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Yang Ping and Yang Hua met each other when they graduated from high school and fell in love at first sight.

After dating for sometime, they found out that the university they were going to was the same.

At that time, Yang Hua and Yang Ping had a very good relationship. They would always stick together in every minute and in every second, so before long, Yang Ping became pregnant.

Yang Hua didn’t want the child.

But his mother wanted to have grandchildren, so she threatened Yang Hua with death. In they got married.

When Yang Hua was helpless, Yang Ping was very willing, they got the marriage certificate and didn’t held a wedding ceremony for the time being. Moreover, they agreed to have Yang Ping stop attending school for a year and go back studying as soon as the child was born.

Everything was planned well, but it wasn’t followed. After the child was born, Yang Hua’s mother went back to her word.

After the agreed marriage, Yang Ping wanted to continue studying but Yang Hua’s mother was against it  In addition, Yang Hua’s mother kept brainwashing her son. When Yang Ping told Yang Hua about going back to school, Yang Hua was not happy.

The mother and son have the same beliefs  when the children are born, why waste the money to continue study?

Yang Ping quarreled with him, but what can be done? She soon accepted her fate.

It can be said that Yang Ping’s youth was not fully enjoyed and has ended ahead of schedule.

Zhang Yirui was shocked after listening to Jiang Cha!

In the past, when she saw her complaining on the Internet, she always felt that she was exaggerating. Now it seems that it was true.

Yang Hua was a good person in high school, in only a few years. Yang Hua has become such a person!

“Are you talking about us?”

Jiang Cha and Zhang Yirui looked toward where the voice came from.

Among the three, the girl who just laughed at Yang Ping stood up and pointed to Jiang Cha, “Gossiping behind our back. Dare you say it to our face?”

Jiang Cha was stunned. Her voice was very low. This person couldn’t have heard her words, the words she just said could only be heard by Zhang Yirui.

Besides… She didn’t talk about these three people. She can’t even remember who they were.

Jiang Cha’s voice was faint. “I am not talking about you. Don’t be too sensitive.”

“You –”

“Forget it! Nana!”

One of her two companions persuaded her.

After all, for them Jiang Cha wasn’t one of their classmates. They were sure she came here through being a family member.

Jiang Cha and Zhang Yirui have much whiter skin than them. In addition, their hair style and clothes have changed greatly.

As they look at their face, they could be mistakes as 21 or 22 years old. Therefore, these three people don’t regard them as classmates.

Jiang Cha saw the three people shut up and didn’t bother to pay attention to them.

Zhang Yirui frowned and recalled who Nana is.

There was only one person in their class with Nana as a name, but…

Zhang Yirui looked at the girl, with eyebrows, eyes, lips and nose on her face, which none of them matched from the person back in her memory_ (: з」 ∠)_

“What do you are doing?” Jiang Cha pinched Zhang Yirui’s arm. “You look like someone who is ready to fight.”

Zhang Yirui stopped looking. Instead, she held her chin with her hand and said, “I found that your Husband, President Shen is really a rare good man.”

“Why are you saying so suddenly?”

“Unlike others pre-marital pregnancy. When she gets married, she will be deprived of a lot by her mother-in-law, but you actually received more.”

“That’s true.”

Considering her experience of these years, Shen Rang is really very good to her.

Her husband is really a good man!

“Oh, I really can’t stand this food. It’s terrible.”

Nana raised her hand and knocked over the dessert on the table. “Later, I have to ask Yang Hua who made this dessert.”

Jiang Cha saw that she was in a bad mood and wanted to find a more peaceful place.

“Yirui, let’s sit somewhere else.”

“OK.” Zhang Yirui followed, “I really don’t like this place.”

Nana heard them and fiercely stood up, she stepped on high heels and rushed toward Jiang Cha, “What did the two of your mean?”

Jiang Cha stepped back and frowned slightly. This person’s perfume was too strong.

“Sorry, I’m allergic to your smell.”

“Ha!” Nana’s eyes was full of anger. “Don’t you know? This perfume very expensive!”

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

After rebirth, I just want to concentrate on raising my baby

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2020
Jiang Cha was a workaholic in her last life. She separated from her husband and gave her son to be raise by a nanny. She devoted herself to her career. She fell ill at a young age and died of cancer at the age of 30. Opening her eyes again, Jiang Cha returned to four years ago. This time, she made up her mind not to be a workaholic but to concentrate on taking care of her little baby. As for the husband… It doesn’t matter. Shen Rang found that his wife has changed a lot recently. Go home after work on time, personally pick up their child from school, and strive to learn cooking. She seems to develop in the direction of a good wife and mother. But later, Shen Rang found that Jiang Cha has developed only in terms of being a good mother. How about a good wife? He’s almost abandoned. But what? He was even more excited about such Jiang Cha. Small theater: When alone: Shen Zhi, holding a pillow a little bigger than himself, stood at the door of Jiang Cha’s room and asked pitifully, “Mom, can I sleep with you?” Jiang Cha looked at her baby and waved, “Come here to mom will sleep with you tonight.” Later, when mom and Dad were together: One day, Shen Zhi, who was afraid of thunder, came to Jiang Cha with a pillow. “Mom, Zizai is afraid of thunders QAQ.” Jiang Cha was distressed, “Come here to mom.” Shen Rang, who was asked to turn over and get out of bed. “Come on son, Dad will coax you to sleep.” Shen Zhi: QAQ… I want mom. Shen Rang: Little Cub, don’t think about it. Your mother is mine.


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