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Shen Rang raised his head and looked at Xin Yin. “Whatever they think, you don’t have to suppress it deliberately, but these news can only be discussed internally and pay attention to outside.”

“OK, Mr. Shen, I understand.”

“Well, let the legal department come up.”


While, Shen Rang deal with things, Shen Zhi was playing by his side.

After a while, Shen Zhi shouted “Dad.”

Shen Rang put down his pen. “What’s the matter, Xiaozhi? Are you bored?”

Shen Zhi blushed. “Can I go to mother? I miss my mother a little.”

Shen Rang smiled a little, then got up, “OK, Dad, will take you there.”

“Thank you, Dad.”

Shen Rang lead Shen Zhi out of the office and went to Jiang Cha’s office.

“What’s the matter?”

“Xiaozhi is looking for you.”

“Looking for me?” Jiang Cha handed the document to Shen Rang, touched Shen Zhi’s head and said softly, “Did you miss me?”

Shen Zhi nodded, “uh – huh, I miss you mother.”

“Come” Jiang Cha directly led Shen Zhi away. She turned back after two steps. “After you sign the document, let Xin Yin send it back.”

Shen Rang nodded, “OK.”

Just a few words of the conversation in front of the office, the company soon started a new round of the gossip.

—You may not believe it. The young master of the Shen family has a good relationship with Vice President Jiang.

—Vice President Jiang is also very powerful. Young masters have a good relationship with her. Sooner or later she will marry into the Shen family.

—God, Vice President Jiang has a good life.

—Ha ha, so envious.

—Huh? What’s going on upstairs?

—Well, what? I tried to buy food and drink for the young master last time, but the young master didn’t want anything. He also said that President Shen said that he can’t take for anything from strangers.

—Is the young master four years old?

—However, from this point of view, Vice President Jiang would always fight his way through such difficulties, and the means are not high.

—Yes, President Shen didn’t quarrel with Vice President Jiang recently. Their relationship is much better than before.

—So… Two people make an appointment to have coffee on Saturday. Are they in love?

—80%, after all, the young master really like her.

Then there are more rows of ellipsis.

Shen Rang felt it very funny when he took the time to read it. These people create so many stories, but why didn’t one guess that he and Jiang Cha were husband and wife?

It was such an easy guess!

However, Shen Rang thought about their relationship in recent years. Tut… It’s hard to say.

It seems that it is not so easy to guess that they were a husband and wife.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Zhi didn’t wake up. Just after Jiang Cha finished her work, she received a call from his friend Zhang Yirui.

Jiang Cha left the door of the lounge a little open. When she answered the phone, her voice was light, “Are you willing to call me now?”

“What are you doing? Why don’t you dare to talk?” Zhang Yirui was sweeping the goods, because there was a promotion in the shopping center.

Jiang Cha was helpless. “Why did you go shopping again, President Zhang?”

Zhang Yirui said, “Hey, I’m visiting my own shopping center. Why can’t I? I’m visiting my work, okay?”

“OK, you’re reasonable.” Jiang Cha has always admired Zhang Yirui. From the day she met her, she knew that Zhang Yirui’s greatest pleasure in life is shopping and buying. As she grew, her desire to buy was becoming stronger and stronger.

“Don’t interrupt. I almost forgot what I wanted to talk with you.” Zhang Yirui entered a milk tea shop, put down her shopping bags and ordered something casually. “Do you know who I got a call from?”


Zhang Yirui: “…”

Her tone was so bland that she has lost the excitement.

Jiang Cha didn’t hear an answer for a long time. “I’ll hang up if the signal is bad.”

“Ah ah!” Zhang Yirui quickly said, “Why are you like this?”

“I still have a job. If you have something to say,” Jiang Cha said mercilessly, “I’ll hang up.”

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
Jiang Cha was a workaholic in her last life. She separated from her husband and gave her son to be raise by a nanny. She devoted herself to her career. She fell ill at a young age and died of cancer at the age of 30. Opening her eyes again, Jiang Cha returned to four years ago. This time, she made up her mind not to be a workaholic but to concentrate on taking care of her little baby. As for the husband… It doesn’t matter. Shen Rang found that his wife has changed a lot recently. Go home after work on time, personally pick up their child from school, and strive to learn cooking. She seems to develop in the direction of a good wife and mother. But later, Shen Rang found that Jiang Cha has developed only in terms of being a good mother. How about a good wife? He’s almost abandoned. But what? He was even more excited about such Jiang Cha. Small theater: When alone: Shen Zhi, holding a pillow a little bigger than himself, stood at the door of Jiang Cha’s room and asked pitifully, “Mom, can I sleep with you?” Jiang Cha looked at her baby and waved, “Come here to mom will sleep with you tonight.” Later, when mom and Dad were together: One day, Shen Zhi, who was afraid of thunder, came to Jiang Cha with a pillow. “Mom, Zizai is afraid of thunders QAQ.” Jiang Cha was distressed, “Come here to mom.” Shen Rang, who was asked to turn over and get out of bed. “Come on son, Dad will coax you to sleep.” Shen Zhi: QAQ… I want mom. Shen Rang: Little Cub, don’t think about it. Your mother is mine.


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