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Paranoid Trap- Epilogue (5)

Why is this scene so strange. Nian Gao licked her lips and said, “Yes.”

The old man immediately smiled happily. “Well, that’s a deal. We’ll meet your parents to talk about the wedding. Let’s do it early.”

Nian Gao: “…”

Isn’t this too fast?

“You can continue to chat with Ah Xian, this old man won’t disturb you two.” then the old man disappeared from the screen.

Jing Xian appeared and called out Nian Gao: “Gao Gao?”

When Nian Gao regained her reason, she said, “Was your grandpa just kidding right now?”

“No, Gao Gao, grandpa is not kidding.” Jing Xian’s eyes are serious.

Nian Gao’s heart jumped, “Isn’t it too early for us to talk about marriage?”

“It’s not early. Gao Gao, I want to see you all the time. I want to marry you immediately. Will you marry me?” his eyes were deep and solemn.

She’s only nineteen. She’s only a sophomore, but she’s getting married? Nian Gao looks at him in the camera.

Scenes of being with him flashed through her mind. He put her in a warm embrace, he warmed her hands, he put a scarf on her, and he kissed her gently.

The hazy scenes became clearer and clearer, as if there was a movie going in her brain.

She heard herself say, “OK.”

Short word, one stroke.

Jing Xian smiled.

Old man Jing, who was hiding to eavesdrop, couldn’t help himself but cover his mouth and laughing. He looked at his grandson with a smile on his lips and was relieved.

As soon as a Jing Xian was born, his parents divorced. It wasn’t long after before his father died of illness and his mother disappeared.

After all these years, he raised Ah Xian alone. He had been worrying about his marriage since he was 25.

Why did he worry about his marriage so early?

Because Ah Xian hasn’t been in love for the past 25 years. It’s not normal for a man.

After worrying about it for five years, Ah Xian was now thirty and still has no girlfriend.

A few days ago, he asked ah Xian with a frightened heart, “Son, your grandfather is a man with relatively open ideas. If you like men, your grandfather won’t object to you.”

Unexpectedly, ah Xian was stunned and said, “I don’t like men. I have a person I already I like.”

“Which girl is it?” old man Jing was very happy.

Ah Xian said nothing.

If he didn’t say anything, Old Jing can figure it out himself.

He found information about the little girl. Round and beautiful, white and clean, is a blessed appearance. She has a clean family background and she is an excellent person. She is a top student.

Old Jing was very satisfied.

He want his grandson to marry someone immediately.

Old Jing was satisfied with the person and walked away humming a song.

At the same time, Jing Xian, who hung up the phone, stared quietly at a place of nothingness.

The first time he saw Nian Gao was not in the gym.

It was on TV.

She was wearing furry cat earmuffs with reddish nose.

After he repeated the video several times, he decided to find her.

Find her, follow her, and approach her, pretending to be a coach after knowing she went to a gym.

The more her touch her, the stronger the desire to possess her completely burst.

But he can’t scare her. He wants to play a gentle man that women like.

Trap her with a gentle trap.

And now, he succeeded.


On the night of their wedding, Jing Xian gently held Nian Gao “Gao, you are mine.”

Nian Gao dressed in a wedding dress looks like a blooming lily. She buried herself shyly in his arms.

The next moment, he picked up her chin with his fingers.

He was close, and the previous tenderness gathered one by one, like the dark eyes of the deep pool, like a strange vortex.

“From now on, don’t approach or talk to any other man.” his voice was very cold, and his breath swam on her skin like a poisonous snake letter.

He seems to have changed into a different person. The whole person was cool and cold, making people afraid to breathe.

Nian Gao was stunned.

“Did you hear me?” his fingers rubbed her cheek.

“Jing Xian, you……” she was stunned.

“If you don’t follow me, you can only be locked up.” he clasped her slender wrist as if measuring the size of the chain to use.

Nian Gao trembled with fear.

“Why not?” Jing Xian’s eyes narrowed into a line.

Just as he was about to squeeze her to close the bowl, Nian Gao suddenly looked up and tried his best to press him.

She pressed his chest with her palm, and her hair fell on him, and her previous confusion and fear were completely gone.

She imitated him, grabbed his jaw and said, “Grom now on, don’t get close to any woman, don’t talk to any woman.”

This time, it was Jing Xian’s turn to be stunned.

“Did you hear me?” she was afraid to pat him on the side.

He still didn’t respond.

“If you’re not good,” she slowly lowered her body and put her lips close to his ear, “I’ll kill you.”

Her pure goodness disappeared without a trace. At that moment, only the same paranoid trap as extreme as him.

Jing Xian suddenly laughed loudly.

She laughed out loud too when she saw him laughing.

Jing Xian finally understood.

Why did he take a fancy to her at a glance?

It turned out that they were just the same kind of people.

She’s just hiding it deeper than him.

Paranoid Trap

Paranoid Trap

Score 7.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
Jing Xian fell in love with Nian Gao at first sight. Since then, he has been thinking about her every day. He wants to see her, hug her and even kiss her. However, before meeting her, he had to learn how to be a normal person. ------ Nian Gao likes Jing Xian's tenderness and consideration. It was not until later that she knew that being tender and considerate was just an illusion. That night, he was like a changed man. Leaning close to her, he told her, "Do not get close to any man."


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1 year ago

What a twist 🤣 nice short story, thank you 🙂

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