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Paranoid Trap Chapter 5

The night is gloomy and the light rain is sparse.

Nian Gao rubbed the umbrella on the desk. The black umbrella cloth reminded her of the black t-shirt he was wearing today.

She had never seen a person wear black so well, it was as if the color was tailor-made for him.

“Jing Xian…” she whispered his name.

In the 19 years of Nian Gao’s life, she was mostly occupied by two things.

Study and spicy rice strips.

Now there was a man.

She has never had any feelings for the opposite sex, so once she has these feelings, it was like the outbreak of feelings suppressed for 19 years. She was unable to control it. It was turbulent and unstoppable.

She likes him.

But she didn’t know if he was still single.

Tomorrow… tomorrow she must ask him if he has a girlfriend.

The next day.

Nian Gao arrived at the training room early. Instead of warming up, she sat in the chair, holding the folded umbrella tightly.

Wait, I need to return the umbrella first, and then talk around to find out if he has a girlfriend. What should I ask?

She was shy to ask it directly.

Her shoulders drooped and her index fingers tangled again and again. She was like that until a pair of clean and spotless sneakers appeared in front of him.

She was startled and look up in a hurry.

“You a-are here.” she smiled unnaturally.

He said, “Did you wait for a long time?”

“No, no. I just arrived” she stood up and handed him the umbrella. “Your umbrella, thank you.”

When he took the umbrella, Nian Gao opened her mouth and closed it again, she repeated it twice.

“Is there something you want to ask?” Jing Xian noticed that she wanted to talk.

“I want to ask you, well, you…”

Every time Nian Gao spits out a word, her respiratory tract compresses for a minute, and she was about to suffocate.

“Hmm?” he leaned down slightly and looked at her.

Ask, ask.

There was a voice in her head urging her eagerly.

She clenched her fists and planned to ask abruptly, but she run away cowardly, “I wanted to ask you, can we start early?”

“Yes.” he nodded quite confused.

Nian Gao was discouraged. Such a simple question, only few words, was extremely difficult for her to utter.

For a moment, she hated herself for being timid.

Her mood continued to be low.

During the break, she picked up the water cup to drink. The water in the cup was quickly emptied. She got up to fetch more water.

“I’ll do it.” Jing Xian reached out and took her water cup.

“I’ll take it myself.” she wanted to get the water cup back.

“I’m going to have some water too, however, you need to have more rest.”

His voice fell, and Jing Xian went away immediately to refill their cups.

Nian Gao held her cheek, his long leg were now far away from her field of vision.

He was wearing slim sports pants, with extremely beautiful legs, straight and thinm he was very symmetrical in every place.

She stared at him blankly. She thought that if every gym in the country had such a handsome and good-looking coach, then every gym would not worry about losing any business.

Her mind drifted away and she didn’t notice that he had already came back.

“Nian Gao, here.” Jing Xian handed her the cup.

Nian Gao came back from her day dreaming with lightning speed.

She took the cup and drank a mouthful of water.

He was also drinking water, his neck was long and his Adam’s apple was sliding.

In the past, Nian Gao didn’t quite understand what kind of man would be”sexy” when drinking, but now she knows.

He suddenly looked at her, caught off guard she returned to drinking her water.

—Too bad.

She was caught peeking at others.

She wanted to get into the ground. Fortunately, he didn’t say anything. Her sense of shame was eased a lot.

She lowered her head and tried to calm herself.

Paranoid Trap

Paranoid Trap

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Jing Xian fell in love with Nian Gao at first sight. Since then, he has been thinking about her every day. He wants to see her, hug her and even kiss her. However, before meeting her, he had to learn how to be a normal person. ------ Nian Gao likes Jing Xian's tenderness and consideration. It was not until later that she knew that being tender and considerate was just an illusion. That night, he was like a changed man. Leaning close to her, he told her, "Do not get close to any man."


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