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Sweet Daily Life with my rich fool husband chapter 5.3

Late at night.

Su Wanwan smiled slyly.

She pilushed him on a chair, spread a small notebook in front of him, put a pen in his hand, and said earnestly: “Zhanbao, look how I am is good to you. You are only three or four years old now. What if you forget how good I am to you in the future?”

Jiang Chengzhan looked at her with a confused look first before it turns to a face was full of worries, and he spoke every word. “What should I do?”

Su Wanwan smiled triumphantly, “So, you have to write down all my good deeds to you from today, so that you won’t forget it in the future.”

“Really?”Jiang Chengzhan smiled

Su Wanwan thought he was really handsome right now except for the little twitch on his brain.

“Of course it’s true.”

Jiang Chengzhan bit the pen and thought for a while, Su Wanwan had no idea what he was thinking.

He is a fool now, so he might not know how to write a word.

If it makes him feel embarrassed, she can think of another way.

“Don’t you know how to write?”

Jiang Chengzhan shook his head.

The hand holding the pen gently pushed it back to her with the note and said: “I know how to write but don’t read it what I am writing, otherwise I won’t be able to write anymore.”

Su Wanwan left him to write.

At a glance, the man held the pen and wrote very seriously.

She looked at the words from a distance to check if he is really capable of writing and she was relieved.

She patted him on the shoulder and said, “Then write slowly, I’m going to eat melon seeds .”

Eating melon seeds, drinking freshly squeezed juice, watching TV shows the she likes to watch, living in the most luxurious villa, and there people around her ready to server her.

There is really nothing happier than habing an inexhaustible amount of money.

Su Wanwan felt that she would stay in the book for a lifetime, but she doubt she would be.

Will God be good to her?

Probably the first half of her life has used up all the bad luck, and there will only be good luck in the future.

Under the light, the man was struggling to write with her on his back.

He was now looking serious and focused, like a normal person. He was recording her good deeds indeed.

When he returned to normal he would looked at his diary he wrote by himself, so he can’t help but admit it, right?

Wouldn’t she be treated like a benefactor by then?

Even if he didn’t regard her as a benefactor, he wouldn’t dare to kill her.

Anyway, she still had 10 million from the Su family plus a small villa.

From that amount alone, she could still live blissfully.

She didn’t know what Jiang Chengzhan wrote. Every time Su Wanwan passed by, he covered it tightly and refused to show it to her mysteriously.

It took almost an hour for him to finish writing.

Su Wanwan started to be very curious to know what he wrote. Seeing him cover it up, she can only give up.

She thought in jer heart that she would read it secretly when he didn’t pay attention.


But today she was so cool and helped him so much. She kicked out the housekeeper.

If he remembered this, he would thank her unconditionally in the future.

Jiang Chengzhan’s diary:

I don’t know if I am good or bad. I bullied my wife because she cried last night.

She hugged me and said no, I still couldn’t stop.

My wife burst into tears, but it hurted her so much that I can’t stop.

Later, I wanted to stop to avoid hurting her. But my wife said that she was comfortable, and told me not to stop, I don’t know if I should stop or not.

I wanted to ask my aunt today, but a lot of things happened and I forgot about it.

Also, my wife scratched my back, and it still hurts after taking a bath this morning.

I feel so hard now. Should we pretend to be a family tonight? What if my wife says it hurts?

My wife’s waist is so soft, I really like hugging her.

My wife’s mouth is so sweet, I really want to keep kissing her.

I was going to kiss my wife this morning. She said that we should not kiss during the day, but only at night.

It was already dark. I will go to my wife to kiss after I finish writing.

She only kissed my forehead just now. I feel so happy. If my wife kisses me every day, then I will be the happiest man in the world.

My wife, Zhanbao likes you so much.

Sweet Daily Life With Rich Fool Husband

Sweet Daily Life With Rich Fool Husband

Score 5.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
When Su Wanwan transmigrated, it happened at the moment where the original owner and the fool were in the bridal chamber. In the book, the original owner’s fiancé had a car accident and became s*upid one month right before the marriage. After being forced to marry by her parents, she started hating her s*upid husband to death, so she abused him in various ways. She also found a man outside and put a big, bright green hat on her fool husband. The man, who she thought would be s*upid for a lifetime suddenly changed for the better, and the original owner faces the worst consequences of her actions. Su Wanwan who transmigrated: How could the original owner bear to abuse such a handsome husband? Come, let this sister give you a hug. The next day the Su Wanwan rubbed her aching waist: Who told that fools aren’t good in bed?


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