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I just think you’re valuable Chapter 15- End (2)

After a while, however, he went out.

Qin Yunsui’s places for collecting inspiration in the past few days are fixed.

Lang Ren drove his car slowly on the road.

The car by the places where people get together in large stalls. Finally, he found a familiar person at the traffic lights at the intersection.

Qin Yunsui was carrying a drawing board. The person standing next to her is Qin Ting.

Lang Ren sat in the car and looked at the people over there.

Looking at the two people talking, laughing and looking at each other, his eyes burned with jelousy.

He couldn’t hear what they are talking about, but he could feel that they were on their own world.

It’s always been like this.

No matter how hard he tries, as long as Qin Ting calls her, she will turn back.

Lang Ren took out his cell phone and sent a message.

Lang Ren saw that the woman over there taking out her cell phone, she looked at the text message, and then began typing.

Lang Ren soon received a reply from the other party——

“Where are you?”

Qin yunsui: “I’m coming back soon. Can I eat steamed pork in the evening?”

Lang Ren smiled angrily and replied angrily, “Let’s break up.”

Qin Yunsui’s message came faster this time: “Darling, it’s not a big problem that you can’t cook steamed meat. I don’t dislike you. Let’s have boiled beef at night!”

Lang Ren: “Let’s Break up.”

“You can’t do boiled beef? It’s a little big. We can seriously consider breaking up.”

Lang Ren was really angry now.

Another text message from Qin Yunsui came: “Are you too tired to cook? I’ll bring two bags of instant noodles later. Let’s have instant noodles tonight. Would you like braised beef or chicken stewed mushrooms?”

“You’d be better eating together with your ex-boyfriend.”

“Then get out of the car and let’s eat together?” Qin Yunsui’s message came soon.

Lang Ren raised his head and saw Qin Yunsui waving to him, smiling brightly.

She was as beautiful as the Magnolia blooming unscrupulously in spring. All the people around her were attracted to her beauty.

Lang Ren got out of the car and walked towards the two people. Qin Yunsui naturally gave the drawing board to him: “I’m so tired today!”

Lang Ren noticed the eyes of Qin Ting nearby at this time. He was angry and jealous. He had everything… before.

Qin Ting soon covered up his emotions and said with a smile, “President Lang, long time no see.”

Lang Ren just nodded and said nothing.

Qin Yunsui, on the contrary, was the most normal of the three, and said, “Well, Brother Qin Ting, you already know you brother-in-law, but le me introduce him again, this is my boyfriend, Lang Ren.”

Lang Ren saw that the disguise on Qin Ting’s surface was completely cracked, and there was madness in his eyes: “Sui Sui, don’t do this, I know you’re retaliating against me, I know I shouldn’t have accepted the marriage with Li Mei…”

Qin Yunsui still looked a little bit confused.

It seemed that she couldn’t understand why Qin Ting was acting like this.

She said sincerely: “No, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t blame you or want an act of revenge. The Qin family gave me everything and I am really grateful for it…”

Lang Ren didn’t care about anything and muddled along.

Lang Ren understands what Qin Ting was thinking of.

Qin Yunsui to revenge agaist him.

Because revenge and hate represent betrayal and love.

However, Qin Yunsui didn’t do it.

Even if Qin Ting betrayed her for the sake of the family, her first reaction was that the Qin family was kind to her, without feeling any revenge or hatred.

For a moment, Qin Ting face became very ugly and said gnashing his teeth: “Qin yunsui, you have no heart!!”

Qin Yunsui looked at Qin Ting and walked away angrily.

She turned back and said to Lang Ren, “Was it strange that I’m so kind to him? He still yelled at me and said I have no heart. Has Qin Ting been under too much pressure recently?”

Lang Ren suppressed his inner ecstasy and looked puzzled: “What?”

I Just Think You’re Valuable

I Just Think You’re Valuable

Your are valuable, 我只是看你有利用价值
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Qin Yunsui was abandoned by the Qin family. Ten years of love was gone in a blink of an eye and she was now abandoned. Everyone was preparing to see Qin Yunsui becoming a joke. After all, she offended the great devil Lang Ren for the Qin family.


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