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I just think you’re valuable chapter 1

Qin Yunsui rushed through the noisy crowd and passed by several large food stalls.

The aroma of charcoal roasted mutton and roasted pepper was roaming in the air.

The booth outside has many groups of people sitting in green plastic chairs.

Yellow lights were brightly shining above their heads.

People were enjoying themselves at this seemingly small festival.

Qin Yunsui watches the scene for the first time.

Her heart seemed to be hit by something. She quickly took out her drawing board and began to draw with the brush in her hand while her inspiration was still there.

The simple plastic shed is wrapped around with laughter, and they can smell barbecue and feel relaxed after a tiring day.

Qin Yunsui’s eyes began to shine.

She is stood under the street tree outside the stall and prepares to stroke the drawing board.

She may not be one of these people, but she could feel the beauty of life.

Qin Yunsui focused only on painting and didn’t take seriously the pain she felt in her stomach. She just thought her stomach wasn’t used to urban street foods and still didn’t completely adapt to the new environment.

However, in the next second, she could only see, and she could hear the voice of a person passing by——

“Someone fainted!”

When she woke up, her eyes looked around the room painted in white.

A nurse was taking out the needle next to her. When the other party saw that she was awake, she asked softly, “Are you awake?”

“What’s the matter with me?” Qin Yunsui finally noticed that she was in the hospital.

She could feel the faint pain in her abdomen.

Her eyes quickly found her own drawing board, which was half-finished.

“Appendicitis, it’s all right now. You should have a good rest first.” Qin Yunsui was stunned for a moment.

This time, she has felt shy for herself: “I have no money to pay for the medical expenses. Does this hospital accept loans?”

“A handsome man helped you pay for your medicine. It must have been your boyfriend. He was so nervous when he sent you.”

Qin Yunsui was a little surprised. A very handsome man that helps her pay for the hospital bill, boyfriend?

She fainted on the roadside. In this case, someone must have contacted her emergency contact. Her emergency contact that she forgot to change.

“Is it… Qin Ting?”

Qin Ting is Qin Yunsui’s ex-boyfriend and brother from her adoptive parents. She was adopted by the Qin family when she was 11.

When their parents died, she was chased away from the family.

Legally, the adopted children can inherit, but she was never registered in the Qin Household Registration.

At the age of 16, she became Qin Ting’s girlfriend, and the Qin family wasn’t against it.

Their relationship lasted for ten years, but they broke up a few months ago. After that, she was driven out from the Qin family.

Thinking of Qin Ting, Qin Yunsui smiled bitterly. Life was unpredictable.

“Am I invisible? The nurse said that someone helped you pay the medical expenses, but you immediately thought of Qin Ting? I’m disappointed.”

Someone pushed the door, and Qin Yunsui’s ear heard the cold and sarcastic voice in an instant.

Qin Yunsui raised her head and smiled: “This is a bitter smile. I’m mourning for my lost love.

I Just Think You’re Valuable

I Just Think You’re Valuable

Your are valuable, 我只是看你有利用价值
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Qin Yunsui was abandoned by the Qin family. Ten years of love was gone in a blink of an eye and she was now abandoned. Everyone was preparing to see Qin Yunsui becoming a joke. After all, she offended the great devil Lang Ren for the Qin family.


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