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My mother got rich after running with the ball Chapter 12

Lin Rong put Mo Fan back in the crib and then sat beside the bed. Mo Xue stared at her without blinking.

At this time, Lin Rong asked her with some doubts, “Do you know the person behind nurse Zhou?”

She just noticed something strange, but it was not suitable to ask at that time.

“I know a man whose assistant’s surname is Zhao.” Mo Xue pursed her lips and replied.

“A man?” Lin Rong was puzzled. Then he thought of something. She looked serious. “It has something to do with him?”

Mo Xue looked dim for a few minutes, then nodded, but she didn’t want to say more.

She also hoped that she was wrong, but in this situation, there was such a familiar surname that she had started to doubt.

Especially when her daughter was almost taken away.

The thought that it would become a reality made her heartache, so… She would rather be suspicious than encounter such a situation again.

When Lin Rong didn’t hear an answer, she looked a little nervous, “Won’t they come again to rob the child?”

Lin Rong wondered if the man knew that her daughter had a child and wanted to take the child away.

Listening to Lin Rong’s words, Mo Xue knew she had misunderstood. However, in order to avoid her to worry, Mo Xue didn’t explain too much.

She whispered, “I’m afraid someone is watching me. Let’s leave the hospital while the other party don’t respond! Then… Let’s eave this city.”

She is now afraid of being found and her child being taken away.

At the thought of losing her daughter, she really wanted to go far away.

Lin Rong looked at Mo Xue’s frightened face, nodded, and then hurriedly packed up her clothes.

At this time, the hospital was busy. The news about the nurse cooperating with outsiders to steal children has spread.

Nurse Zhou’s evil doings are now circulating in various versions in the while hospital. Many pregnant women and their families were eager to take their children out of the hospital just in case. Seeing this situation, the hospital became extremely busy.

Mo Xue also took advantage of this time to get out of the hospital easily.

As soon as they were discharged from the hospital, the first thing Lin Rong and Mo Xue did was simply pack up important documents and some personal clothes, and left the city immediately in the next morning.

Mo Fan found herself on the bullet train only after she woke up hungry.

At this time, the beast suddenly came to her and reported the situation, “Fan Fan, your mother has taken you away. Now we are going to a place called capital. It seems very prosperous. I often see or hear it on TV! There must be a lot of food in that place…”

Listening to the nagging voice of the beast, Mo Fan’s heart was relieved.

The first sound of victory has begun.

They have left, and their fate will be reversed from the moment they leave.

The next moment, a nipple was suddenly stuffed into Mo Fan’s mouth. Lin Rong’s gentle voice came her ear, “Baby, are you hungry? Eat quickly!”

Mo Fan’s attention instantly returned to her bottle, and she began to suck hard, enjoyment was written on her face.

On one side of the beast: “….”

—It felt that after its owner became a baby, her mentality has also become… Childish?

My mother got rich after running with the baby

My mother got rich after running with the baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021
Mo Fan has been cultivating to become an immortal for “thousands of years” in the cultivation world. The Emperor Realm was just a hand reach. She was about to soar to the Immortal World, but unexpectedly, she transmigrate back right after the Heavenly Tribulation. This time, she knew that in her previous life, she was the president’s daughter with a wife that has run away with the baby. Before she tries to soar again, she needed to get her revenge for her last life, but at present, the cruel reality she was facing is that she was still in her mother’s belly. To prevent her mother of being abused, Mo Fan decided to give her mother a golden finger – A Farming Space Artifact with a System.


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