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A rich second generation came to really hate Jiang Cha. It can be said that his teeth were itching.

He barely chased after Jiang Cha four or five times, but every time, Jiang Cha simply refused him, which made him lose face.

The rich second generation couldn’t swallow this embarrassment. He always wanted to teach Jiang Cha a lesson. Near graduation, he decided to do it.

At that time, Jiang Cha was an intern in a medium-sized enterprise. The rich second generation knew Jiang Cha’s immediate boss and told him that he wanted to chase after Jiang Cha and work with that manager.

The manager didn’t think much. He thought about the young man’s pursuit of romance and wanted a surprise. He agreed.

That day, Jiang Cha’s work was surprisingly more than ever. Although she was confused in her heart, she didn’t think much.

Jiang Cha didn’t get off work until 11 p.m. because she kept writing and typing on the keyboard. Her shoulders and neck hurts everywhere.

In the whole company, only Jiang Cha didn’t get off work.

Jiang Cha got up and went to the bathroom, stretching her waist as she walked to ease the fatigue of the night.

When Jiang Cha went to the bathroom, someone slipped in, went straight to Jiang Cha’s station, found a water cup and poured the medicine in the small bottle.

The medicine melted in the water without any trace.

After the person walked away, Jiang Cha came out of the bathroom, packed up, drank the water in the cup, and turned off the lights to get off work.

At this time, there are only few people on the road.

Jiang Cha is used to being alone. The house she rents is only six or seven minutes away from the company. She also has a pepper spray with her. She was not afraid.

Halfway through, Jiang Cha stopped.

Someone was following her.

Jiang Cha reached into her backpack and took the pepper spray in her hands

Jiang Cha continued to walk. Her steps were not very fast. Her ears were busy listening to the movement behind her.

Although the person behind deliberately lightened his footsteps, she could still clearly hear it in her ears due to this silent night.

Step by step, step by step.

Jiang Cha counted 321 in the heart, then fiercely turned around, and sprayed the person’s face.

“Ah -” the scream broke the quiet night.

Jiang Cha ran away without looking.

“Catch her!” the man covered his eyes and shouted fiercely.

As the man’s voice fell, messy footsteps sounded, and seven or eight people surrounded Jiang Cha from several directions.

Relying on her familiarity with the surrounding environment, Jiang Cha avoided two or three people, but she was just girl after all. The medicine she drank while running started to function. Jiang Cha soon lost her strength and was caught by the people.

Jiang Cha was held by two people in front of the man who covered his eyes.

Through the street lamp, she recognized that it was the rich second generation who chased after her.

She was slowly losing her consciousness and her eyebrows are frowned.

The rich second generation grabbed Jiang Cha’s face, “You run very fast.”

Jiang Cha ignored him.

“Quite stubborn.” the rich second generation commanded two people to take Jiang Cha into the car, and the others dispersed.

The second generation took Jiang Cha to his hotel. He had a room in the hotel and went upstairs directly with Jiang Cha, who had already fainted.

In order not to attract other people’s attention, the rich second generation asked the other two people to leave. He took Jiang Cha himself, so that even if other people were curious, they would only think they were a couple.

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
Jiang Cha was a workaholic in her last life. She separated from her husband and gave her son to be raise by a nanny. She devoted herself to her career. She fell ill at a young age and died of cancer at the age of 30. Opening her eyes again, Jiang Cha returned to four years ago. This time, she made up her mind not to be a workaholic but to concentrate on taking care of her little baby. As for the husband… It doesn’t matter. Shen Rang found that his wife has changed a lot recently. Go home after work on time, personally pick up their child from school, and strive to learn cooking. She seems to develop in the direction of a good wife and mother. But later, Shen Rang found that Jiang Cha has developed only in terms of being a good mother. How about a good wife? He’s almost abandoned. But what? He was even more excited about such Jiang Cha. Small theater: When alone: Shen Zhi, holding a pillow a little bigger than himself, stood at the door of Jiang Cha’s room and asked pitifully, “Mom, can I sleep with you?” Jiang Cha looked at her baby and waved, “Come here to mom will sleep with you tonight.” Later, when mom and Dad were together: One day, Shen Zhi, who was afraid of thunder, came to Jiang Cha with a pillow. “Mom, Zizai is afraid of thunders QAQ.” Jiang Cha was distressed, “Come here to mom.” Shen Rang, who was asked to turn over and get out of bed. “Come on son, Dad will coax you to sleep.” Shen Zhi: QAQ… I want mom. Shen Rang: Little Cub, don’t think about it. Your mother is mine.


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