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I just think you’re valuable Chapter 14- End (1)

Lang Ren and Qin Yunsui are together.

This news was more shocking than when Qin Ting broke up with Qin Yunsui and Qin Yunsui was driven out of the Qin family.

Over the years, Qin Yunsui and Lang Ren, put together in a sentence, was always associated with fight and rivalry.

However, they are now together.

Someone saw Lang Ren drive to pick up Qin Yunsui personally.

After receiving the person, Lang Ren carried the drawing board and Qin Yunsui held his hand. At a glance, he knew that they were lovers.

“Brother Lang, you two… are you really together?” Mr. Li was very embarrassed.

After all, gossiped Qin Yunsui’s rumors in front of the other party last time, and he also said that Qin Yunsui must have been the lover of Qin Ting.

He never thought that she was actually the lover of the same person he was talking to.

In less than a month. Lang Ren finally has a girlfriend and it was his nemesis at that!

President Li swallowed his saliva.

He was Lang Ren’s younger brother. He had been with Lang Ren since childhood.

He knows everything about these two people. Every time they met each other, there would always be a fued between the two.

He didn’t think that the two could be together.

He still remembered back then when Qin Yunsui met his brother Lang for the first time, he lost two front teeth.

Brother Lang stared at Qin Yunsui without saying a word during the tooth change period in this two months.

Then he beat Qin Ting, so Qin Ting also lacked front teeth

Later, Lang Ren went abroad and the fued between the two sides stopped.

After brother Lang returned home, he became a gentleman in suits.

Who in the industry didn’t praise Lang ren’s gentlemanly demeanor?

While at that, Qin Yunsui also grew into a fire rose. Every move, every frown and every smile were so beautiful that everyone became stunned.

But, like before, as long as the two people meet, there was war.

President Li felt unconvinced: “Brother Lang, are you really with sister-in-law Qin?”

Lang Ren drank some wine: “What do you think?”

President Li said carefully, “I’m afraid she’ll pit you again. After all, the Qin family is like this. Did you forget that she always went against you for Qin Ting ever since she was young?”

President Li became angry when he said this: “I remember clearly that Qin Ting provoked us first. As a result, Qin Yunsui beat you badly.”

Lang Ren’s eyes were dark and he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even know what to say.

Lang Ren waited for a long time after he went back. He didn’t wait until Qin Yunsui came back.

Qin Yunsui said they should not interfere in each other’s life even if they are together.

Lang Ren felt that she had been squeezed too much by the Qin family. He loved her and naturally agreed.

Now, she still haven’t gone back. Lang Ren looked at his mobile phone and didn’t call.

I Just Think You’re Valuable

I Just Think You’re Valuable

Your are valuable, 我只是看你有利用价值
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Qin Yunsui was abandoned by the Qin family. Ten years of love was gone in a blink of an eye and she was now abandoned. Everyone was preparing to see Qin Yunsui becoming a joke. After all, she offended the great devil Lang Ren for the Qin family.


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