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I just think you’re valuable Chapter 9

“Hahaha, that’s true. You were really the biggest bully around the neighborhood at that time. Fortunately, I appeared in time, otherwise you would be the shadow of many people’s childhood!”

Qin Yunsui recalled the past and said: “To be honest, I had fun to fight with you! Especially everytime I beat you, your face at that time was really –”

She paused for a moment and recalled something.

“That’s it. I would always pinch your face and felt good at that time.” Qin Yunsui said.

As Lang Ren walk down, he noticed that Qin Yunsui wasn’t talking anymore.

Lang Ren touched her shoulder. She fell asleep.

Qin Yunsui’s head rested on Lang Ren’s strong shoulder, and the delicate skin on her cheek unconsciously slipped across his neck, bringing a crisp feeling to him.

His head was still high and deep in the night sky.

He should have been hearing the breezy wind of the night, but now, he could only hear the person on his back’s shallow and audible breathing on his skin. It was damp and warm.

Lang Ren went down the mountain quietly carrying the person on his back.

The tall and straight trees danced under the night as they silently watched them leave.

Qin Yunsui woke up the next day.

It was a strange room with a strange smell, the sun rushed into the room through the window, and the air seemed to have a warm touch.

Qin Yunsui found herself sleeping on the sofa and her injured foot had been bandaged.

A note was pasted on the tea table——

“Go to the kitchen and cook. If you want to starve to death, remember to write a suicide note.”

This domineering handwriting really fits the man, but the content was a little childish like it was from an elementary school student.

When Lang Ren came back, he saw Qin Yunsui holding instant Ramen. Seeing him coming back, she asked, “Do you want me to prepare you one?”

Lang Ren was speechless: “There are rice and vegetables in the kitchen.”

Qin Yunsui smiled and answered: “I can’t really cook. Can you do it? Before I came to your house, I would always eat instant noodles for four consecutive days. If I cook chicken stewed mushrooms and no beef flavor with pickled pepper. It would become terrible.”

Lang Ren and walked into the kitchen. His back was like entering the battlefield: “Didn’t you say you were wandering on the street before?”

Qin Yunsui, of course, followed him: “Have you ever seen street people who can cook rice and vegetables?”

Qin Yunsui is actually quite surprised that Lang Ren can cook and stir fry. He can not only cook but also look like a model while he did so.

“I didn’t know that you are a good man at home. I thought your family must be a single-family villa with more than a dozen people serving you. Eating steak shipped from abroad and drinking red wine.”

The Qin family was like this. There were ten people in the single-family villa, including housekeepers, nannies, cooks, and gardeners.

Lang Ren looked at her: “You really like that life.”

Qin Yunsui shook his head: “I also like my current life.”

I Just Think You’re Valuable

I Just Think You’re Valuable

Your are valuable, 我只是看你有利用价值
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Qin Yunsui was abandoned by the Qin family. Ten years of love was gone in a blink of an eye and she was now abandoned. Everyone was preparing to see Qin Yunsui becoming a joke. After all, she offended the great devil Lang Ren for the Qin family.


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3 months ago

Their Interactions are sweet and funny 😉

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