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The only person I bow down is her Chapter 1

The mobile phone on the table vibrated one after another.

Jane Chu mended her makeup in the mirror, closed the lipstick cover, pursed her lower lip, picked up the mobile phone, and opened it.

In the group, there were new chat bubbles constantly jumping out:

[Finally the finals! I am so excited!]

[Guess who will be the champion this year?]

[No matter who it is, two of the top three are from our class. We should be proud of this]

Worthy of being a monitor, Wang Zheng’s remark attracted a large number of reactions.

At this time, she heard a knock on the door, and then pushed it open from the outside.

The staff put their heads in to remind the contestants to go to the stage and wait for the announcement of the final results.

Jane looked up and answered the same as the others. She stuffed her cell phone back into her bag and stood up from her chair.

The other two contestants also got up and walked out together.

From the waiting room to the front of the stage, they need to go through a long corridor.

The three people follow behind the staff and hear the voice of the host more and more clearly through the wall:

“This the 9th Asian original fashion design competition. Welcome to the final night and award party…”

When she heard “And here are the three finalists”, the door in front of her opened.

Jane Chu stepped on high heels and walked out calmly.

The audience applauded everywhere.

Jane chuckled and raised her hand.

She often participates in many competitions. Although this is the biggest competition she ever participated in and the whole process is broadcast live on TV and network, she was still very calm.

On the side of the stage, three positions were reserved. Jane Chu walked over and sat down according to the instructions given by the staff in advance.

Yang Lesi followed her. Before sitting down, she secretly changed positions with the other male contestant.

Three people sat down, the side door opens again, and a professional jury composed of the organizing committee, experts, and directors of well-known brands at home and abroad enters.

Under the introduction of the host, the audience clapped again, and the three contestants clapped warmly.

When everything was ready, the awarding guests were invited to the stage.

“After the professional jury and on-site and online audience voting, the third runner-up of this original fashion design competition is…”

When they heard that the third runner-up was not their own name, Jane Chu and Yang Lesi were secretly relieved.

But in this way, who will be the champion between them? Jane Chu and Yang Lesi seemed to feel something and turned to look at each other at the same time.

The male contestant sitting in the middle has come to the stage to receive the award. Their eyes hit each other without a barrier. For a moment, lightning flint.

They are classmates, but since they signed up for the competition together, the relationship has become increasingly subtle. Like now, they don’t even want to sit next to each other.

“Well, our runner-up this year is…”

When the word “Yang Lesi” fell, the owner of the name was obviously stunned, but she quickly gained her composure and walk towards the host to take the award. She quickly smiled and waved to the audience behind her.

Jane Chu smiled and clapped her hard.

In this competition, she finally won the title!

After receiving the award on the stage, the three were arranged by the host to take a group photo with the organizing committee, the jury, and the awarding guests.

The competition ended successfully and the live broadcast was closed. Jane Chu went down from the stage with a trophy and certificate. She was wearing high heels and walked carefully. A man came next to her and reached out to help her.

“Congratulations, junior sister.”

Jane Chu went down the steps, looked up at him, and smiled, “Thank you, senior brother.”

“It’s too late today. I’ll go to Beijing in a few days, invite you to dinner and talk about the signing.”

Wesley is one of the members of the jury of the competition and the creative director of famous domestic clothing brands. In addition to being invited by the organizing committee, he also wants to tap potential newcomers and inject fresh blood into the company.

“OK,” Jane Chu agreed with a smile.

“I won’t bother you. Let us be in touch with WeChat.”


After Wesley left, several enterprise representatives came and threw olive branches at Jane Chu.

Back in the lounge, she had a few more business cards in her hand. In contrast, the runner-up and the third runner-up are not as hot as the champion. When she came in, the male content had already left, and Yang Lesi almost packed her things.

Jane Chu casually stuffed the business card into her bag. She felt the mobile phone shaking again. She took it out and took a look. In the class group, they were congratulating her on winning the championship.


The door was pulled open and hit the wall with a loud noise.

Jane was startled and turned to see Yang Lesi slam the door and leave.

She breathed out and thought that the relationship with her seemed to deteriorate further.

At the beginning of school, the two had a good relationship. They were assigned to the same dormitory. They often went to class and the canteen together. Later, they always met on the same field, and the relationship became like this step by step.

But she can’t deliberately lose to her for multiple friends, can she? She is about to graduate and is about to face the problem of where to go in the future. Today’s game is equally important to her.

Jane Chu took back her sight and sent the largest red envelope to the group.

Postscript: [thank you.]

Yang Lesi walked out of the meeting and saw Wesley not far ahead. She quickly canceled the online car Hailing order, and walked quickly.

“Senior Brother.” she smiled and shouted.

Wesley, who was about to get on the car, turned his head, held the door, and asked with a smile, “Going back to the hotel?”

Yang Lesi nodded, “HMM.”

“Let’s go together.” they all stayed in the same hotel arranged by the organizing committee. Wesley leaned over and let the girl go first.

“Then I don’t need to be polite senior brother.” Yang Lesi smiled and bent down to come in.

Wesley held the glasses on the bridge of his nose and looked back at exit, “Where’s Jane Chu?”

Yang Lesi smiled slightly, looked away with her eyes, and said, “I don’t know. Let’s go.”

Wesley nodded, then bent down and sat in the car.

The car sped away into the night.


After packing up, the car booked online also arrived. Jane Chu took her handbag and left the lounge.

In March, Haicheng was in the cold of spring, and the night wind was wrapped with coolness. Jane Chu came out of the venue hall, tucked in her coat against the cold wind, and sat in a car parked on the side of the road.

From the lounge to here, her mobile phone vibrated continuously. She closed the door, sat down, and opened WeChat.

The class group has been quiet. Several classmates and friends sent her separate messages. At the top, the person who was favorite by her asked her: [when will you come back tomorrow?]

Jane blinked her eyelashes, lowered her head, and replied: [flight at 10 a.m.]

[I asked Ah Chi to pick you up]


After that, the chatbox is no longer moving.

Jane stared at her phone in a trance.

She doesn’t know what the chat mode of other couples is. Anyway, it shouldn’t be like between her and Liang Jingxing, right? It’s as simple as a business. There’s no intimacy for normal couples.

Also, this man will coax her and call her baby only when they are in bed.


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The Only Person I Bow Down Is Her

The Only Person I Bow Down Is Her

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021
The day Jane decided to leave, she was stopped by Liang Jingxing as soon as she walked out of the villa. “How dare you?” “You see, I dare not.” Jane Chu pushed her suitcase and passed him. After five years with Liang Jingxing, Jane found out that the man only thought she was “Just playing”. She learned from the pain and made up her mind to leave him. One night soon after, Liang Jingxing was waiting at the door of Jane Chu’s new residence and happened to see her taking a male model back. “Baby.” Liang Jingxing’s black pupils narrowed dangerously staring at her with smoke between his fingertips, “You’ve played too much, you know?” Jane Chu walked towards him, raised her head slightly, and smiled sarcastically, “President Liang, who are you? Dare to control me?” At that moment, the famous cynical and domineering man turned a little red in his eyes. Later, in order to get Jane back, Liang Jingxing proposed to her for many times, but she refused without exception. He can only follow her around. Then, a reporter photographed the two people traveling together in Paris and acting close. He posted it on Weibo with the caption: #Shock_Designer_Jane_turned_out_to_be_the_lover_of_President_Liang# This became trending immediately. As soon as Jane woke up, she saw the news and kicked the man beside her unhappily. Liang Jingxing woke up from his sleep because of her kick. He took his mobile phone, and quickly sent a document to clarify: It’s the opposite. Netizen: “…” Liang Jingxing: "I’m actually her lover." Netizen: “…” Putting down the mobile phone, Liang Jingxing took Jane Chu back to his arms, coaxing her: “You see, everyone already knows our relationship. It’s hard to end it without getting married.” Jane closed her eyes: “Are you in a hurry?” Liang Jingxing: “…" Can’t he take it easy? He has already proposed for the nth times!


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