Wenxing, holding the plot, broke the roommate’s fantasy and walked towards the bathroom.

“Don’t be so naive, where is the actor to choose the guests? People come to choose the concubine…” After

He said the last word; he raised his eyes and ran into Gu·Xuanfei·Yan Shen, who was washing his hands.

The two looked at each other through the mirror, and the air temporarily stagnated.

Lu Wenxing put the phone in his pocket without embarrassment.

It was less than half-past two. He remembered that Wang Man had notified the interview time to be three o’clock, Gu Yanshen came too early.

Of course, this is not what Lu Wenxing should consider as if nothing happened, and he put on a business smile.

“Hello, Teacher Gu, you came early.”

Gu Yanshen took out two paper towels and slowly wiped the drops of water on his hands, leaving Lu Wenxing with a cold side face.

But Lu Wenxing has no time to appreciate it. He is not sure if Gu Yanshen heard what he said.

After a few seconds, Lu Wenxing felt that he should be more diligent, such as going to the bathroom downstairs.

“Sorry, I went wrong.”

Lu Wenxing turned around to leave but Gu Yanshen’s cold voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Why, do you still want to enter the women’s toilet?”

Lu Wenxing: “…”

After Retiring From The Entertainment Industry, I Became The Real Young Master Of A Luxurious Family

After Retiring From The Entertainment Industry, I Became The Real Young Master Of A Luxurious Family

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Wenxing was very confused, obviously he had a beautiful face which was admired by everyone in the entertainment industry, he could sing, dance and act, but he still wasn’t popular. Until… He had a dream. In the dream he was just a character in a book, the ending was already predetermined. All his efforts were worthless under the aura of the main character Wen Yu. Because – He was a cannon fodder that set off the main character. Lu Wenxing didn’t want to be a sidekick, so he handed a letter of termination of contract to the agent. The next day, he accidentally became popular because of a video. [Ah!!! I can’t believe it, such a cute brother!] [Crowdfunding small brother’s debut, please! ! ! 】 Who was planning to leave the entertainment industry? ? ? The entire C city knew that the Wen family had a little prince who was loved by thousands of people, and his birthday party was so flamboyant and extravagant that it made the headlines. But what they didn’t know was that Wen Yu wasn’t the youngest prince of the Wen family. And the real young prince was abducted at an early age and hadn’t been found. When the paternity test report came out, the Wen family couldn’t wait to find Lu Wenxing, but they were afraid of scaring him. “Xingxing, do you remember mommy?” “Xingxing, I’m dad, does that ring a bell?” “Xingxing, call me brother.” #Shocking news! The popular star Yu Wenxing is actually the lost little prince of the Wen family! # [Ahhhhh! Prince choose me, I’m super sweet!] [All of you should leave, I’m the real Crown Princess!] The movie star Gu Yanshen, who hasn’t sent a single tweet in months, quietly went online: @LuWenxing, the little prince, is mine.


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