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After breakfast, Shen Rang discussed with Jiang Cha about what to do today.

The kindergarten starts in mid March, and there are nearly 20 days left. They don’t plan to find a new nanny to take care of Shen Zhi, which means that Jiang Cha and Shen Rang will be the one to take care if him in the next 20 days.

Shen Zhi sat in the living room while playing LEGO by himself.

Jiang Cha looked at the time and discussed with Shen Rang, “Why not… Take Xiaozhi to the company today?”

Jiang Cha’s proposal was completely unexpected to Shen Rang.

Shen Rang wondered, “Do you want to publicize our relationship?”

Only few people in Jiasheng knew that President Shen Rang and Vice president Jiang Cha, who are always tit for tat, are actually a couple and have a four-years-old son.

Jiang Cha waved her hand, “This was bound to be. I’m not unwilling to make it public, but I don’t want to have those messy troubles.”

Speaking of this, Jiang Cha smiled and glanced at Shen Rang, “After all, President Shen is a diamond in Jiasheng. So many little girls are watching him.”

Shen Rang laughed. “Don’t talk nonsense. I don’t look at other little girls.”

Jiang Cha shrugged. “I’ll go and pack up the things for Xiaozhi.”

“Pack up what?”

“Some toys he likes and a set of clothes to change?”

“OK.” Shen Rang also followed Jiang Cha, “go pack his things and I’ll change his clothes.”

“Will you?”

“… I will.”

Yesterday, Jiang Cha’s car was left in the company. Today they will take Shen Rang’s car.

Shen Zhi was inexplicably excited as soon as he learned that he would be taken to the company.

Jiang Cha looked at her son, he was much lively than yesterday, and relaxed.

It’s incredible to be reborn.

She didn’t have time to straighten out some things like work. She just doesn’t want to think about it first. After all, her child comes first now. She can do those later on.

It’s the first time for a family of three to go out together. This is kind of relaxing.

Today, she didn’t hurry to go to the company. With the child in the car, Shen Rang drive according to the rules.

At 8:50, Shen Rang parked the car in the parking lot.

Jiang Cha comes down first and then lef Shen Zhi down.

“Mom…” the underground parking lot was dark. Feeling a little uneasy, he held Jiang Cha’s legs.

Jiang Cha bent down to carry the child.

“I’ll do it.” Shen rang handed Jiang Cha her bag with Shen Zhi’s things in his hand, bent down and picked up Shen Zhi. “It’s inconvenient for you. You are wearing high heels.”

Shen Zhi hold on to Shen Rang’s, his chin was against Shen Rang’s shoulder, and he looked at Jiang Cha all the time.

Jiang Cha confirmed that they didn’t forgot anything, so the three went to the elevator.

Jiasheng has no special elevators for Executive. There are only ordinary staff elevators, with a total of six.

As usual, if they enter the elevator, they will met with other employees.

Fortunately, the elevator that Jiang Cha and Shen Rang took went all the way to the 23rd floor and didn’t meet any otyer people.

“Ding -”

The elevator door opened on the 23rd floor. Jiang Cha and Shen Rang let out a sigh of relief.

Although they don’t care about being talked about, they still feel a little uncomfortable of suddenly making it public.

“President Shen…” Xin Yin was just passing by the elevator. He saw that it was Shen Rang and said his greetings. After seeing Shen Zhi in Shen Rang’s arms, he closed his mouth immediately.

“Xin Yin.” Shen Rang look at Shen Zhi in his arms, “Xiaozhi, go to play with Uncle Xin for a while. Your father and mother have some work to do so we will see you later?”

Shen Zhi nodded, “OK.”

Xin Yin is Shen Rang’s assistant. He has been serving Shen’s house before Shen Rang became the president and even met Shen Zhi several times. He is not a stranger to the family.

“Assistant Xin.” Jiang Cha handed a bag to Xin Yin, “Here’s Xiaozhi’s stuff. You can prepare some snacks for him and take him to the reception area. I remember there’s a special place for children there.”

Xin Yin nodded, “Noted, vice president.”

“Oh, yes,” added Jiang Cha, “ask the legal department downstairs to come up for a meeting.”

Xin Yin looked at Shen Rang first and Shen rang nodded.

“OK, President Shen and vice president Jiang, I’ll go now.”

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
Jiang Cha was a workaholic in her last life. She separated from her husband and gave her son to be raise by a nanny. She devoted herself to her career. She fell ill at a young age and died of cancer at the age of 30. Opening her eyes again, Jiang Cha returned to four years ago. This time, she made up her mind not to be a workaholic but to concentrate on taking care of her little baby. As for the husband… It doesn’t matter. Shen Rang found that his wife has changed a lot recently. Go home after work on time, personally pick up their child from school, and strive to learn cooking. She seems to develop in the direction of a good wife and mother. But later, Shen Rang found that Jiang Cha has developed only in terms of being a good mother. How about a good wife? He’s almost abandoned. But what? He was even more excited about such Jiang Cha. Small theater: When alone: Shen Zhi, holding a pillow a little bigger than himself, stood at the door of Jiang Cha’s room and asked pitifully, “Mom, can I sleep with you?” Jiang Cha looked at her baby and waved, “Come here to mom will sleep with you tonight.” Later, when mom and Dad were together: One day, Shen Zhi, who was afraid of thunder, came to Jiang Cha with a pillow. “Mom, Zizai is afraid of thunders QAQ.” Jiang Cha was distressed, “Come here to mom.” Shen Rang, who was asked to turn over and get out of bed. “Come on son, Dad will coax you to sleep.” Shen Zhi: QAQ… I want mom. Shen Rang: Little Cub, don’t think about it. Your mother is mine.


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