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My mother got rich after running with the ball Chapter 1

TL: New Project, because this is long it can’t be fully translated before the year ends.

When will she be born?

“Baby, be good!”

In the hazy consciousness, Mo Fan heard such a sentence. She tried to move her body and realized that she was in the “water”.

Familiar aura, familiar taste.

Mo Fan suddenly realized that she… transmigrated yet again.

Yes, again.

This is her third life now.

In her first life, she grew up in an orphanage and lived a miserable life. She doesn’t know why she was not welcomed by the president of the orphanage. She didn’t even have enough to eat and wear.

When she was ten years old, she had a car accident and lost her life in a daze. Then, she became a ghost. She found that her tragic fate was manipulated by others.

In the next moment, she found herself in another womb. Although she had her memories from her last life, she grew up happily under the careful care of her parents in that world.

It was a cultivation world. Those with spiritual roots can cultivate to be immortals. With excellent talent, the support of her parents and teachers, and thousands of years of cultivation, she reached the Mahayana Realm and received the Heavenly Tribulation.

Originally, she thought she could soar to the Immortal World and officially become an immortal after the heavenly tribulation. But, it seemed that she was reincarnated again?

She didn’t know. Where was this? Where did she transmigrate?

The first time she transmigrated, she might feel uneasy, but after thousands of years in the cultivation world, Mo Fan’s mentality is as stable as Mount Tai.

Immediately, she began to cultivate in her mother’s womb.

When she came back from the cultivation world, she knew one thing, that is, children with spiritual roots can practice even when they are in their mother’s stomach. At this time, practice can enable children to get innate Qi and become cultivators as soon as they are born.

In her last life, she heard her parents’ instructions from the stomach, during that time, she subconsciously cultivated. This is also one of the reason why she could become an immortal in just a few thousand years.

In this life, no matter where she is, if she can cultivate, she can still be powerful and unrestrained.

The cultivation method began to work, and Mo Fan soon noticed some Qi.

But compared with the massive Qi in the cultivation world, the Qi in this world is really… near to invisible.

This is not the Cultivation world!

Mo Fan knew this fact.

After cultivation for a week, Mo Fan began to observe the movement outside the stomach and wanted to get information to know what kind of world she transmigrated in.

Soon, a voice came.

“How’s it going?” a kind voice sounded from the outside.

“It’s all right, the baby is very good!” then came the gentle female voice that Mo Fan would always hear, that is, her current mother.

“Hey, it’s good to have a new life, but you’re just a single mother. I’m afraid it will be too hard for you.” the kind female voice couldn’t help but sighing. Mo Fan could hear her worry from just her voice.

“I’m not afraid of hard work. This is my baby from heaven. I’ll take good care of her.” the gentle female voice said very seriously.

This mother is good, Mo Fan thought in her heart.

Also at this time, a bell rang.

Soon, a new voice came to Mo Fan’s ears.

“Mo Xue, are the accounts clear?”

“Sister Li, it’s almost done. I’ll check it again and send it to your email later.”



In the next conversation, Mo Fan no longer listened carefully. All her attention was attracted by the name Mo Xue.

This name is too familiar to Mo Fan!

This is her first mother. She didn’t see her mother until she died.

At this time, Mo Fan only felt a pain in her head, and suddenly something poured in, and the memories were playing in her mind.

When everything calmed down, Mo Fan knew that she did not transmigrate for a second time, but…she returned back!

This world is from her first life.

The miserable first life… buried deep in her memory.

Moreover, this world was a dog blood president’s novel written by others. Her mother is the heroine who was abused to death in the novel.

Coupled with the residual memory of the first life, Mo Fan knew that she had not met her parents in the first life and lived like a cabbage. She was completely hurt by others.

Now, she is still in her mother’s stomach, and it was still too late…


NOTE: I am still confused about what the gender of Mo Fan is. The author refers to ‘Her’ but the name Mo Fan is for boys. Like in every novels, Mo Fan is a boy. When I was reading the novel, the mother calls the baby ‘Daughter’. In other words, this Mo Fan is a girl!

My mother got rich after running with the baby

My mother got rich after running with the baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021
Mo Fan has been cultivating to become an immortal for “thousands of years” in the cultivation world. The Emperor Realm was just a hand reach. She was about to soar to the Immortal World, but unexpectedly, she transmigrate back right after the Heavenly Tribulation. This time, she knew that in her previous life, she was the president’s daughter with a wife that has run away with the baby. Before she tries to soar again, she needed to get her revenge for her last life, but at present, the cruel reality she was facing is that she was still in her mother’s belly. To prevent her mother of being abused, Mo Fan decided to give her mother a golden finger – A Farming Space Artifact with a System.


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