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A friend who I loved for a long time chapter 3

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I never saw him again in the next year. I was abnormally active in treatment, doing leg rehabilitation and striving to continue dancing.

My psychologist asked me why I suddenly changed so much.

I didn’t know how to answer. I just said, “Someone once told me to live.”

It was a difficult year for me to receive psychotherapy. It was strange that I always received a box of warm milk in winter and a bunch of roses every day.

Grandma said it was sent by my parents, but I always thought it wasn’t.

A year later, my condition was completely cured. My parents also cared more about me this time. They no longer forced me to bear my life. My grandmother was much better and didn’t have to run around again.

In the same year, I applied for the dance school again and passed the examination.

It was a happy year for the whole family, and I was very happy, too. I had no contact with him that year.

The year I was admitted to dance school, I received a letter from him, but I never met him again. He congratulated me on WeChat.

“Congratulations, you have been admitted to your favorite university.”

“Thank you.”

We have already become unfamiliar strangers, but I still call them friends.

The year I received the letter, my immersed heart was still stirred by him.

It should have ended in the calm of the autumn wind, and your three or two sentences began to wind again.

I suddenly understood the sentence in the book. I didn’t open the letter, but just put it aside.

I heard from a few friends that he and his girlfriend were admitted to the same university and had a happy life.

I think I’m going to start my own life, too.

Also say goodbye to those years.


After four years of separation, I had no contact with Lin, and gradually even his blessing was broken.

After graduation four years later, I looked for a job and gradually stabilized.

After living an ordinary life and working for the second year, I found a suitable boyfriend and planned to get married.

Boyfriend from university to now, really no one will not be moved by full love.

The day I promised to be with him, I seemed dazed and recalled Lin.

I’ve known him for the seven year. Ah Lin, if I can’t wait for you, I won’t wait for you.

I covered those confessions and promises alone for four years. Maybe Lin really didn’t like me.

Well, Lin, my most important friend.

I wish you and me peace and happiness.


Now I have a lot of social friends around me. I’m no longer the lonely person I used to be. My good friends asked me why I was so fast.

I said, if it’s appropriate, it’s natural to get married.

In fact, my grandmother wants me to get married. Her old wish in this life is to see me get married.

Over the years, her body is getting worse and worse. After discussing with my boyfriend, we all agreed to get married.

On the day I agreed to marry, I went to see the sea in Zhejiang alone. It was renovated and more beautiful.

It’s just that I can’t find the trace of that year. I still like to see the sea, that is, to see the sea again, I have to bring another person.


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A friend who I loved for a long time

A friend who I loved for a long time

Status: Ongoing Author:
I have a friend that I love for a very long time.


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