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Paranoid Trap- Epilogue (1)

“Gao Gao, come here.” Gu Nanfeng waved to Nian Gao.

Nian Gao approached him.

Gu Nanfeng took out a box of things from his suitcase and gave it to her, “take it.”

Nian Gao took the box and opened it.

Seeing what was inside, the corner of the eye of Nian Gao was slightly hot. It was full of snacks she loved to eat when she was a child. Unexpectedly, he still remembered her favorite food so clearly over the past years.

“Thank you, cousin.”

“When are you so polite?” Gu Nanfeng smiled. Nian Gao smiled shyly.

“Just now I heard that Aunt Yao said you should look for a boyfriend?” Gu Nanfeng suddenly raised his eyebrow.

“No, I’m not looking for a boyfriend.” she already has a boyfriend.

At this time, aunt Yao’s loud voice came from the outside, “Gao, your boyfriend called.”

Nian Gao was stunned.

Aunt Yao and grandma came in smiling.

A moment ago, in the living room, aunt Yao heard something shaking in the sofa. It was the mobile phone that Nian Gao accidentally left in the corner of the sofa. She answered the phone carelessly.

“Hello? Who?”

The other end of the phone seemed a little surprised. He was silent for half a second and said, “I’m looking for Nian Gao.”

Hearing that it was a man, aunt Yao’s eyes rolled around, “Who are you?”

“I’m Nian Gao’s boyfriend.”


The melon seeds in aunt Yao’s hand fell down. Nian Gao has a boyfriend? Her eyes flashed over her son-in-law.

“I’m Gao’s Aunt Yao. Her grandmother’s birthday is today. Gao Gao is at her grandmother’s house. I’ll call her now.”

Aunt Yao ends the call, reaches her grandmother’s ear before going upstairs and says, “Mom, Gao Gao has a boyfriend.”


“Just now, her boyfriend called.” aunt Yao lifted her cell phone and motioned.

“When did this little girl get a boyfriend? I don’t know she had already one.” grandma loves Nian Gao the most and she was afraid that her beloved granddaughter would be cheated and bullied outside.

“I’m also worried, so let’s ask Gao Gao to call him later. Let’s see how he is.”

Grandma nodded.

When they came in, aunt Yao gave the mobile phone to Nian Gao, “Nian Gao, your boyfriend called. When did you get a boyfriend? I thought you didn’t want a boyfriend before.”

Nian Gao wanted to talk Jing Xian, however, before she could do so, aunt Yao said, “Today is your grandmother’s birthday, let your boyfriend come so we could meet him.”

Before she could answer, grandma followed: “Gao Gao, let him come so we could meet him.”

Nian Gao was in a difficult position. She didn’t know if Jing Xian would like to come. But under the gaze of her grandma, she was not disappointed. So she hardened her resolution and called him.

“Jing Xian?”

“Gao Gao.”

“Do you have some time now?”

Jing Xian interrupted her, “What?”

She breathed out and said, “my grandmother…she wants to see you. If you don’t have time…”

But Jing Xian interrupted her, “Can I go?”

Nian Gao surprisingly said, “Yes.”

“Gao Gao, give me the address.”

After giving him the address, Nian Gao put her mobile phone back in her pocket, “Grandma, he’ll come later.”

Grandma smiled kindly, pulled Nian Gao and asked, “How’s your boyfriend, Gao? How old is he? Where is he from?”

Gao answered the questions one by one.

“Thirty years old, is it too big as an age gap?” aunt Yao’s voice was a little sharp.

Nian Gao didn’t like aunt Yao’s tone. She kept calm on the outside and said, “It’s not that big.”

Paranoid Trap

Paranoid Trap

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Jing Xian fell in love with Nian Gao at first sight. Since then, he has been thinking about her every day. He wants to see her, hug her and even kiss her. However, before meeting her, he had to learn how to be a normal person. ------ Nian Gao likes Jing Xian's tenderness and consideration. It was not until later that she knew that being tender and considerate was just an illusion. That night, he was like a changed man. Leaning close to her, he told her, "Do not get close to any man."


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