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One-way friends, Two-way crush Chapter 2

I have a friend.

We are neighbors. From primary school to junior high school, and then to high school graduation. After that my father and I went to live abroad.

His name is Han Jinchuan, and my name is He Shaoyi.

The day I met him was my eighth birthday.

My parents haven’t come back all day. I’m still remembering my grandmother’s happy birthday with the phone and her words of remembering to eat the candy.

My parents seem to have forgotten that there is me at home and that today is my birthday.

I squatted at the door for fear of missing any movement.

Then I heard a knock at the door and opened it immediately.

It was already dark. He looked back while heavily breathing. His face was covered with sweat and his big eyes stared at me.

I suddenly feel very wronged. At such an important moment as my eighth birthday, the first person I saw was a little sweaty child.

He approached me with his mouth open and his fingers waving wildly.

I reached out to him and handed him the last sugar. “Today is my birthday. If I give you this I want you to say happy birthday.”

That was the first thing I said to him.


He is a dwarf.

He is two years younger than me, but he seat at same table as me. He is very young but he is very intelligent.

I never heard him speak, so he often received praise from his teacher.

What a surprise! Little boy!

If a man is so short, he is probably hopeless!

But I didn’t expect that my proud height would be defeated in the summer vacation of the third year of junior high school.

I just went back to the countryside to help grandma do farm work for two months. When I came back, he had already grown tall.

That was incorrect. He has grown tall quietly.

He drinks milk every morning. He also brings me a box from the canteen downstairs.

He stood at the door of the community and watched me get off the bus.

He ran towards me. I glanced at myself quietly in the mirror in the glass of the canteen.

Well, I am really handsome and handsome.

He took out his palm sized notebook from his pocket and wrote solemnly, “He Shaoyi, I’m now taller.”

How could there be such a stupid person?

I was amused by his words and looked up at him, “Han Jinchuan, are you a cow going to the field?”

He scratched his head and looked at my hand. He opened his mouth and made no sound in his throat.

I put my hand behind my back and didn’t want him to see it.

My hands have calluses and scars that have not yet healed.

These… I don’t want him to see them.

He began to grow a beard. I found it first.

In the autumn sports meeting, I won the first place in the high jump with my superb jumping ability. He came up to deliver water to me.

He loves sweating very much. He was sweating whenever he ran over from his seat.

Men who lack exercise can’t get happiness!

I was drinking water, thinking about persuading him to sleepover at night with me, and whether to learn how to shave together.

He stared at me and touched his pants with his hands. He should have changed his clothes and forgot to bring his notebook.

I asked him, “Was your brother handsome just now?”

He smiled and nodded at me, just like the big dog I raised in the countryside.

When I got home, I couldn’t help looking for my father’s electric razor. There was a sound of hands turning at the door. I poked my head out of the bathroom.

“Dad, teach me how to use a razor!”


Why did he gave love letters to those girls?

What a fool! How can you give love letter from a girl on my birthday?

Is this the first thing you do on my birthday?

I’m angry, really angry! I hid the razor I bought with my frugal money in my schoolbag.

But if the object of anger is him, it won’t last long.

Sure enough, I received a note from him before school was over.

“Don’t be angry.

Should we go to Snack Street after school?

We will eat the octopus balls you like. “

Let me forgive him for the time being. Who made me so tolerant!

After eating, it was more than half dark. I handed him the box while he was turning the key in his schoolbag.

“Happy birthday.”

He looked at me in surprise and sniffed twice.

“If you don’t know how to use, you are welcome at home to get advice from this brother.”


I had a dream.

I went back to the day when I was brought here. I sat under the locust tree in the yard. Grandma went to the small wooden door and looked around.

She came to our house with a purpose.

She was dusty and carried big and small bags in his hand.

My mother has exquisite makeup and a newly bought leather bag on her back.

She said: “We are getting a divorce. Who will you choose to go with?”

I chose my father because I couldn’t give up my grandmother.


Grandma died when I was a sophomore in senior high school.

At the funeral, my father said that when I graduated from high school, he would take me to live abroad.

Does he want to live in another place?

After I went back to school, I asked Han Jinchuan to go to the rooftop.

The wind was so strong that he couldn’t even hear what I was saying.

I untied my tie, closed my eyes, opened my arms on the roof, and as soon as I released my hand, the tie floated to his hand.

He handed me his notebook.

It turned out that he lives with his father only.

I want to know him more and integrate into his life. I also want to warn him to have a sense of crisis. Will he forget me when I leave?

He must not forget about me.

I looked back and took advantage of the surge of emotion and said to him, “Han Jinchuan, I’m going abroad after graduating from high school.”


He is liked by girls.

I found it out when I pretended to sleep in the classroom. The girls eyes were too obvious that I noticed it immediately.

I also “accidentally” bumped into her. The book in her hand fell to the ground. I went to help her pick it up. It was a thick Chinese sign language book.

Back in the classroom, I was in a mess. Why did he never use sign language in front of me?

Did he think I can’t understand? Or because I can’t learn it?

A few days later, he received a love letter.

He’s stupid, really. I thought it was for me and took it for granted when handed it to me.

I’m jealous. I’m going crazy with jealousy.

Watching him catch up in panic with sign language, I asked him in my heart. He was finally flustered, wasn’t he?

I enjoyed the mood a little and deliberately tore up the love letter and threw it into the dustbin. “Han Jinchuan, I don’t want to be a friend with you. No… I’ve never been friends with you.”

I alienated him.

I took the initiative to find the head teacher, changed my seat and talked very close to others.

I deliberately laugh loudly so that he can hear it. When I looks at him, I will tease him provocatively.

But…He’s very kind. He’s very kind.

I watched him pass the small notes, unfold them, and clip them into the seam of the book.

He’s been through so many things and still so gentle. On the other, I’m being an asshole.

Han Jinchuan, get close to me.

Tell me what you think now. Don’t be like a Muggle. You only know how to bear it, otherwise I can’t help it.

I know I have different feelings for him. He is Han Jinchuan, the gentle and considerate Han Jinchuan.

He still likes to bring me milk.

I put the milk neatly on the desk. I’m so afraid he won’t give it anymore. Going abroad requires a lot of procedures. I took many days off in succession. When I came back, there was no milk.

Is there any reason to take back the things sent out?

Han Jinchuan, why do you…?


I haven’t seen him for a long time.

Although we are neighbors and we are just a few steps away to each other.

The news that I was going abroad was deliberately spread to several Gossip Girls in order to reach his ears.

At the farewell party, he did come. We had finally graduated and he was still wearing his school uniform and sitting awkwardly in a corner.

But I didn’t expect him to become drunk. He can’t be drunk! I have nothing to say!

When he approached me, he took the initiative to climb up my shoulder and threw up on me.

I dragged him to his home to change clothes.

He lay unprepared in bed and I wiped him with a towel.

If only time could stay still for a while? Let me put my feelings here, but if my feelings aren’t said, they will become ugly, which always makes me sad.

I lowered my head and kissed him gently on the lips, but he opened his eyes, held me tightly with his powerful forearms, and pressed me under him as soon as I turned over.

His Adam’s apple was rolling and his eyes were clear, but he didn’t make a sound.He just fell asleep on my shoulder.

Han Jinchuan, you are a silent monster, and I like you.

I knew he wouldn’t come to see me off.

I decided to let him go and myself to move on.

I don’t want to expose my feelings. I want him to find it out by himself.

How can I be so mean?

He sent a message: “One-way friendship. That’s what we are but…”

I replied, “Yes, just a one-way friendship.”


I’ve been away from him for two years.

I learned sign language and dyed my hair with an eye-catching color. I inquired about the place of their club meeting and went to wait for him.

He successfully integrated into this environment, and everyone has a tacit understanding of not to let him perform alone.

I looked at him and poured myself a few glasses of wine.

At this time, I found that I missed him so much that he could hug me like when he was drunk.

I wanted to get close to him, and I did.

However, I was really drunk at that time.

He carries me on his back. That feeling was really reassuring.

His face was right in front of me when I woke up.

After thinking for a long time, his face finally appeared. I leaned over and kissed him. He immediately opened his eyes and his face turned red.

Before I came and apologized, he pressed me under his body. Disordered breathing scattered in my ears. He untied my button and wrote four words in the position of my heart.

His eyes were so sincere that I couldn’t avoid it. I kissed his hand and couldn’t say a word.

He wrote: I like you.

One-way friends, Two-way crush

One-way friends, Two-way crush

Status: Ongoing Author:
I have a friend, but I don't want him to be my friend.


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Rosie Chan
Rosie Chan
1 year ago

It was pretty short, but a good story🥰❤
Thanks for the chapter~

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