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How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce? Chapter 18

She has just taken a bath at the moment. Her cheeks are becoming more and more pink because of the dense fog. She looked particularly tempting. When she looks at him with her wet eyes, Gu Jinhan’s eyes deepened.

Zhao Xiaotong was so flustered that her hands shook and the towel fell to the ground.

Gu Jinhan took back his eyes. He bent down and picked up the towel on the ground, threw it into the dirty clothes basket, took another clean towel and came to wrap it around her head.

Zhao Xiaotong was so embarrassed that she stammered: “I, I’ll do it myself.”

Gu Jinhan didn’t insist. Zhao Xiaotong hurriedly ran away from him. Seeing her nervous eyes, Gu Jinhan didn’t know where to put the towel he was holding. Gu Jinhan sighed silently.

He originally wanted to talk to her about Haohao. Seeing this situation, he simply took a bath first with the unused towel.

After he entered the bathroom, Zhao Xiaotong couldn’t relax. She was afraid that he will sleep together with her. She simply wiped her hair and ran downstairs to find aunt Qin.

No, can’t she just hide?

When she went downstairs, she saw aunt Qin’s figure. She quickly waved her hand and said happily, “Aunt Qin, do you have any extra quilts at home?”

Aunt Qin immediately understood why Gu Jinhan had specifically asked about the quilt just before he went upstairs. She was inexplicably guilty, but she still said as he instructed: “There have been no guests at home, so there are no extra quilts. If Madam is afraid of the cold, just adjust the airconditioner according to your desired temperature tonight. Tomorrow I’ll ask Xiao Li to buy a bed.”

Zhao Xiaotong gave a cry of disappointment and went back upstairs.

The corridor was long and quiet. Looking at the strange environment around, Zhao Xiaotong felt homesick. She couldn’t help herself but take out her mobile phone.

Zhao Xiaotong subconsciously looked for his cousin’s new number. But she was disappointed, there was no cousin’s number on her mobile phone.

Her parents’ mobile phone numbers are all saved, and their numbers are still the same as before.

Zhao Xiaotong hesitated for a moment and dialed his father’s cell phone first. When no one answered, she called her mother’s.

The phone got through soon. She didn’t know if it was her illusion. She always felt that her mother’s voice was much softer and more caring than before: “Tongtong? Why did you call today?”

Zhao Xiaotong answered, “I just miss my parents.”

As soon that her mother heard the words, her eyes became teary, but she didn’t show anything. She was still very strong. She smiled and scolded her, and began to tell her not only to think only of Gu Jinhan, but also to take good care of Haohao.

Zhao Xiaotong was awed. She only felt that her mother was worthy of being a university professor at a top university. Even if she agreed her to marry a divorced man, she still love others’ children as if it was her grandson.

She said, “Where’s father? I just called him and no one answered. Did he go to some archeological seminar again?”

Zhao’s mother’s breathing stopped for a moment, and then said, “Your father retired two years ago, and he busied himself by raising flowers in this past two years. He just went to the bathroom, so he didn’t get to accept the call.”

Then she took the phone to the bathroom.

Zhao Xiaotong talked to her father. Her father was used to say very little words. He was a silent man. This time, he just told her to take care of herself. Then he gave the phone back to her mother again.

Zhao Xiaotong didn’t like to chat with her mother before. She couldn’t say anything much every time she called. Now, sensing her mother’s gentleness, she talked more.

Halfway through the call, she heard her mother ask, “Did Haohao sleep already? If he didn’t sleep, give him the phone. I want to talk to him for a while.”

Zhao Xiaotong wondered if Haohao had bewitched her mother? Why did her mother want to talk to him?

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

How should I tell the boss that I want a divorce?

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
When she opened her eyes again, Zhao Xiaotong found out that she was married. She had married the man she's most afraid of and even gave birth to a son. Zhao Xiaotong felt that the whole world had collapsed. Every day, she secretly made two small plans: 1. Divorce, must divorce! 2. Straighten the crooked son as soon as possible Gu Jinhan, a business genius, possess a beautiful facial features, cold and dignified. He has created countless business myths. The most extraordinary thing he has done is to make a girl pregnant at the age of 20. Outsiders said that Gu Jinhan married because of his son, but no one knew that the marriage was calculated by him, so how could he ask for a divorce? In the dead of night, he pinched the girl's white and slender chin, and his eyes sank a little deep. "Do you really want a divorce? Huh?" looking at his slightly ferocious eyes, Zhao Xiaotong went still. "You can't leave, you will not leave me for all your life!" he smiled and kissed her lips. "Good." Zhao Xiaotong: Sobbing help QAQ


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