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Paranoid Trap Chapter 15

Gao’s man.

The highly lethal noun combination seems to pierce her.

Every inch of her body began to smell sweet.

After eating, it was still early. Even though Nian Gao wanted to stay with Jing Xian for a while, he was just discharged from the hospital and had to go back home in order to rest.

He must not stay outside for a long time.

At the insistence of Nian Gao, Jing Xian promised her to take her home and then have a rest.

Before Nian Gao got off from the car, she repeatedly told him the precautions mentioned by the doctor, and then said goodbye to him.

Taking off her coat, she suddenly walked towards her bedroom window.

The car was still parked there.

She waved to him and Jing Xian lowered the window of the car.

Nian Gao beckoned him to go, however, the car still didn’t move. She called him, “Go back.”


The car finally left.

Nian Gao watched the car until it was out of her sight.

She just begun to fall in love.

Nian Gao wanted to see Jing Xian all the time. However, Jing Xian was ill and she couldn’t bother him. He needs a good rest.

In the next morning, when Jing Xian called to see her, she said she was busy and had no time.

“Gao Gao, have you packed up yet?” Nian’s father shouted at Nian Gao’s room.

Nian Gao came out of the bedroom with a bag on her back and said, “Dad, I don’t want you to send me.”

“You were already sent by dad before. Why don’t you it this time as well?”

“It’s cold. You don’t need to go back and forth. I’ll take a taxi. Paying for a taxi is not as much as your round-trip fuel money.”

“That’s just a few more bucks.”

“Dad, no matter how little money is, it’s also money. We can’t waste it. That’s it. I’ll go to school now. Bye.” Nian Gao quickly ran away.

When Nian Gao came out of the building, she saw a man standing not far away from her. The man leaned against the door looking handsome and tall.

“Jing Xian!” she jumped like a little rabbit and quickly run towards him.

He leaned over and spread his arms towards her. She threw herself into his arms, panting. He pat her back and took the heavy bag off her shoulder.

She didn’t see him all day long yesterday. Nian Gao looked at him carefully. She was a little relieved to see that his face was much better than before.

After getting on the car, Nian Gao said, “Thank you for coming to take me to school.”

He fastened her seat belt and said, “Gao, you don’t be polite to me.”

She grabbed her seat belt and whispered, “Oh.”

He took a bag from the back seat and said to her, “eat.”

Nian Gao open the bag and stare at the rice cake inside.

The bag was full of spicy rice cake strips, also from her favorite brand.

She was happy at first, and then the surface of her happiness was covered with sadness.

Paranoid Trap

Paranoid Trap

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Jing Xian fell in love with Nian Gao at first sight. Since then, he has been thinking about her every day. He wants to see her, hug her and even kiss her. However, before meeting her, he had to learn how to be a normal person. ------ Nian Gao likes Jing Xian's tenderness and consideration. It was not until later that she knew that being tender and considerate was just an illusion. That night, he was like a changed man. Leaning close to her, he told her, "Do not get close to any man."


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