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Paranoid Trap Chapter 9

There were only two of them left in the ward.

“It’s not your fault, but I wanted to eat it myself.”

Nian Gao wiped tears and choked, “But if I didn’t give it to you, you won’t be eating it.” she knew he was just comforting her.

Yesterday, he only ate the spicy strip she gave out of politeness. Now, he has put all the responsibility on himself.

A strong sense of guilt drowned her like the waves. She was like a child who had just made a big mistake, crying helplessly.

“Nian Gao, don’t blame yourself too much. It’s my own fault.” Jing Xian didn’t blame her.

It was his fault for eating it. He stretched out his thumb to wipe the tears at the bottom of her eyes.

Perhaps, his behavior was too offensive, so he took back his thumb.

Nian Gao shook her head and said, “I’ll pay for the medical expenses.”

She was determined that it was her fault, so she has to bear the responsibility.

Jing Xian was silent. She insisted on bearing the medical expenses. In order to reassure her, he said yes.

Nodding, the tears in Nian Gao’s eyes finally dried up.

“Lie down and don’t stand!” she shouted when she saw him leave bed.

He chuckled, “It’s okay.”

Nian Gao glanced at the room and asked, “Is there anyone taking care of you?”


Her face was burning at her thoughts but she still has the courage to say it, “Then, I’ll take care of you.”

Originally, she just wanted to take care of him during his hospitalization, but this sentence seems like a promise for a lifetime.

Nian Gao blushed and secretly glanced at him. Seeing that he still looked the same, she was relieved.

“Nian Gao, I’ll just call a nurse,” he whispered.

Nian Gao opened her mouth and wanted to say not to invite a nurse.

She swallowed her words. She said, “Then I’ll find a private nurse for you. I will also pay for the nurse.”

Knowing that he would not agree, she said first, “It’s a deal. I’ll find you a nurse now.”

She quickly put down her bag, took off her earmuffs, and hurried out of the ward without looking back for fear of being stopped by him.

When she disappeared at the door, the gentleness look between Jing Xian’s eyebrows and eyes dispersed. He took the earmuff off Nian Gao.

He narrowed his eyes and gently squeezed the earmuffs.

The residual aroma in the earmuffs spread to the end of his nose.

He put the earmuffs near his nose to smell the fragrance more deeply.


She needed to find a nurse for Jing Xian as soon as possible, but all the nurse in the hospital are busy.

Nian Gao wanted to stay with him in the hospital while looking for a nurse, but he said, “Go back and don’t just remain in the hospital.”

Nian Gao can’t directly say that she wanted to be with him. After a long delay, she said, “Then I’ll go back. Bye.”


On the way back, Nian Gao searched the Internet for Stomach bleeding. Before she got home, she asked the driver to go directly to the supermarket nearest at her apartment building.

According to the recipes on the Internet, she bought the ingredients one by one and went out of the supermarket with a big bag of things.

Paranoid Trap

Paranoid Trap

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Jing Xian fell in love with Nian Gao at first sight. Since then, he has been thinking about her every day. He wants to see her, hug her and even kiss her. However, before meeting her, he had to learn how to be a normal person. ------ Nian Gao likes Jing Xian's tenderness and consideration. It was not until later that she knew that being tender and considerate was just an illusion. That night, he was like a changed man. Leaning close to her, he told her, "Do not get close to any man."


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