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How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce? Chapter 11

After Zhao Xiaotong wanted to call her good friend while Gu Jinhan was away. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember their mobile phone number so she simply logged in to QQ.

As soon as she logged in, there was a bursts of vibration. Messages were coming from more than a dozen contacts. The most exaggerated chat head has the number of messages at the top 99+.

When was the last time she login on her QQ?

Zhao Xiaotong opened the chat heads in a hurry. Most of the chats were sent by her classmates. Most of them were asking whether she would go to the Class Reunion. Others questioned her on QQ why did she disappeared?

Most of her classmates’ chat were only two to three messages. When they saw that she didn’t reply, they didn’t send any more messages. Only one person has always left her messages on QQ. Those messages were basically blessings, such as national day, Spring Festival, new year’s day, all kinds of festival blessings, and etc.

Zhao Xiaotong didn’t even know when did she add this person.

She didn’t know how to reply to this person for a moment. After thinking about it, she sent a group QQ message with content that she had just made up: My QQ password was lost. I finally found it after a few years. I’m sorry that I didn’t reply to everyone.

After she sent it, she didn’t bother herself to reply to each of them.

She went to the friend list and looked through her friend’s contacts. Her very best friend was a classmate back in high school. Unfortunately, she went abroad in college. However, she met two new good friends in college.

Both of them were her roommates. She looked through the friend list to find their avatars. She had found out that they had never contacted her in the past years.

Zhao Xiaotong sent two messaged: “Oh, I’m going to collapse, my friend come to help me!” After writing, she sent it to Li Yao and Tan Xueqi.

One is like a stone sinking into the sea. There was no response at all. The other shows that “this friend is no longer your friend” and the message can’t be sent. Zhao Xiaotong was a little confused and checked her contacts carefully. Tan Xueqi actually unfriended her.

When she was in college, Tan Xueqi had the best relationship with her. How could she unfriend her? Did they fought? How serious was it to the point of unfriending each other on QQ?

Zhao Xiaotong couldn’t understand it. This had a great impact on her. Ever since she found that when she married Gu Jinhan, she would always feel restless.

When she first went to college, Zhao Xiaotong had a very stiff relationship with her family. At the beginning, her parents wanted her to apply for a normal school to study pedagogy and become a teacher in the future, but she secretly changed her college application and applied for the Conservatory of music.

Her mother was very angry when she received the admission notice. Her mother had a quick temper. Seeing that she had made such decision, she slapped her. Zhao Xiaotong also has a stubborn temper. She ran away from home and went to her cousin that day.

Her mother was so angry that she didn’t even let her father pay her tuition. She wanted to force her to go back and attend a normal school. But Zhao Xiaotong would rather work than go back to school.

In order to earn her living expenses, she took several part-time job such as tutoring during her freshman year.

At that time, Tan Xueqi was the one that helped her the most. Tan Xueqi introduced her two students to tutor.

Tan Xueqi is her roommate. After getting along for a long time, their relationship naturally gets better and better. But why did their relationship turned sour?

Zhao Xiaotong always thought they would be friends for a lifetime. Unexpectedly, in six years things have changed.

Unknowingly, nearly half an hour has passed. There was no reply to the QQ message she sent. Zhao Xiaotong has to accept a reality. It seems that she haf been abandoned by her friends.

Zhao Xiaotong was instinctively depressed, not only because she was unfriended and ignored. When she first entered the University, she vowed to make some achievements in music industry, which would impressed her parents. However, at the age of 26, she not only achieved nothing, but even lost her friends.

For a moment, Zhao Xiaotong felt that she had became poor. How did she became so miserable?

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
When she opened her eyes again, Zhao Xiaotong found out that she was married. She had married the man she's most afraid of and even gave birth to a son. Zhao Xiaotong felt that the whole world had collapsed. Every day, she secretly made two small plans: 1. Divorce, must divorce! 2. Straighten the crooked son as soon as possible Gu Jinhan, a business genius, possess a beautiful facial features, cold and dignified. He has created countless business myths. The most extraordinary thing he has done is to make a girl pregnant at the age of 20. Outsiders said that Gu Jinhan married because of his son, but no one knew that the marriage was calculated by him, so how could he ask for a divorce? In the dead of night, he pinched the girl's white and slender chin, and his eyes sank a little deep. "Do you really want a divorce? Huh?" looking at his slightly ferocious eyes, Zhao Xiaotong went still. "You can't leave, you will not leave me for all your life!" he smiled and kissed her lips. "Good." Zhao Xiaotong: Sobbing help QAQ


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