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I just think you’re valuable Chapter 8

Qin Yunsui put away the drawing board and stood up.

Lang Ren found that her ankle was sprained swollen. It was like steamed bread.

Lang Ren looked at her and saw her carrying the drawing board, preparing to hop down with one foot.

Such high place and long mountain steps, she dared to hop on one foot.

“So you asked me to come to see you perform one-legged jumps?” Lang Ren reached out and grabbed her arm in a bad mood.

Qin Yunsui raised her head and said happily, “I’m not embarrassed to say it directly. I want to gain your sympathy by performing.”

Lang Ren, with a low voice, said angrily, “Where’s your brother Qin Ting that you desperately want to protect?”

Qin Yunsui raised her eyes, looked at Lang Ren, and said sadly, “I’m abandoned. Don’t mention my ankle sprained. Even if I was eaten by wild animals here. He will not care about me…”

Lang Ren knew that she was hurting, so he bent down to carry her.

Qin Yunsui, with her slender legs around Lang Ren’s waist, laid her face on Lang Ren’s back and smiled: “This is the first time someone carried me.”

Lang Ren: “Your brother Qin didn’t carry you?”

“When I was a child, I stole steamed stuffed buns. In order to teach me a lesson, the manager of that store hanged me all day. Since then, as long as my body is not under my control, I will feel terrified. ”

Lang Ren knew that Qin Yunsui was adopted by the Qin family, but he didn’t know that she was treated like this when she was a child.

In Lang Ren’s mind, Qin Yunsui was always as fierce as a little beast when she was a child.

He was silent for a moment and asked, “Which store?”

Qin yunsui was happy: “I lied to you. Did you really believe my story?”

“That’s a pity. I wanted to send them my people and warn them that child abuse is not the answer.”

She didn’t know but Lang Ren’s words warmed her heart. She was very happy: “I was really abused when I was a child.”

The night wind was a little cold. Qin Yunsui curled herself up behind Lang Ren to hide from the wind and said: “I was actually surprised that you would come to help me. I was not very sensible when I was a child. At that time, I just changed from wandering to having home. I couldn’t wait to prove that I was a useful person for my family. I didn’t take it lightly and hurt you. I’m sorry.”

The man walking down step by step paused, and then said sarcastically, “Wasn’t I a bully at that time?”

I Just Think You’re Valuable

I Just Think You’re Valuable

Your are valuable, 我只是看你有利用价值
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Qin Yunsui was abandoned by the Qin family. Ten years of love was gone in a blink of an eye and she was now abandoned. Everyone was preparing to see Qin Yunsui becoming a joke. After all, she offended the great devil Lang Ren for the Qin family.


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