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How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce? Chapter 15

Facts proved that she was not dreaming. The child was indeed Gu Jinhan’s son.

No wonder the little boy was cruel and unfriendly to her. She dare to say that they are natural enemies. Which stepson and stepmother can get along as close as mother and son?

Zhao Xiaotong finally understood why Gu Jinhan was willing to tolerate such a naughty little boy. It was because he was his son who came from him!

Zhao Xiaotong understands them, but she didn’t understood her future. Even if she like children, why did she marry someone that already had a family before?

Although he does look quite good, well, not really just quite good, but no matter how good-looking he looks, she doesn’t dare to marry a divorced man. There’s no need to put herself in hotseat for a man, right?

This little boy is not easy to mess with at first sight. He must be more difficult to deal with when he grows up. In case he grows in the future and he wants to attack her or her children in order to compete for family property…

Zhao Xiaotong immediately made up a dog-blood family drama in her mind. She couldn’t help but be worried on what may happen and looked at Haohao with a little anger.

No, no, divorce! She have to get a divorce!

She didn’t want to fight with a little wolf for the rest of her life. It’s not a glorious thing to win against him. If she lose, her reputation will be ruined all her life, isn’t it?

It’s not cost-effective.

“Tongtong?” when Zhao Xiaotong was distracted, she suddenly heard a cold voice calling her intimately. When she looked up, she saw Gu Jinhan’s cold and dark eyes.

She didn’t know when he had come to her. They were so close that she could smell his shower gel on him. Zhao Xiaotong was startled and stepped back two steps.

She covered her beating heart and looked at Gu Jinhan warily. After a long time, she said, “Call me normally.”

Her mother doesn’t even call her that, okay.

Gu Jinhan’s lips were tightened. Although he had was never been in any mood, Zhao Xiaotong obviously felt that his silence at the moment was a little terrible.

She was inexplicably counselled. She dodged her eyes and muttered, “If you want to shout, no one will stop you. Why do you call me?”

Without waiting for Gu Jinhan to say anything, the little boy beside him muttered with a small face: “What other this we should do? We should be eating.”

Then he sat down at the table and when he saw that Zhao Xiaotong didn’t come over the dinner table yet. His small eyebrows frowned. Right now, he wasn’t very cute at all.

Zhao Xiaotong glared at him: “What’s the matter with you, little boy?”

Gu Jinhan looked at the two quarrelling helplessly. He just ignored then and didn’t get involved.

Haohao didn’t expect her to talk back at him, but she even criticized him. His cheeks puffed up and said angrily, “Why isn’t it my business? This is also my home!”

It’s just a meal, but he already begun to defend his territory. Who’s going to rob him? Zhao Xiaotong made a face at him and didn’t bother to argue with him anymore.

Her eyes have been distracted by the delicious food on the table. Today’s food is very in line with her preferences, especially the sweet and sour pork ribs.

Zhao Xiaotong’s desire for delicious food had completely ignored the big iceberg near her. She happily stretched out her chopsticks, and aimed at the sweet and sour ribs at the top.

But before she could do so, another chopstick was also aiming at the pork rib.

Zhao Xiaotong thought that the child was deliberately robbing her food, and became a little unhappy. Even if they were hostile to each other, she had not abused him. As for treating her like the enemy?

She’s not used to such children.

With a little effort, she successfully grabbed the ribs and smiled provocatively at Haohao.

Haohao flushed with anger and slammed down his chopsticks.

Gu Jinhan frowned and glanced at Haohao with a warning in her eyes.

Haohao was swept by his cool eyes. He felt more wronged. He shook his small fist again and again before swallowing down the sob: “Dad is so unfair.”

Then he slipped down from his chair and ran upstairs.

Zhao Xiaotong didn’t expect that the child would leave the table directly. Looking at the ribs in the bowl, she had a feeling that she didn’t eat. There was also the child feelings of unfairness as if he had both a stepfather and a stepmother right now.


TL: The MC is so childish… But then again I am not so different from her.

I am now 20 and still arguing with my little sister of 7 years old… I now that I am an adult or whatsoever but you just can’t help yourself but argue with them especially when they piss you off.

The two of them seems like more of a pair of siblings than mother and son right now.

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
When she opened her eyes again, Zhao Xiaotong found out that she was married. She had married the man she's most afraid of and even gave birth to a son. Zhao Xiaotong felt that the whole world had collapsed. Every day, she secretly made two small plans: 1. Divorce, must divorce! 2. Straighten the crooked son as soon as possible Gu Jinhan, a business genius, possess a beautiful facial features, cold and dignified. He has created countless business myths. The most extraordinary thing he has done is to make a girl pregnant at the age of 20. Outsiders said that Gu Jinhan married because of his son, but no one knew that the marriage was calculated by him, so how could he ask for a divorce? In the dead of night, he pinched the girl's white and slender chin, and his eyes sank a little deep. "Do you really want a divorce? Huh?" looking at his slightly ferocious eyes, Zhao Xiaotong went still. "You can't leave, you will not leave me for all your life!" he smiled and kissed her lips. "Good." Zhao Xiaotong: Sobbing help QAQ


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