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Jiang Cha first felt that Shen Rang was joking, but his eyes were telling her that he was serious.

He really wanted to know whether he was a good man in her heart.

Is Shen Rang a good man?

Jiang Cha suddenly fell into her deep thoughts.

In her last life, she didn’t really have much contact with Shen Rang. Although the two were married, she and he were very busy with work. But according to Shen Zhi’s attitude towards Shen Rang before her death, Shen Rang should be better than her in taking care of their child.

However in this life, she will be the one better than him.

Jiang Cha looked at Shen Rang. His eyes had been on her, and didn’t took away his glance since then. The corners of his lips smiled like he was teasing her, but she knew that he wasn’t joking when he asked that.

Since her rebirth, Shen Rang would obey her words. If she wanted to take Shen Rang out shopping, Shen Rang followed without saying a word. Shen Zhi and Shen Rang would always accompany her everywhere.

In the beginning of their marriage, he couldn’t do anything. Now he can cook, wash dishes, take Shen Zhi a bath and change his clothes.

Is he good?

No, he’s more than good.

Jiang Cha nodded and thought he is really a good husband and father.

Shen Rang asked her with a smile. “Mrs. Shen have you made up your mind?”

“Well, I think…”

“Oh? Let me hear what Mrs. Shen thinks of Mr. Shen.”

Jiang Cha gave Shen Rang a serious thumbs up, “You are very good, very good, absolutely a good man.”

Shen Rang was stunned.

Jiang Cha counted on her fingers about Shen Rang’s advantages bit by bit. This made Shen Rang happy.

“All right, Mrs. Shen.” Shen Rang got up and rubbed Jiang Cha’s head with a smile. “You’re very tired today. Let’s have a rest early.”


Shen Rang pointed at the time, “It’s time to rest. We need go to work early tomorrow day and later you will try some clothes when we come back at night.”

“OK.” Jiang Cha got up. She just took two steps when she turned back and asked him, “What about you?”

“I’ll still need to go to the study room and deal with some work. I’ll have a rest soon.”

He still have some work left?

Jiang Cha felt guilty. It was her who wasted his time for shopping and now he has to stay up late.

Jiang Cha stopped and suggested, “Let me help you with your work.”


Jiang Cha asked, “Isn’t it that more convenient?”

Shen Rang smile, “It’s very convenient actually. You know what I work on.”

Jiang Cha looked at the time and urged Shen Rang, “Let’s go. We can have a rest early if we finish it early.”

“Well, that’s hard for Mrs. Shen.”

“Not hard, not hard.”

It’s probably because Shen Rang called her Mrs. Shen many times today that Jiang Cha actually listened to him.

The Shen family’s study underwent some minor changes when the couple decided to come back home in time.

The desk was changed to twice as big as before. Two chairs were placed side by side, belonging to Shen Rang and Jiang Cha.

The husband and wife work in the same company, with similar positions and similar work contents. Even if they work on different things, they can still understand the general situation as long as they browse a little. They can handle it easily without any difficulties.

At work, Jiang Cha is very focused and charming, this naturally attracts Mr. Shen’s attention.

Shen Rang was absent-minded for more than a minute. It was the first time that he sat in the same room with Jiang Cha at night to deal with his work.

This was a new experience.

He glanced slightly at Jiang cha. She was busy checking the data. Her left index finger was on the paper and her right hand controlled the mouse to compare it with the sofa copy.

She seems to notice Shen Rang’s eyes, Jiang Cha looks over him, “What’s the matter?”

Shen Rang shook his head gently, “It’s all right.”

Jiang Cha gave a nod and continued on working.

Shen Rang let out a small laugh. He’d better concentrate on his work. He was actually mesmerized by Mrs. Shen for a while.

My mother got rich after running with the baby

My mother got rich after running with the baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021
Mo Fan has been cultivating to become an immortal for “thousands of years” in the cultivation world. The Emperor Realm was just a hand reach. She was about to soar to the Immortal World, but unexpectedly, she transmigrate back right after the Heavenly Tribulation. This time, she knew that in her previous life, she was the president’s daughter with a wife that has run away with the baby. Before she tries to soar again, she needed to get her revenge for her last life, but at present, the cruel reality she was facing is that she was still in her mother’s belly. To prevent her mother of being abused, Mo Fan decided to give her mother a golden finger – A Farming Space Artifact with a System.


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