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My mother got rich after running with the ball Chapter 3

She didn’t even know what happened right after her Heavenly Tribulation.

“I’m not an immortal yet,” said Mo Fan.

“What do you mean?” the beast looked at her blankly.

Looking at the stupid and cute appearance of the beast, Mo Fan really didn’t want to say anything else. Then she said, “I’ll let you out!”

Let her go out and have a look first. Her current situation was really hard to explain.

Moreover, she didn’t know how to protect her mother. But she come up with an idea as soon as she saw the beast.

“Really? I can finally go out and play! What’s the Immortal world is like? Are there any fairies?” the beast muttered excitedly.

Mo Fan suddenly threw the beast out of space, and her consciousness withdrew from space.

Then as soon as she got back to her mother’s stomach, she heard a sound from the beast.

“Fanfan, Fanfan, where are you? This place is so strange here! The house is a multi-storey house. There are two fairies here. One fairy is good looking, but she has a big stomach. The other fairy is a little old. Why won’t she stop smiling?”

“I am growing up in the belly of the beautiful fairy with a big stomach.” Mo Fan said coldly.

She’s not free yet.

The next moment, Mo Fan felt a cold breath coming from her stomach. Mo Fan hurriedly said, “Mom, don’t touch your stomach.”

At the same time, Mo Xue, who felt a little cold in her stomach. She quickly touched her stomach and sneezed.

“What’s the matter? Have you caught a cold?” Mo Xue’s mother, Lin Rong, asked anxiously.

“Just suddenly feel a little cold, but now it’s all right.” Mo Xue comforted her.

“Maybe you’re a little tired. You’ve been busy working these days. Hurry up and have a rest.” Lin Rong said anxiously.

“OK.” Mo Xue nodded and then went back to her room to have a rest.

The Tamarin Beast looked at all this stupidly, still, he followed Mo Xue into the house, and then communicated with Mo Fan telepathically, “Fan fan, how come you are in the belly of the fairy! Did you reincarnate in the fairyland?”

“This is not a fairyland, nor they are fairies. They are mortals. I told you that I was human in my last life, did you remember?”


“This is my last life. I got back here after the Heavenly Tribulation.” Mo Fan finished her statement calmly.

In the cultivation world, the only one who knew about her origin is the beast, so she can be honest with him.

“So now, Fan Fan, are you human?”


“No cultivation?”


“Hahaha, I’m finally stronger than Fan Fan! Just wait to be beaten! I’ve been waiting for a long time!” the beast rolled happily on the ground.

“Huh? Want to beat me?” Mo Fan’s tone suddenly became dangerous.

The excited beast got up from the ground and said, “Fan Fan, I’m kidding. How can I be willing to beat you? You’re my master and my best partner ~”

Mo Fan groaned and continued, “I was killed in this life. I’m not yet born, so I can’t protect myself. Just stay with me to protect me and my mother.”

“Can I protect you while playing?” the beast said eagerly continued, “This world seems to be fun, and… There are a lot of delicious food.”

Mo Fan: “Yes, there are many fun and interesting things here.”

Yu beast: “Then I’ll play ~”

At the next moment, Mo Fan noticed that the tamarin went drifting away.

Mo fan: “…”

—If it was not because of her current situation, she really wouldn’t want to rely on this unreliable guy.

Then, she looked at her just created arms and legs with her divine consciousness, and couldn’t help sighing.

When will she grow up? Oh, no, when will she be born?

My mother got rich after running with the baby

My mother got rich after running with the baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021
Mo Fan has been cultivating to become an immortal for “thousands of years” in the cultivation world. The Emperor Realm was just a hand reach. She was about to soar to the Immortal World, but unexpectedly, she transmigrate back right after the Heavenly Tribulation. This time, she knew that in her previous life, she was the president’s daughter with a wife that has run away with the baby. Before she tries to soar again, she needed to get her revenge for her last life, but at present, the cruel reality she was facing is that she was still in her mother’s belly. To prevent her mother of being abused, Mo Fan decided to give her mother a golden finger – A Farming Space Artifact with a System.


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