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A friend who I loved for a long time chapter 4

In the third year, I’m getting married.

On the eve of the wedding, I opened the chatbox that stayed four years ago and sent him a message to ask if he would come.

In fact, it is a group greeting, “Sorry, I have something to do. I must take it with me. Arlene, happy wedding.”

I stared at the sentence Lin sent on the screen, and suddenly some corners of my eyes turned sour. I haven’t seen him for a long time.

But I didn’t care much. A few random words passed.

I am going to be a wife, and he also has a girlfriend. It’s not suitable to talk to each other anymore.


On the wedding day, I didn’t invite any classmates from high school. Only with a girl I have a good relationship with, I invited her alone.

That day she brought a red envelope and blessed me.

After the wedding ceremony, she suddenly asked me, “Arlene, do you love him?”

I was stunned for a moment and smiled: “He is very suitable for marriage.”

She didn’t continue to speak. Her eyes looked a little erratic and hesitant. She wanted to talk but didn’t open her mouth.

I didn’t ask. The wedding was now over.


In the second year of my marriage, my grandmother was seriously ill, and my husband and I rushed back to our hometown overnight.

I don’t know what happened. After I got married, she seemed to put down heart disease and suddenly fell ill.

In front of the hospital bed, everyone made way for me to talk to grandma. I held her wrinkled hand tightly and couldn’t breathe.

Grandma smiled and cried and took my hand. Her voice was weak, but she asked me: “Nannan, it’s the young man who sent you flowers and chocolates. It’s him. I see him now… I wanted you two to be together…”

Grandma took my husband’s hand and recognized him as the person who sent me flowers and chocolate that year. My husband was not angry and repeatedly said yes, yes, he would be good to me.

My grandma who loved me worried about me at the last moment for fear that I would not live well.


On the third day after the funeral, I finally had time to catch my breath. These days, my tears dried up and then flowed again. I was too weak to speak.

In fact, I always feel that I am ruthless, but in the face of the people who love me most, I can always have countless tears.

Lin once said that I should be a very warm person. He’s right. I just lack personal love, so I’m always so cold.

I promised my grandmother to live a good life.

On the last day of going back, I went back to my hometown to pack up. Thinking of grandma’s words, I guessed who it was.

Looking through the things of my past, only grandma has been packing up my old things. I turned to the unopened letter, which was now yellow. I opened the letter with only a few words written on it.

Arlene, I like you.

The signature is: Lin.

I looked at those words whose handwriting was almost blurred, but I could tell it was his handwriting. Yes, I thought of grandma’s words, and tears fell on the paper one by one.

I don’t understand why. I glimpsed the letter with the gift receipt written on it, and suddenly remembered the WeChat I had left out in the past. That was my WeChat name.

When I was a sophomore in senior high school, he and I created an account respectively. It was childish to send messages and communicate secretly.

He’s the only one on my WeChat.

I searched the mobile phone in the cabinet for a long time and plugged it in again to charge, but I found that the mobile phone has always been powered and hasn’t broken. My grandmother helped me charge it.

I opened my mobile WeChat and saw the note: The sun.

The chat stayed on the night I got married. He said, “Arlene, I really want to have a future with you.”

I turned up the app. It was all happy fourth birthday and different blessings from the annual festival.

I’ve forgotten this chats…

He really loved me.


I don’t understand. In those days, he clearly had a girlfriend. How can he send me these?

I shook my hands and finally summoned up the courage to dial each other’s phone with my current mobile phone after so many years.

“Hello?” it was a girl’s voice.

I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like hanging up, but there continued to be a sound at the other end.

“You are the Arlene on his lips. You finally called. He has been dead for two years now. ”

Next, the voice of the phone kept talking, as if it was complaining. Her tone was very bad. It seemed she was crying.

She said, “He was diagnosed with gastric cancer eight years ago. He has been treating it, but it has not improved. At that time, your situation was also very bad. He was afraid that you would collapse again. He didn’t dare to tell you that so he said had a girlfriend. In fact, this bastard was in chemotherapy.

He didn’t go to college and has been fighting the disease. He died the day after your wedding. When we went to the hospital to see him the next day, he pulled out his oxygen mask and his body was cold

His body can’t hold on for a long time, but he said, “he wants to see you happy.”

I don’t know how long those words have echoed in my mind.

Grandma, I can’t seem to find him anymore


That year, I realized that I had lost two people who loved me most.

One is my grandma who raised me, the loved one of my life.

One is a friend who has nothing to do with me but has loved me for eight years.


Until my old age, my family was happy and harmonious. Finally, I reached my grandma’s age.

That night, I fainted and was taken to the hospital by my daughters, just as he took me to the ambulance that year. I heard the faint noise of the outside world, the sound of anxiety, and the sound of ambulances.

The children and my grandchildren were crying.

I was wearing an oxygen mask, surrounded by the cold sound of a heartbeat machine and a medical machine. I opened my eyes slightly and couldn’t hear what the doctor was saying.

I saw a lot of people, parents who were born with a baby in their arms and full of smiles. Their faces were full of wrinkles, but they were still kind. Grandma, filial daughter, and clever grandchildren who loved to laugh when they saw me.

See, the old man who has loved me all my life and is also my favorite.

And… The 17-year-old boy sprinkled cherry blossoms on me and told me to have good luck.

“I’ll give all my good luck to Lin.”

My life is complete, but I have regretted all my life.

He seemed to be waving to me, just like when I was seventeen. We never seem to separate, but we haven’t seen each other a day.

My granddaughter asked me before. Pointing to the beautiful face in the picture, he asked me who he was.

I didn’t answer, until today. But now I can answer.

Yes, a friend who I loved for a long time.

“Lin wait for me.”

A friend who I loved for a long time

A friend who I loved for a long time

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I have a friend that I love for a very long time.


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