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I am not snitching. Just posting what I have already translated.


“No mistake.”

Lu Wenxing paused and turned around as if nothing had happened, and he calmly walked into the bathroom.

Gu Yanshen threw the paper towel into the trash can, and when he passed Lu Wenxing’s side, his eyes stopped, and his eyes fell on his left ear.

Silver-white star stud earrings.

When Lu Wenxing turned his head to look, Gu Yanshen had already retracted his gaze and left the bathroom.


Lu Wenxing just came out of the cubicle and received a WeChat call from his roommate.

“Xing Zai, where did you go?”

Lu Wenxing’s joke was sent out as if it was abruptly cut off. He even sent a few WeChat messages, and no one responded, so he called to come.

“Thanks to you, You’ve let me have a meeting with Gu Yanshen.”

Lu Wenxing tilted his head and clamped the phone on his shoulder. A pair of slender and beautiful hands reached under the faucet. The cold tap water made Lu Wenxing unable to bear it. Could you stop it?

The roommate’s tone was an undisguised surprise.

“You met Gu Yanshen? Is the real person more handsome than on TV?”

“Well, handsome.” Lu Wenxing replied perfunctorily, took two pieces of paper, and carefully dried his hands.

“Have you left a good impression on him?”

“I’m not participating in the interview.” Lu Wenxing explained again, “The agent has a limited number of places, and not all artists can participate.”

Lu Wenxing did not say anything to his roommate. Yes, there was his name on the list at the beginning, but that was before he beat Jiang Zhengqin last week so Wang Man removed Him from the interview list.

The roommate felt sorry and thought it was a little bit unfair.

“Does your agent have bad eyes? Just with your looks, you could conquer the top of the entertainment industry.”

“There is no need to be so exaggerated.” Lu Wenxing interrupted him funny.

“Where is the exaggeration? You don’t know that in the first few weeks of your freshman year, posts about you have been swiped on the campus website by several pages.”

“I suspect that your agent signed you for the sake of hiding you and won’t help you. Even if you fight for resources, you still have to cut your head a few times. How can there be such an agent.”

Lu Wenxing said in his heart: This is wrong. Wang Man was quite attentive to him, especially eager to put Lu Wenxing on the bed of the gold master.

The roommate thought that Lu Wenxing didn’t want to talk about it, so he didn’t continue the topic and instead asked him, “When are you going back to school? The final design will be handed in next week.”

“I’m in the company right now but I will be back to school in a while.”

Since the decision is made when the contract was terminated, Lu Wenxing didn’t want to get back the truncated resources.

For him, the most important thing at the moment is to complete the final design and then plan to terminate the contract with the company.

Lu Wenxing, who was going to return to school early, was waiting for the elevator in the corridor.

A gray-haired young man walked across the corridor before Lu Wenxing greeted him, a bear-hugged Lu Wenxing.

“Stars, good stars.”

Lu Wenxing’s eyelids twitched, and he tore people off from him, “Wei Ze?”


“Don’t talk. The first row and the back row are staggered.” In the

Practice room. A group of entertainers stood in Wuyangyang.

Gu Yanshen and his agent Sheng Chao sat in the front chairs of the practice room, accompanied by several senior leaders.

Director Xu handed the roster to Gu Yanshen’s agent, Sheng Chao, and when he turned his head, he saw Wang Man pacing back and forth with a worried expression on his face.

“What are you doing? You’re making me dizzy!!”

Wang Man was brought out by Director Xu. You can tell from the expression that Director Xu that he was dissatisfied with her performance, but she can’t control that much, she whispered. “Wen Yu hasn’t arrived yet.”

Director Xu’s face changed immediately, “Did you not inform Wen Yu to be there earlier?”

“Wen Yu went to shoot the magazine today, and I didn’t expect it to take so long.”

Zu’s magazine endorsement was initially scheduled to be Lu Wenxing. It was given to Wen Yu by Wang Mansai, but the shooting time accidentally ran into a variety show interview.

“Is anyone there yet?” Sheng Chao heard the conversation between the two and cast a questioning look.

Director Xu glared at Wang Man, then turned to smile at Sheng Chao, and said a little apologetically.

“I’m sorry, there is another artist who has not arrived.”

Director Xu has seen Gu Yanshen for the first time, but she has heard from insiders that Gu Yanshen seems to have no airs, but he is cold-tempered and doesn’t like fake politeness Many times do not save face.

The most important thing is that everyone knows, Gu Yanshen once publicly disclosed that he most dislikes people who are not punctual.

Director Xu took a deep breath, and he had just met Gu Yanshen’s minefield.

In order not to leave a worse impression on Gu Yanshen, Director Xu thought for a few seconds, raised a professional smile, and made a decisive decision.

“I know Teacher Gu’s schedule is full, and for those who are late, I will ask the agent to tell him not to participate.”

“I came early.” Gu Yanshen looked down at his watch. “Wait ten minutes.”

Director Xu’s eyes widened in disbelief when she heard Gu Yanshen’s words. Did she hear that right?

Not only did Gu Yanshen not show upset, he even was willing to wait. Director Xu felt a little magical and nodded dumbly.

“Thank you, Teacher Gu, and I’ll let the agent remind you.”

Sheng Chao raised his eyebrows and looked at Gu Yanshen, and said directly: “You’re not right.”

Gu Yanshen pointed to his watch sincerely and motioned Sheng Chao to look down at the time.


It was nine minutes earlier than the scheduled time, but

It’s also not correct.

Since you are participating in an interview, you should have made adequate preparations in advance. How can you step on it?

If this is an audition for a movie or TV series, most of the artists will arrive one hour earlier or even earlier.

Gu Yanshen waited sincerely for these ten minutes.


The phone in his pocket vibrated a few times, and Gu Yanshen took out the phone and clicked on WeChat.

[Get up earlier than the chicken] Have you seen the stars in my house?

[Get up earlier than the chicken] Remember to ask for an autograph for me, you promised me

[. 】I didn’t agree to

Gu Yanshen. As soon as the message was sent out, we received more than a dozen WeChat bombings one after another.

He knew who sent it without looking at the phone, and he didn’t click in to see it. Sheng Chao glanced inadvertently and was ugly by the colorful Rooster’ on the chat interface, and the blue veins on his forehead jumped suddenly.

“Your brother?”


“He asked what you want again?”

Gu Yanshen put the phone in his pocket; his tone was light, “signature.”

Sheng Chao was a little speechless but didn’t ask much. It is not the first time that he has asked for an autograph for Gu Yanshen’s brother.

The main reason is that Gu Yanshen’s younger brother is a grassroots, who can fan several idols a year, and the true feeling of fanning every time, finally ended with the models bursting with various black powders to turn black.

“So, you waited ten minutes longer because of this?”

Gu Yanshen did not deny it, but in fact, as Gu Yanshen’s agent, Sheng Chao went to sign on behalf of others, and the artists of Mang Orange Entertainment would only be flattered.

Of course, Sheng Chao didn’t care about this little thing either, and he was more concerned about the selection of guests.

In the early years, Gu Yanshen was not as indifferent as he is now. He still has the heart to love and talents, and he is willing to give a hand when he meets talented newcomers.

But most of the newcomers are not right in their minds. They are eager for success and want to take shortcuts.

Later, Gu Yanshen didn’t have much contact with newcomers, and if the work required it, he would do business on an official basis. This variety show is undoubtedly an opportunity for these artists.

Being able to participate in variety shows with the actor, Sheng Chao does not believe that these artists can stand by themselves and keep their twisted minds.

Moreover, this is the first outdoor reality show that Gu Yanshen participated in. It had attracted much attention before it was officially announced. Even the free choice of partners by three major entertainment circles has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

The request of the director group is to let three major entertainment circles, including Gu Yanshen, go to different entertainment companies to choose their own partners. Gu Yanshen got the information about Mang Orange Entertainment.

Although they are interviewing guests, they are actually choosing teammates for themselves, and the director team will not interfere in how to choose.
The artist asked:
“How we will know if the artist is already selected?”

“There is no participating in the audition. You really will only choose the best-looking one for me, very popular and with good looks.” The

Director has another requirement; the selected artist must be Those who rarely show their faces on the big screen. It is best to be pure newcomers.

It’s all about choosing your partner and whether the partner you choose is suitable for you. That’s another matter.

Sheng Chao was sad, but Gu Yanshen looked indifferent; he was like a worried old mother.


“Hiss.” The

The short inhalation sound was slightly abrupt in the quiet practice room.

Everyone turned their heads and looked out, only to see Lu Wenxing and Wei Ze standing at the door, and the inhalation sound was made by Wei Ze unconsciously. Because of the excitement, they pinched themselves in pain.

“What are they doing here?”

The artists in the practice room talked a lot.

“I heard that Lu Wenxing had been removed from the list; how could he appear here?”

Lu Wenxing stood there generously, as if not paying attention to everyone’s sights. Wei Ze leaned back and looked cramped. Hiding behind Lu Wenxing, holding Lu Wenxing’s arm nervously, a thin red surface appeared on his white face.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt…”

Weize was interrupted by Wang Man before she finished speaking. She curled her eyebrows and looked angry.

“Lu Wenxing, what do you want to do here? Leave quickly.”

Lu Wenxing originally planned to leave, but he was reluctant to move when he heard Wang Man’s words.

In the conference room just now, Wang Man’s pie was big and round, and he talked about endorsements, and variety shows to lure Lu Wenxing to hand over the recording.

Lu Wenxing was not fooled, and Wang Man temporarily rested her mind. But she was only worried that Lu Wenxing was unobstructed and said something that shouldn’t be said.

Wei Ze was frightened by Wang Man’s angry look. He stood behind Lu Wenxing, not daring to move, and couldn’t help regretting the impulse just now.

He is a fan of Gu Yanshen, who dare not look at him secretly, pestering Lu Wenxing to accompany him to take a look, unexpectedly provoke Lu Wenxing to be implicated.

Lu Wenxing took his left hand out of Wei Ze’s arms. Before he could say something, Gu Yanshen, who was sitting in the practice room, suddenly spoke.


Lu Wenxing: “…”

Gu Yanshen’s tone was familiar, and the word you was hard not to attract people’s imagination.

Lu Wenxing didn’t know what to complain about for a while. Could it be said that the strange hobby of the high-cold actor is to ridicule?

Lu Wenxing felt as if he had discovered the truth and looked at Gu Yanshen with inexhaustible words, with a dry tone. “No mistake.”

Gu Yanshen: “So you are late?”

Director Xu did not tell Gu Yanshen who was late so that after seeing Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen mistook him for the late artist.

Lu Wenxing’s eyes are full of doubts, late? What’s late?

“What’s the situation? Shen brother knows Lu Wenxing?”

“No, I haven’t heard of it.”

The voice in the practice room increased, and Director Xu scolded with a cold face, “What is the noise, be quiet? ”

Compared with Wang Man’s guilty conscience and nervousness, Director Xu observed carefully.

She couldn’t figure out the relationship between Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing, but Gu Yanshen’s tone didn’t seem to treat a disgusting person. Seeing that Gu Yanshen had misunderstood again, she stepped forward decisively.

“Lu Wenxing, why are you so slow? The interview will start right away, so why don’t you come in quickly.”

Lu Wenxing:?

Director Xu winked at Lu Wenxing several times, but the other party accepted the failure.

“Teacher Gu is very busy, don’t delay time; come in as soon as possible.” Director Xu cursed “idiot” in his heart and laughed in front of Gu Yanshen.

Lu Wenxing hadn’t expressed his opinion yet, Wei Ze beside him reacted faster, thinking that he would create an interview opportunity for Lu Wenxing, and happily pushed Lu Wenxing.

“Xingxing, go in.”

Gu Yanshen saw that something was wrong. Lu Wenxing’s reaction did not seem to be of an interviewee.

Even Sheng Chao on the side felt strange, “He is the late artist?”

“Yes, yes, right.” Director Xu quickly responded, “It’s him.”

Director Xu is different from Wang Man. Wang Man chooses based on her immediate interests. Wen Yu.

But as the director, he must stand in the position of the company. The appearance of Lu Wenxing’s accidental collision is more timely than Wen Yu, so it is better to let Lu Wenxing replace Wen Yu.

When Lu Wenxing saw Wang Man’s iron-green face, he immediately felt comfortable all over. Anyway, there are so many people, it’s okay to have more than him, and it can add to Wang Man.

“Everyone is here; let’s start.”

Sheng Chao said the artist was nervous and delighted.

“Starting from the first from the left in the first row, introduce myself in one minute.”

“Hello, Teacher Gu, my name is Jiang Lin, I am 19 years old, and I debuted last year. I am good at singing, dancing and…”


As soon as the timer went off, another person had to come up before finishing talking.

Halfway through the self-introduction, Lu Wenxing discovered that something was wrong. Why was the protagonist Shou Wen Yu is not present?

The plot of this novel is not very detailed in Lu Wenxing’s dream. He only knows that his endorsement will be cut off, and the protagonist will be jealous, and the protagonist will enter the variety show.

But Lu Wenxing is not clear about the plot and details in the middle. Now that Wen Yu is not here, how did Gu Yanshen choose Wen Yu?

Lu Wenxing couldn’t help thinking divergently. If Wen Yu really wasn’t selected, would it be because of the butterfly effect that he proposed to terminate the contract?

“The last one.”

Lu Wenxing was still distracted, his appearance of being out of touch with the tense atmosphere in the practice room.

It wasn’t until someone hit his arm that Lu Wenxing recovered his senses in a daze.

“It’s you.”

Lu Wenxing thanked him and walked to the front.

“Lu Wenxing.”

Unlike the nervousness of other artists, Lu Wenxing looked calm, with a lazy tail.

Then, the practice room fell silent again.

After waiting for a long time, when Lu Wenxing didn’t intend to continue speaking, Sheng Chao asked blankly.

“No more..?”

Lu Wenxing nodded.

Sheng Chao: ?

If one minute is not too short, artists can’t wait to talk about all their strengths and specialties, but Lu Wenxing?

His self-introduction is his name?

Wang Man was not surprised at all, and her eyes showed sarcasm.

In her opinion, Lu Wenxing is silly. Does he think this is cool? Or do you really believe that being different will attract Gu Yanshen’s attention?

Oh, naive.

How could Gu Yanshen be so superficial?

All the artists finished introducing themselves, and the practice room fell silent.

After a while.

“Lu Wenxing.”

Seeing Lu Wenxing’s suspicious gaze, the corners of Gu Yanshen’s mouth raised indistinctly, and his cold voice appeared exceptionally clear in the quiet practice room.

“I look forward to working with you.”

Lu Wenxing: “…?”

Wang Man and Other artists: “!”

After Retiring From The Entertainment Industry, I Became The Real Young Master Of A Luxurious Family

After Retiring From The Entertainment Industry, I Became The Real Young Master Of A Luxurious Family

Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Wenxing was very confused, obviously he had a beautiful face which was admired by everyone in the entertainment industry, he could sing, dance and act, but he still wasn’t popular. Until… He had a dream. In the dream he was just a character in a book, the ending was already predetermined. All his efforts were worthless under the aura of the main character Wen Yu. Because – He was a cannon fodder that set off the main character. Lu Wenxing didn’t want to be a sidekick, so he handed a letter of termination of contract to the agent. The next day, he accidentally became popular because of a video. [Ah!!! I can’t believe it, such a cute brother!] [Crowdfunding small brother’s debut, please! ! ! 】 Who was planning to leave the entertainment industry? ? ? The entire C city knew that the Wen family had a little prince who was loved by thousands of people, and his birthday party was so flamboyant and extravagant that it made the headlines. But what they didn’t know was that Wen Yu wasn’t the youngest prince of the Wen family. And the real young prince was abducted at an early age and hadn’t been found. When the paternity test report came out, the Wen family couldn’t wait to find Lu Wenxing, but they were afraid of scaring him. “Xingxing, do you remember mommy?” “Xingxing, I’m dad, does that ring a bell?” “Xingxing, call me brother.” #Shocking news! The popular star Yu Wenxing is actually the lost little prince of the Wen family! # [Ahhhhh! Prince choose me, I’m super sweet!] [All of you should leave, I’m the real Crown Princess!] The movie star Gu Yanshen, who hasn’t sent a single tweet in months, quietly went online: @LuWenxing, the little prince, is mine.


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