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Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 46

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Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 46

Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 46

Chapter 46 - It’s Understandable To Fall In Love With Him

Mu Xin Cheng wanted to know a lot. Jiang Jing Zhi said that the two people come together were because of his care for her after her father passed away. They got familiar and it bring to fondness to each other and then they got married. But the topic was interrupted because they were about to eat. Speaking of the death of her father, she felt bitter and sad. At that time, she should be heartbroken, right? Then because he was on the side to comfort her, she would fall in love with him because she was moved, right? When she was the most vulnerable and helpless, this man was always there to rely on her. At that time, she was young and it was understandable to fall in love with him. But after listening to it, she didn't feel any special feelings. She didn't know what it was like to fall in love with him, and it sounded more like someone else's story. When she returned home after eating, she was entangled by the child, and she forgot to continue to ask and just focused on the child. As for Qin Yue's phone number, she won't make calls for the time being. At least, for the sake of her child, she must first see Jiang Jing Zhi's performance, right? This weekend, Lin Xu, whom she hadn't seen for a long time, finally came to see her when she was free. When the two of them meet each other, Lin Xu asked directly, "Qin Yue has found you? What did he tell you?" Mu Xin Cheng drank a few sips of coffee before speaking, "Didn't say anything, just that Jiang Jing Zhi was not suitable for me. If I wanted to leave him, I should call him and he would help me." Lin Xu didn't seem surprised that he would say this, raising his eyebrows, "Then what do you think? I'm on Qin Yue's side, and I also think you should leave him!" Because of being threatened, there are some things I can't say, but never said that I can't encourage her to leave. Mu Xin Cheng put down the cup and frowned and asked, "Why do you all say this? Tell me why you all also didn't say it a reason! You are playing tricks on me!" "Didn't I say that? He is not a good person!" "Why is he not a good person? Give me an example!" Although she also hates Jiang Jing Zhi who is always in charge of everything, there are still bodyguards outside the door to send her out, but is Jiang Jing Zhi is not a good person? But he is not a bad guy, is he? At least, when her father died, he was by her side to comfort her, otherwise how could she marry him without hesitation six years ago? He must be good to her before so she is willing to marry him! Even if want him to say it, he really can't say it, because he can't say anything he want to say. Lin Xu curled his lips, "Then you want to stay with him?" Mu Xin Cheng said, "I want to retrieve the memories of six years!" Hearing this, Lin Xu frowned, "Are you sure?" In fact, he really didn't want her to remember. She now lives much happier than she used to be. "Of course!" There has never been a more pressing desire to retrieve all the memories than now. Lin Xu said no more. The two went out shopping after drinking coffee, and the bodyguards followed. Mu Xin Cheng tried to treat them as transparent people. As soon as they walked to the front of the flower shop, come out an acquaintance from inside. Bai Yu Ting was overjoyed when she saw her, "Hey, sister-in-law, what a coincidence, we meet again!"


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