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Rebirth: Be in your arms Chapter 1

“No, no”

Bai Yan got up from the bed with a pale face, the sunlight illuminated the bedroom. Her hands were tightly holding the silk quilt, and she covered her whole body with it.

Despite reassuring herself under the quilt, her teeth were still trembling because of fear.

Looking around, there was a familiar sight.

Where is this?

Isn’t she supposed to be dead?

On a sunny afternoon, she died because of drunkness!

She still remembers the moment when she fell, looking the blue sky along the small window of the bedroom.

The dazzling sunlight hit her body as she closed her eyes. The last thing she heard were the laughter of children playing on the street… Before she knew it, everything was over.

She had no one to rely on in the world, so no one will be sad because of her death. And, probably he will not even know about it.

But why is she here?

Getting up, she entered the bathroom. The first thing she did is to look at the person in the mirror. There she saw a puffy face, bloodshot eyes, and long messy black hair.

This person is indeed herself, but her 22 years old self at that!

Since she divorced Ling Yi, she never dyed black her hair again.

Everything was done according Ling Yi’s preferences.

She was really ridiculous back then, now that she think about it.

After getting married, she didn’t do makeup or dress up every day. She wanted to be different from the women that Ling Yi see everyday. She always thought that If she did this, Ling Yi will feel that she is special, unique, and he will soon fall in love with her sooner or later.

However, what was the results again?

He didn’t even want to look at her.

What’s the use of refusing to get a divorce?

He still built a love nest with his woman outside, and he had a beautiful life with her. Back when she saw them being happy as a ghost, she was really envious of her. This was her dream but others had fulfilled it rather than her.

She really died in vain.

She didn’t get a chance to have a life where she could enjoy it, she lived for others and followed others until her death.

Turning on the faucet, she splashed cold water on her face, her mind had now completely calmed down.

She glanced at the time on the wall, today was June 17, 2021.

She really came back to the past.

After thirteen years, her soul floated in the sky and watched the happy life of Ling Yi together with his family of three. She quietly gazed at the corners of Ling Yi’s lips slightly raised, the smile might be not big, but she could see that he was really happy.

Bai Yan had never seen Ling Yi smiling in front of her, even when they got married… Seeing this scene, she wanted to shed a tear but couldn’t because she was already dead.

At that moment she regretted it, and she was no longer obsessed with him.

If she got a second chance, she will not waste it on him.

She will definitely not go to the C major, will not participate in the so-called association, will not stalk him, will not lie to him that she got pregnant and marry him. Above all… she will not fall in love with him.

It would be great if she could do it again, but she was really reborn again!

Bai Yan changed out from her pajamas and walked out of the bedroom.

Everything was still the same.

This was the house where she and him lived in during the first year of their marriage.

Ling Yi bought an apartment near his company, away from Bai Yan school. It takes about an half-hour to get to her school from the apartment.

At that time they were still respectful and living in the same room.

That woman did not yet return to China, and he did not hate her that much during this time…

She finally married him, but life after marriage is completely different from what she imagined.

No matter how she pleases him, he will always be so indifferent, as if she is not a wife to him, but an insignificant dust.

He didn’t even set his eyes on her.

He looked at her like a clown performing alone. Gradually, she started to break away from him. Clubbing and drinking to find a man for herself…

Bai Yan stood in front of the window in the living room, looking at her shadow against the sun, as if she had seen her new life.

Yes, this is the new life. Is not yet too late.

She closed her eyes and tears started to pour out from her eyes.


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Be in Your Arms

Be in Your Arms

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
In my last life, I loved someone who didn’t love me back and died in vain… I opened my eyes again and I went back to the time we just wed. Looking at my 20-year-old smooth face, I made up my mind to divorce! He is just a man, our relationship in our first life didn’t work so in this life I’ll make sure we will divorce! But wait! Why is he holding me? Why am I moaning during s*x beneath him…?


  1. tbh, i don’t get this, but since it seems interesting to me

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    One thing to learn… live for ourselves not other ppl so we will be happier

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