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Zhang Yirui has been waiting for Jiang Cha downstairs for more than ten minutes.

As soon as Jiang Cha opened the passenger seat, Zhang Yirui began to talk with her, “You said you went out ten minutes ago. Why didn’t I know that it takes ten minutes for the elevator in LANWAN to come down from the 20th floor?”

Jiang Cha sat in and fastened her seat belt, “I didn’t know.”

Zhang Yirui rolled her eyes. “I don’t understand why you need to stay with Xiaozhi in the company on weekdays and also at home on rest days?”

“The time I spent with my child isn’t enough.” Jiang Cha answered naturally, “Xiaozhi is cute, smart and very sensible. I don’t know why my previous self didn’t spend more time with him? Every time I hear Xiaozhi calling me mother— ahh! Oh, yes, you don’t understand. As a single dog, how can you understand the fun of raising kids?”

Zhang Yirui: “…”

The six words “The person who bully too much” is probably tailor-made for Jiang Cha.

Zhang Yirui has no ability to talk back while feeling she was wronged. After all, she really has no kid to raise.

Zhang Yirui snorted, “Have you fastened your seat belt? I’m going to start driving.”

Jiang Cha curved her lips, “Of course.”

Zhang Yirui stepped on the brake and held the steering wheel. The car ran out with a bang.

Half an hour later, Zhang Yirui’s car stopped at the door of Summer Hotel.

There is a parking attendant at the door of the hotel for the guests. Zhang Yirui gave the key to the other party and walked inside, hand in hand with Jiang Cha.

Just after the revolving door, Zhang Yirui burst out laughing.

On the left side of the hotel lobby, there is a tarpaulin, two meters wide and one meter high, it was their high school graduation picture.

There is also a line under the picture, which says that the Class Reunion is held on the 15th floor.

Zhang Yirui was laughing to the point of getting a stomachache. “Gosh, who came up with this idea? Why did they put the graduation photo right at the entrance? Did they do this to humiliate everyone!”

Suddenly, Zhang Yirui stopped laughing when she saw herself.

“Shit! My skin was darker then today’s. I really thought I was actually whiter back then.” Zhang Yirui clenched her teeth. “God bless, none of my acquaintances now will come today!”

Jiang Cha looked at Zhang Yirui in the photo, and then looked at her now. She comforted Zhang Yirui, “It’s all right. You’ve spent so much money on your face, so probably no one will recognize that person was actually you.”

Zhang Yirui: “I think you’re hurting me…”

“No, you are thinking too much.”

“Hello, madam. Are you here to attend your class reunion?”

Probably because Zhang Yirui and Jiang Cha stood in front of the tarpaulin for a long time, the service staff thought they were in trouble.

For example, like the three ladies who couldn’t find the elevator to the 15th floor and back and forth to the lobby for four times just now.

Jiang Cha nodded, “Yes.”

“Shall I show you the way?”

Zhang Yirui shook his head, “Thank you, but no need.”

“Okay, madam.”

The service staff was really considerate. Even if Zhang Yirui said no, the staff still told them how to get to the 15th floor as soon as possible.

Jiang Cha said her thanks and went with Zhang Yirui to the elevator.

Zhang Yirui whispered to Jiang Cha, “Your hotel has good service and takes care of every guest’s needs.”

“I guess that staff is a part-timer recruited specifically for today. This is my first time seeing that staff.”

“You even memorized your staff?”

Jiang Cha pressed the elevator button, “No, it is because that staff talked to me.”


“Ding -”

The elevator opened.

Jiang Cha and Zhang Yirui walk in to the elevator. Jiang Cha pressed the 15th floor button.

The moment the elevator door closed, Jiang Cha said, “Summer Hotel is mostly manage by me. None of the staff doesn’t know me, not to mention I told the whole hotel staffs yesterday that they should pretend not know me during the Class Reunion and avoid talking to me.”

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
Jiang Cha was a workaholic in her last life. She separated from her husband and gave her son to be raise by a nanny. She devoted herself to her career. She fell ill at a young age and died of cancer at the age of 30. Opening her eyes again, Jiang Cha returned to four years ago. This time, she made up her mind not to be a workaholic but to concentrate on taking care of her little baby. As for the husband… It doesn’t matter. Shen Rang found that his wife has changed a lot recently. Go home after work on time, personally pick up their child from school, and strive to learn cooking. She seems to develop in the direction of a good wife and mother. But later, Shen Rang found that Jiang Cha has developed only in terms of being a good mother. How about a good wife? He’s almost abandoned. But what? He was even more excited about such Jiang Cha. Small theater: When alone: Shen Zhi, holding a pillow a little bigger than himself, stood at the door of Jiang Cha’s room and asked pitifully, “Mom, can I sleep with you?” Jiang Cha looked at her baby and waved, “Come here to mom will sleep with you tonight.” Later, when mom and Dad were together: One day, Shen Zhi, who was afraid of thunder, came to Jiang Cha with a pillow. “Mom, Zizai is afraid of thunders QAQ.” Jiang Cha was distressed, “Come here to mom.” Shen Rang, who was asked to turn over and get out of bed. “Come on son, Dad will coax you to sleep.” Shen Zhi: QAQ… I want mom. Shen Rang: Little Cub, don’t think about it. Your mother is mine.


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