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How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce? Chapter 5

He was always been an introvert. Even if his heart was shaken, his face would still remain calm and noble. After a long time, he whispered, “Does your head hurt?”

Zhao Xiaotong felt that she had heard it wrong for a moment. How could a big ice statue like him care about people? No, this must be an illusion.

At the same time, Aunt Qin just brought the porridge over the dining table. She filled two bowls of porridge and said with a smile: “Sir, you just got off from the plane. Why not eat porridge together with madam? I only baked one egg tart. I’ll make one again later. Drink some porridge to warm your stomach first.”

Gu Jinhan nodded slightly.

After aunt Qin went back to the kitchen, there were only two of them left in the huge living room.

Zhao Xiaotong’s head turned away from him quickly. What if she married him? No one said that divorce is not allowed. What is she afraid of?

After she relaxed, her stomach grumbled because of starvation, the smell of preserved egg and lean meat porridge rushed into her nose.

QAQ she was really hungry.

Zhao Xiaotong glanced at the egg and lean meat porridge, and her saliva flooded. Anyway, they haven’t divorced yet. She could drink this bowl of porridge!

After she sorting out her thoughts, she stopped being conscious about him and went upstairs quickly. She planned to brush her teeth first before eating.

When she came to the bathroom and saw their toothbrush placed side by side in a cup, she felt her stomach having an indigestion. She didn’t understand how could she have married him in the future. Their toothbrushes were all placed in one place. Do they sleep together at night?

Zhao Xiaotong gave a pep talk to herself and refused to accept this reality.

Just halfway through finishing brushing her teeth, she heard some footsteps. Zhao Xiaotong glanced out and found that Gu Jinhan had followed her.

Gu Jinhan took off his coat and hung it on the hanger.

He was now wearing his white long sleeves polo. The top button was unbuttoned, revealing his slender neck.

Over the past few years, he did not only become taller, but also more calm. However, his face was still unspeakably handsome, with sharp eyebrows, high nose, and paired with simple white long sleeves and black pants he looked like a model.

Zhao Xiaotong resumed toothbrushing and glanced at him, trying to ignore his existence.

Unexpectedly, after he hung up his clothes, he walked in towards the bathroom while pulling up his sleeves. The man was tall and could walked towards the bathroom door in just a few steps. Zhao Xiaotong couldn’t help herself but stopped brushing her teeth.

Even if it was clear that she would be uncomfortable if he came near her, Gu Jinhan still went beside her.

No one knew how much he missed her vivid expression. He was not good at words. He didn’t know what to say facing her without her memories, he just looked at her quietly.

His stares was making her uncomfortable. The next moment, the man finally took back his eyes.

He also picked up his toothbrush, rinsed his mouth first, stood beside her and began brushing his teeth.

This was the strangest tooth brushing scene that Zhao Xiaotong have ever experienced in her whole life. The atmosphere around them was very awkward. Although no one spoke, she could feel a sense of tension and her heart thumping loudly.

QAQ can an immortal come to save her? What did she do wrong and suffer from his cold aura?

At that moment, Zhao Xiaotong felt that she really became great six years later. She had the courage to marry him. Her ability to withstand his cold demeanour was worthy to be praised by herself.


TL: Who brushed their teeth before eating? Why did she need to brush her teeth? Is this a filler scene or there are really people who brush their teeth before eating?

For me, once I toothbrush, I wouldn’t want to eat after that.

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
When she opened her eyes again, Zhao Xiaotong found out that she was married. She had married the man she's most afraid of and even gave birth to a son. Zhao Xiaotong felt that the whole world had collapsed. Every day, she secretly made two small plans: 1. Divorce, must divorce! 2. Straighten the crooked son as soon as possible Gu Jinhan, a business genius, possess a beautiful facial features, cold and dignified. He has created countless business myths. The most extraordinary thing he has done is to make a girl pregnant at the age of 20. Outsiders said that Gu Jinhan married because of his son, but no one knew that the marriage was calculated by him, so how could he ask for a divorce? In the dead of night, he pinched the girl's white and slender chin, and his eyes sank a little deep. "Do you really want a divorce? Huh?" looking at his slightly ferocious eyes, Zhao Xiaotong went still. "You can't leave, you will not leave me for all your life!" he smiled and kissed her lips. "Good." Zhao Xiaotong: Sobbing help QAQ


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1 year ago

I agree, for me it’s completely stupid to brush teeth before eating, everything tastes disgusting then

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