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Rebirth: Be in your arms Chapter 3

She put the neatly arranged vegetables on the cutting board, while holding a kitchen knife in her hand. She haven’t cooked for many years.

Thinking about what she had gone through before, she recalled that Ling Yi had never accompanied her to the kitchen, even washing hands or making soup.

At that time, she had been pestering Ling Yi to cook with her when they first got married, but what happened? She was simply ignored.

It took more than ten years til her death to realize that she was really ridiculous.

The dinner is very hearty, fried pork, celery and shrimp, sweet and sour pork ribs, cold lettuce, and a soup.

Bai Yan likes to eat meat the most, but in order to accommodate Ling Yi’s vegetarian and light taste, she hasn’t eaten much meat since they got married, so tonight, she made all her favorites.

“Dinner is ready!”

Ling Yi looked at the dishes on the table, there was only one vegetarian dish that he could eat, his expression didn’t change at all, probably he would just take whatever he wanted to eat.

Bai Yan was enjoying the she cooked. It was really delicious, after all, it had been a long time since she had eaten a homemade meal.

In the whole process, she didn’t even look at Ling Yi.

After finishing the meal, she went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

Tears couldn’t help but stream down. Although she didn’t look at Ling Yi during the whole meal, she still felt a lot of pain in her heart.

She actually wanted to open her mouth a few times during the dinner. But she couldn’t say anything.

She was afraid that she would shed tears if she opened her mouth.

Looking back at his simple appearance, she still love him so much.

In fact, until now, she don’t believe that she was really reborn, really not dead, and she was back in their first year of marriage.

Last time she met him, she was in her thirties. Back then she was still like a child who had lost her way.

He was never worried about her, just like how she has been in the bathroom for more than half an hour without a sound, and he didn’t care about it.

At this time, he has probably taken a shower and continued working in the study.

Thinking of this, Bai Yan closed her eyes, feeling bitter in her heart. Indeed she couldn’t shed any more tears.

She was obviously more than ten years older than him in Mental age.

She had returned back more than ten years ago, but she was still hurting herself.

Taking off all of her clothes, she look at the voluptuous girl in the mirror. During this time, she wasn’t drug addict yet.

The familiar small belly was still there. It was fleshy to the touch. She was not the same boney skinny from the previous life, desperately pursuing him.

She turned on the faucet and poured hot water on her body, it was unspeakably comfortable. Recalling her time with Ling Yi back then, she remembered that there are so many beauties around Ling Yi, they were of all kinds.

She don’t know how she thought that Ling Yi would fall in love with her just because she pursued him fiercely.

After the one-night stand, Ling Yi actually fell to her lies of being pregnant and married her.

Probably Ling Yi is really a good and responsible man. In the last few years, he was forced to be too helpless.

Putting on her pajamas, Ling Yi was already lying on the bed.

To be honest, Bai Yan was still very nervous. After all, she has not slept with Ling for many years already.

Although she had no more illusions about the relationship of the both of them, she only hopes that when they divorce, Ling Yi will not be a tyrant to her.

Her father didn’t really wanted her to get marry. She will wait for her father’s acceptance a little bit.

After all, she was the one who decided to get married when she was still attending college, and now she was also the one who wanted to divorce in just a year of marriage.

She was afraid that her father would not be able to accept it and receive a heart attack.

Turning off the light, Bai Yan got into the bed. The bed was slowly being warmed by her body temperature.

She closed my eyes and prepared to sleep comfortably. She didn’t think about anything. She just fell asleep in a daze and fell into the dreamland.

Suddenly, she felt a heavy weight against her and opened her eyes wide just to see a man pressing on her.

Bai Yan was startled, “Ling Yi…?”


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Be in Your Arms

Be in Your Arms

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
In my last life, I loved someone who didn’t love me back and died in vain… I opened my eyes again and I went back to the time we just wed. Looking at my 20-year-old smooth face, I made up my mind to divorce! He is just a man, our relationship in our first life didn’t work so in this life I’ll make sure we will divorce! But wait! Why is he holding me? Why am I moaning during s*x beneath him…?


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